Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beach Bliss....

Mr. HB and I recently took a few days off and went to Point No Point where we enjoyed several quiet days.
The rustic resort is comfortable and quiet. Hot tubs on the deck, a restaurant that is open for lunch and dinner, well appointed cabins and nothing to do but relax. We turned off our cellphones and IPads as there is no Internet or cell coverage...beach walks, good books, a fire in the fireplace and delcious meals = bliss!

I love the beach and beach combing...

 the surf is strong and powerful
waves crash and recede as the sea flows with the tide

we were able to step over the rocks to the cove

the smooth damp sand was waiting...

writing in the sand...
which was erased without a trace with the next wave

mussel shells and kelp are scattered along the rocky shore

I arranged a few rocks
chosen for their colour
as a message left for another beach guest
should they look this way

other guests have left their mark

someone forgot their shovel
a bright spot on a grey background

splashes of bright red dot the resort

High above the beach the sound of the surf as it crashes on the shore is surprisingly soothing.

one can spend hours gazing out to sea
soaking in the sun
the rhythm of life

as the sun sets and we retreat inside to cook dinner and build a fire
I am reminded of how important it is to take a step back
quiet the mind
slow ones pace
and reflect on all that is good in life....

Be Well
until next time...


Friday, March 28, 2014

Tea time...

Tea is my favourite beverage and as you readers have heard before, I sip many restorative cups during the day.
Emma Bridgewater mugs are frequently the vessel of choice...
they are cheerful and sturdy and I can easily carry them around The Humble Bungalow.

But for serious tea time I use a bone china cup and saucer. Often if I feel that I need a bit of cheering up I'll choose a pretty one and sit in the living room with a magazine and savour the tea. It's rather like dressing up for a special occasion but it is a simple tea cup that elevates the experience.

A reader emailed me and requested that I show some more of the tea cups that I collect and she specifically asked to see the makers marks so I hope that you enjoy this post!

Tea and sandwich plate this was a gift from Mother.

Great for sweets too!

Montrose pattern.

Pansy pattern.

She gave me two of these tea cups and plates so that when she comes to tea we each have our own set.
I have never seen any of these for sale in the shops.
I think they are quite charming.

This was on of my grandmother's tea cups.
The cousins all chose one tea cup when she moved out of her home.
I think of her whenever I take tea using this pretty pink and gold one. 

I cannot be sure who gave me this one but I think it was Mother.

It is so small that I rarely use it...I have a hunch that it is a demitasse and meant for strong coffee.

The lower two tea cups were a thrift shop find.
They were $6 each and I have had them for years.

I like to mix and match the tea cups when I host a tea or a shower.
I love lots of colour and the more decoration the merrier!
My favourite cups have lots of flowers painted in the bowl.
 When finished sipping one can enjoy a lovely surprise before having another cup of tea!

With all these pretty cups in my midst I must pop the kettle on...
all this has made me terribly thirsty.
It's time for tea!

I'd like to think that you are joining me.
Hope you are enjoying a restful cuppa.

Until next time,
Be Well.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014



I snapped this before running out the door to go to French Class but more on that later in the post...
a selfie with some serious attitude!

Oak Bay is the area of Victoria in which I grew up and attended school.
When I was young people used to joke that we lived behind the "Tweed Curtain."
Old money, heritage homes and people wearing tweed, tweed and you guessed it, more tweed!

Those days are long gone and now you'll more likely see Barbour jackets and Hunter boots on the well heeled walking under the canopy of Garry Oak Trees.

Mother has been getting more confused over little details lately so we all met with the bank manager for clarification of her accounts and investments. She could ask questions and we could help interpret the answers.
She is feeling much more at ease after the meeting and we are better equipped to help her when she need us.

We did have some trouble parking and getting into the bank as the film crew using Oak Bay as the town of Grace Point had cordoned off several surrounding streets and the cameras, lights, trucks and cast were actively working.
The company had taken over various shops and the actors and extras were in the midst of a scene.
The shops were open for business despite masquerading as Grace Point merchants and there was a fresh outdoor market stand set up on the sidewalk. It was all very exciting to watch...I will be watching Grace Point when it airs.

After our meeting, which was about an hour, they had wrapped up their filming and were putting everything back to normal.

When I picked up my monthly copy of Country Living UK at Ivy's book shop the gals were chatting about the filming on The Avenue and meeting Nick Nolte when he came in to buy some books. 
I've seen the film crew in various parts of Fairfield on my walks as well but have not had the chance to sneak a peek at any of the leading actors. I'll be sure to let you know if our paths cross anytime soon!

Mink brooch on the Spenser Jeremy jacket that I found it in thrift shop a few weeks ago.

Still loving the details.

Simon Chang black ponte knit trousers
Coldwater Creek white tank
Mee Too black ballet flats

I spied these lovely sweet scented dianthus at the garden shop.

A little bit of cheer for a wee price.

I wore this vintage coin necklace again this week.
I usually don't wear faux jewelry but I like this one quite a bit.

I wore this sterling cuff to French class.

Pure Knit black cotton sweater
over the same pants, top and belt.

Since rebuilding my wardrobe I have fewer items so I get more wear out of each piece.
It is so much easier getting dressed these days.
I wish I knew about a minimum basic workable wardrobe years ago.
I could have saved time, money and I think I would have been happier about my personal style.

I wore some old pants and a Tee shirt when I re grouted the bathroom floor.
It was a dirty job!
I didn't wear make up or do my hair until after I had finished.
You would not have recognized me...

The tiles look good from here but it is far from a professional job.
Hope it will stand up for a few years...
next time I'll hire a tiler.

One of the neighbourhood raccoons.
We have a family of them that regularly walk through our yard.
Generations of raccoons have been wandering through our garden for 30 years...
(that's how long we've been here)
I am sure that they have been coming here for many more years.
They play with the decorative silver globes that I have in the garden...
in the morning when I see them in various different locations,
 I know that the raccoons have been bowling at midnight.

A friend loaned me the third Louise Penny novel...
I am excited to read it.
I love it when you discover an author whose book you enjoy and has a series of books ahead just waiting... 

I found this beautiful magazine when I was at the pharmacy...
it's chock full of charming homes decorated in an easy breezy carefree cottage style.
 Which inspires me to look at The Humble Bungalow decor with fresh eyes.
Maybe I'll rearrange a few things or put some away until fall and invite some lighter pieces to take stage.
One thing's for sure...I'll be actioning a bit of Spring Cleaning!

I'll be back in a few days...
 after I tackle my French homework, 
I plan to read some magazines and my novel.
Until next time...

Be Well and Be Kind.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Plethora of Pink...and the winner of the giveaway!

I am taking you along with me on my walk today.
The sun is shining and warmth is in the air...
we are meandering slowly through the neighbourhood with no destination in mind.
There is no need to hurry so we are going to stop frequently and look up at the trees and the blue sky.

Pink is the colour lining our local streets...plums and cherry trees are dressed in their lacy finery.
When the wind blows their wee pink petals rain down like confetti.

I've been playing around with IPhoto and am thinking that the black and white images would be fun to enlarge print and frame for wall art.

Moss Street runs from Fort Street to Dallas Road.
The boulevards are home to pink plums and cherry blossom trees...
two different types of trees are planted and every other one blooms a few weeks apart.
Blooming in succession for a fabulous display.

Frothy and fluffy
pretty even
in black and white.

The trees have a very soft scent that wafts in the air when we stand underneath.

Sepia looks interesting too...

and the blooming has just started!

there are lots of buds yet to pop.

These make lovely indoor floral displays...

We have finished our walk.
 It is time to draw the name of the commenter who will receive the book, tea and bath salts.

I said I would draw the name at midnight tonight but I am too tired to stay up that late so I changed the rules.
I guess since I made the rules I have the authority to change them.
 The new time is 9 o'clock.
Drum roll please...
The giveaway goes to...Jeannine from Wisconsin
please email me your mailing address information so that I can send the package in the post.

Thank you to all the readers who left comments.
I love to hear from you, your comments and emails are important to me.