Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thinking outside the Big Box Store...and a little retail therapy.

I spent a few hours browsing in one of those Big Box stores.
You know the ones that are bigger than a barn with harsh flourescent lighting and enormous carts which you have to pay a deposit to use...and people with vacant looks on their faces.

These stores are situated far from where I live, at least a 30 minute drive if you do not go in rush hour...which I did not, as I do not do traffic well.

I am challenged right at the get go...after reading and trying to figure out the cart release system I give up and go looking for help.
I need to get an assistant to show me where to put my loonie in the keyed contraption that allows the locked carts to be unlocked...it looked easy when she did it...will I manage to remember how to do it next time?
If there ever is a next time...(remember I still do not pump my own gas...full service is my friend)

The place inside is very quiet which is odd because the parking lot is full.
I suppose it felt quiet because there is a vast expanse of space...it's easy for people to disappear in the aisles.

I find the carts are large and unwieldy...I crash into the displays because the lower rack juts out farther than the top part. I persevere...and I am fortunate that I do not hit and injure any people.

It is amazing to me the variety of wares these stores offer...groceries, household stuff, cosmetics, clothing, plants, it's all here...one stop shopping.

I look for quite awhile before I find a few items to try on...I am focusing on inexpensive boaty clothes.
There is a margin of error within the same size items...they should all fit but they do not...what's that about? Some are too big, some too small, and a few just right.

I end up with a couple of tops, some knickers, a nightie...
Loose and cool

Hem detail

Sleeve detail
and just $19

I bought 2 of these cotton tops, simple, light and packable.
$10 each

These purple knickers made me smile...
when I wear them I think I'll feel very daring!

The 2 grey pair are decidedly more conservative.
I usually wear lacy Hanky Panky thongs but these wooed me by their price point...3 pair for $12.
One pair of HP cost $26...so this is an experiment in frugality.

I managed to lock the cart and retrieved my loonie without attracting any attention.
Who knows maybe I can pump my own gas...but not just yet, 
one embarrassing mishap is enough for one day.


  1. Goodness gracious a woman who is confident enough to wear thongs should be capable enough to pump her own gas...even if she doesn't have to.

  2. hi leslie,

    i don't know what is funnier, the image of you and that cart or the one of you in a thong! you just don't seem the type! you really surprised me on that one! probably along the lines of my love of sneaking into movies!

    have a great week.


  3. Oh, you seem to be a lot like me. Only 15 years ago, was the first time I first pumped gas in my car. It was a force major situation, because my husband was on a business trip, and I needed the gas. I was in panic as I asked a young man to do it for me. He did not laugh, thank god. Pumping the gas is still an unpleasant job for me. But if the car suddenly stops, I call for advice from my hb. Last winter I had to be pulled up twice from a snow bank. Argh! I hate going to those big malls. They are places where I earlier always had panic attacks. I still avoid them. I hate the lightning. Most stores have a light, that if I pass a mirror and get a view of myself, I wish I was never born. You were lucky to make inexpensive purchases; pretty ones too. My husband does the daily food shopping, as I hate that too. I wish I could e-mail our shopping list to a store and have it delivered to the front door. Unfortunately this is not possible over here. There is only one store in the shopping center nearest us( 20 minutes )I shop in. Stockmann´s. I find it sad, that people/families actually spend their free time in malls. I wonder what will happen to all those kids, who have had to spend their time in those gloomy malls.
    A great post Leslie :)

  4. Your purchases look wonderful, especially the lingerie! I become so scattered in those places- and they can yield the most unexpected treasures. Hope you are feeling a bit more up each day.

  5. Suburban princess-The hanky panky thongs are all lace and truly comfortable!

    Janet- Please do not even try to imagine me in a thong! LOL...imagine the cart it's much safer!

    metscan-My son and DIL do online grocery shopping and the company delivers for a small fee...I think that is a real time saver.
    Sounds like you and your husband are a great team...it's your 36th anniversary year if I'm not mistaken...we have ours next week!

    Duchesse-I am feeling better...thank you. I have also decided another cat will be coming to the Bungalow. I cannot live joyfully without one.

  6. Beautiful items- I love the lace on the undies- gorgeous x

  7. Daily Connoisseur-I love lace in underthings...they feel more racy and feminine!

  8. A new cat is what I have had in my mind for you too. I was just afraid to write it down. Maybe we have had two dogs, with a good age gap for the same reason too.

  9. I must admit I don't like those big stores either - everything is so mixed up too! Love your racy purple knicks! :-) Oh, and the plain white T shirts look great - what value!x

  10. Semi Expat- It was a surprise for me and such an adventure in basic frugality. I might visit every few months to see what might pop out of the BIG BOX!