Thursday, October 29, 2015

Blogging can be a tonic to what ails you...

There have been so many interesting and beautiful scenes along my walks these past few days.

I think of these images when sitting in the chair at the dentist.
I am not very calm when I am at the dentist, especially when having my teeth drilled and prepped for new crowns...for an hour and a half!
I tense up.

My dentist is a kind and gentle practitioner...he works efficiently and talks me through any procedure.
Thankfully today my visit was short as the permanent crowns were put on and I hope that this will be the last major work that I will least for a long while!

My jaw is sore and the crowns are feeling rather sensitive right now,
so writing a blog post should be a tonic and help take my mind off the discomfort.

An absolutely stunning view looking across Juan De Fuca Strait towards Washington State.
I could sit and stare at this vista for hours
 watching the light on the ocean and the changes in the tide.

Deep blood red Hollyhock blooming in a garden nearby our Humble Bungalow.
I would love to have a few of these tall plants in our garden 
they don't seem to thrive where I have tried planting them...
or maybe our soil is not to their liking.

This pretty pink flower caught my eye...
I am not too sure what type of plant this is so I will settle on "beautiful!"

Ross Bay Cemetery
a great place to wander
heritage trees
busy squirrels
song birds

Emily Carr is buried here and people come by to adorn her grave with flowers and natural offerings.

She was a very prolific artist and quite the eccentric character...
she led a very interesting life and has written books as well as her paintings and pottery.

You can read more about Emily Carr here.

She was an amazing woman and one who was quite independent at a time when women were expected to lead traditional lives that consisted of marriage, motherhood and domesticity.

In my bridge group there are several amazing "older" women...
one woman in particular stands out
I am going to call her M.
M is head and shoulders above most women her age that I have met.
 M is 94 years old. 
(maybe I should say 94 years young!)

M plays an excellent hand of bridge, 
she counts and keeps track of ALL the cards that are laid and played.
M will critique a bid or a response if she knows it was not the best choice.
M freely compliments when a great play is made or a contract is bid and made and especially when making over tricks! 

M dresses in classic clothes and wears beautiful vintage gold jewelry.
M wears several diamond rings on her left hand...
they glitter as she plays.
M sits tall in her chair, has great posture and walks gracefully.
M's eyes sparkle and twinkle and when she smiles her wrinkles all crinkle together!
M shares funny and cute jokes and tells us about her past.
I have a lot of time for M and am eager to learn more about her.
 M is a wonderful and gracious example of how women of a certain age can be
 vibrant, energetic and intelligent.

Do you know any amazing older women?

Please enter the giveaway from the previous post before October 30th.
Good luck!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic...a new book giveaway by Jennifer L. Scott.

Jennifer Scott kindly sent me an advanced reading copy of her new book "Polish Your Poise."
I enjoyed reading her other two books "Lessons from Madame Chic "and "At Home with Madame Chic."
If you don't already know Jennifer, she writes the blog The Daily Connoisseur and has You Tube videos online. You can pop over and read her posts on her classic 10 item wardrobe...and she's recently been speaking about the tendency that some people have towards dressing too casually for events like weddings, the theatre and when dining out.

Jennifer is a very wise and talented young woman, married, with two young daughters.
She's busy taking care of her home and family, yet makes time to write for several hours each day...

I brewed a big pot of Lapsang Souchong tea and devoted a couple of relaxing afternoons to her book.
Her thoughts on poise reminded me of my upbringing...
I can recall the same advice being taught by my Mother, and similar thoughts echoed by the elegant and poised woman who led the Saturday afternoon Charm School that I attended!

I think our society has moved away from teaching these lessons...being polite and poised is never out of fashion.
The book would make a nice gift for a young woman just starting out in the workforce...
I can envision a mother giving a copy to her teenage daughter.

Manners, cultivating and developing personal style, being a good neighbour, dressing appropriately, how to handle social media, maintaining an air of mystery, and more topics are discussed in the book.

One thing that I took away from this book is that we have strayed away from the etiquette and manners that were an integral part of my 1950's and 1960's upbringing and that it's never too late to teach these values to the next generation.

Jennifer has graciously offered to send one of my readers a signed copy of her book.
If you are interested in this giveaway please leave a comment.
Please enter by October 30th at midnight PST.

Good luck and I hope that you have a very pleasant week!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Activities ~ Senior Style ~ OOTD

Life is busy... and I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to sit down and blog.
Instagram is quick and easy and I am falling under it's spell.
Time is ticking along days are full.
It could be the dental work, Mah Jongg, Bridge lessons and games, the walking, domestics, gardening and lunches out with friends. I am really enjoying meeting new people and exercising my brain cells!
I've joined Goward House, a seniors centre ( 50 years +) that is housed in a heritage home with several acres of woodland walking trails. A wide variety of classes and courses are offered and special interest clubs meet on site.
There is a small tea room set in a lovely room with vast windows overlooking the gardens...
soup, sandwiches, tea, coffee and sweets are reasonably priced, and the tea room is open to the public.
There are wide expansive decks that have tables and chairs which are used in the warmer weather...
weddings are frequently held here in the summer. It's a quiet and peaceful location for a celebration.

I think it is just lovely, such a relaxed atmosphere, antique and comfy furniture, beautiful artwork hangs on the walls, fresh flowers in vases, it feels like you are in the home of a good friend.

We purchased a beauty berry bush last weekend and planted several dozen purple allium bulbs around it's base...we plan to add a bunch of black mondo grass in the same bed.
Purple and Black sound like a interesting pairing.

I spied this super hero on my walk in our neighbourhood.
I wondered if it was making a statement and if so what was the message?
It's probably some one's idea of "garden art."

Moss covered rocks seen on Moss Street!

Creepy spiders are lurking in the trees....


Halloween decorations are more popular than they have been in the past.
We live in an area with good schools that offer French Immersion and so there are a lot of families with young children.

I'm reading this book right now and it's an easy and entertaining story.
If you liked The 100 year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared,
 I think you'll enjoy this one too.

I've used up all my old lotions and potions and have switched up my skincare regime.
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses for Sensitive skin.
An organic and cruelty free line.
I love the rose scent of all the products.
It's scent lingers long after you put it on...
(some people would not like to smell like a rose)

I'm new to eye gel and find this product has helped plump up and fills in the fine lines.
The exfoliator is gentle and does it's job without causing irritation or redness.
The oil is great for cuticles, hair and after shaving.
The Heavenly Night Time Moisturizer is so rich and soothing...I use it for daytime as my skin is super dry.
I'm going to invest in their serum for winter as my skin usually gets drier and needs more moisture.

I draped this Hermes scarf around my neck...
for the afternoon of Bridge.

Blue top  ~ Style My Way
Black denim jeans  ~ g21
Black loafers  ~ Coach

Sitting playing Mah Jongg or Bridge there are lulls in the game where you notice what the other players are wearing...
rings, necklaces, bracelets and scarves.

"Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it."

~ Marc Jacobs ~

Monday, October 19, 2015

A little bit British...a Hodge Podge post.

The Humble Bungalow has a bit of a British theme going on....

The British are coming...the British are coming...

In the early days of Victoria 
in the era when I grew up
we had a rather English flavour or "flair" if you like..
our historic association to "the crown"
Victoria was known as
"little bit of Old England"
particularly in Oak Bay...
(where I lived and went to school)
it was often referred to as the community behind "The Tweed Curtain."

Think Tweeds, Burberry, Barbour jackets, wellingtons, brollies, twin sets and pearls.
Old money
MG's, Bentley's, and Austins.
Stiff upper lips
Atco mowers, spades, shovels, gardening trugs.
Horticultural Flower Shows
Babies in smocked cotton sets and hand knitted sweaters.

Victoria has long been known as "The City of Gardens"
we have a thriving gardening community and there are many many garden groups and clubs.
Gardeners are a very dedicated lot and work very hard.
Walking around the city you can see their handy work everywhere.

Last week I stopped to take photos of these gorgeous dahlias in a garden on Hollywood Crescent.

My 5K route winds around the waterfront towards Gonzales Beach and then snakes back towards Dallas Road.

I find photo opportunities at every turn....
even weeds can be pretty.
You can't beat Mother Nature for her amazing pops of colour.

The light on the water changes constantly...

The muted colours here remind me of an artist's work...

This bench beckons...
if I had a coffee in hand I'd probably sit for a spell and observe the ocean.
There are often sightings of otters, seals and occasionally whales.

I am in awe of Kate Atkinson's writing...
I like her mysteries involving Jackson Brodie.
Mt favourite character is still
Louise Penny's Armand Gamache.

Life has taken on a quiet rhythm since retiring...

I'm still thrilled with this Red Kettle.

A good book, a cup of hot tea and a comfy chair in the afternoon.
long scenic walks
playing with the grand children
weekly Mah Jongg class
and bridge games.

Mr. HB got his new English Halls greenhouse!

Next Spring there will be tomatoes, basil, cucumbers and possibly melons hanging out in here.

He surprised me with a gift this past weekend...
he came home and said "close your eyes" 
when I opened them he presented me with this beautiful British Racing Green Haws watering can...
it's quite posh.

My favourite Black Toast Patterned Emma Bridgewater Bowl...
came out of the dishwasher with a chip on the rim.
I don't usually use chipped crockery but I cannot bear to throw it away.

because it's Fall and the nights are getting darker and the temperatures are dipping...

I've been lighting candles...

I'm off to exercise my democratic right and heading off to the Polling Station.
If you are in Canada don't forget to get out and cast your ballot.
It's our duty to VOTE!

Thanks for stopping by...
hope you have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White Wednesday and Breaking the "Rules"

The Fashion Police might consider citing me for this infraction....
I admit that I am breaking the rules...and do so with gay abandon!

Hint Hint...It's white Wednesday.

It's the rule about white...
are you familiar with that rule?

Hey Girlfriend...
these jeans are soooo comfy.
(they go with so many things that are hanging in my closet)

So why not wear white after Labour Day?
I have not retired these jeans to the "off season closet" just yet.

The COS striped Tee purchased in The Marais district of Paris.

New purchase from The Hudson's Bay
Style and Co.
Monoprix necklace from Paris.

Bianca Nygaard top 
vintage coin necklace

Cloudveil Merino Tee and Zara shawl sweater vest
J Crew Venus Flytrap necklace

Eddie Bauer down vest and a basic white tee

Tweed jacket ~ Spenser Jeremy
Amalfi shoes
(a dressy affair)

same again but with Coach loafers.

Gap distressed denim jacket
Sperry Top Siders espadrilles

Silver is my current shade to accessorize these jeans...

Bangles ~ vintage, Tiffany, Birks, Boyd Bond, and artisan.

Vintage Belt 

French Connection soft cozy grey top
it looks oversized but really is not baggy
the hem sits on the hips.

Worn with freshwater pearls

Stripes and white...
nautical and nice.

Love the weight and shape of this top.
It camouflages the midriff area which is not as toned as it was when I was younger!

Just saying that if this anemone can still bloom in October...
I can wear white jeans.

Hope that you are having a lovely week.

What fashion rules are you breaking?