Friday, July 30, 2010

Land's End...Bathing suit-able for a woman of a certain age.

Polka dots
lots of spandex to keep the wobbly bits stable
built in bra 
 custom sized
ample coverage

slightly shirred at sides
deeper V to elongate
wide straps for support 
black because it has a slimming effect
dots because you need a bit of fun

a cover up to minimize sun exposure
allows for a wee bit of modesty
at my age I am not looking for attention
 nor do I want to have the tongues wagging
or fingers pointing in my direction!
I'd rather blend in gracefully

I do not wear my swimsuit often
but I do love to swim in the heat of summer

in the water
 I wear this one
from Lands End

 LOOK they have a sale!
Happy Shopping.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sale-away... Cargo... Shoes...

I went to the shops today...
I was in a mood to browse
I did more than browse
I bought
the prices were attractive
40% off these...
Beachy and Boaty
not beautiful


good for gripping
and not slipping 
when it's wet

 because a girl can never have too many black shoes
tip toe-ing in ballerinas

butter soft leather with a padded shoe bed
happy feet!

and 50% off these...

Faded blue cargo pants
boat worthy

 Katherine Hepburn
wear these?
partnering up with these will be a variety of white tees
and possibly my Bretonne stripe

they look short in this image but they are actually ankle length!

If you cruise the sales, what beckons you first?
I am reeled in by the shoe department!
Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Happy Sale-ing!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burts Bees...baths and grandbabies.

My hands get much abuse on a daily basis...
washing the dishes, shelving books in the school library,
gardening, painting, and all things domestic.

Over the years I have employed many a hand cream that promised to deliver but disappointed.
I seek out the most natural additive free products to minimize the toxic load
good news...I have finally found a winner!

It has transformed my dry chapped hands...
and the winner is...

I want my hands to be soft and gentle when I cuddle Isla...

As you may know lovely grandaughter Isla has entered our lives and she is divine.
She is 6 weeks old and I spent the morning with her...
it was pure bliss....
my heart feels full.

When I was there she had a bath and it turns out she LOVES the water!
she took immense delight in the warmth of the water,
her face took on a look of peace and serenity
(grammy likes to soak in the tub too)
She smiled and cooed and kicked her feet...
she's totally cuddleicious.

I love everything about her...
I tickled her fingers and toes...
rocked her gently,
told her how beautiful she is...
and how lucky she is to have such great parents

Her skin is absolute perfection...
pale soft and blemish free...
that fabulous fresh new skin.

I am so happy that lovely DIL invited me on this fabulous playdate.
It's hard for me to find the right words to describe the feelings of joy...
it's humbling, it's wonderful, it's the best ever.
I am over the moon and cannot get enough Isla Time.

Just thinking of her makes me smile.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes to wear for shopping....maybe in Finland!

Comfortable shoes
for extended periods of walking or shopping 
are a must for the Hostess

I like a bit of support
more than what these "spa disposable" flip flops offer!
I forgot my flip flops when I had my pedicure
I was grateful that I didn't have to leave barefoot!

I had to question myself as to why I forgot to bring mine...
it's disconcerting
I have become forgetful
and frankly it's scaring me...
let's shelve that thought and get on with the business at hand
(or foot)

I do not do sore feet well
no limping or blisters
I need a spring in my step

Josef knows how to pamper


shopping anyone?
I'm ready!

What will you be wearing for extended walking or shopping?

Monday, July 26, 2010

What can you buy for a dollar?

How to stretch a dollar.... a dollar doesn't buy what it used to...or does it? depends where you shop.
Imagine the surprise and ensuing smile that crossed my lips when I spied this...

These charming little thumpers are hopping around this mug!
They are the cutest little bunnies!
  Grammy here,
just had to buy...

I am dreaming of the day when lovely granddaughter Isla will come for cocoa
or "Boston Tea" as my grandmother made me many years ago...
mostly milk with a splash of tea.

Hornsea England
by John Clappison
That was the year that Mr. HB and I tied the knot!

Wait...there's more!

Birds on a branch... Hornsea
by John Clappison
and for the very modest sticker price
almost shocking at 50 cents apiece.
I couldn't open my wallet fast enough...

The internet revealed that work by John Clappison is "collectible"
see here.

 I will brew a pot of tea and raise a mug to christen them.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cat condolences...and postal packages from near and far.

Look what came in the post !
It's a surprise from fellow blogger metscan
she lives in Finland

This pamplet shows where all the artists, shops, hotels and bistros are located
it looks like a grand destination for shopping

mette knows fine design and great art
she is a bit of an experienced and savvy shopper herself!
She wears Chanel and Elm, 
carries CC and YSL bags
wears artisan designed jewelry
 displays her ensembles elegantly on a cream scalloped throw

I'll be toting this carry bag around the Market
if you see me
stop and chat!

look at this ceramic dish
it's handmade by Sarita Koirukosti
(I hope I spelled her name correctly mette)

Thank you for your thoughtful note and gifts mette
you have brought immense sunshine into my day
and my heart feels full.

Mette is warm and gracious 
has refined taste and style
we share the love of animals
she has dogs and horses
 I had a Golden Retriever named Rufus
 and recently said goodbye to my beloved cat Stickley

I received another package in the mail...

Our vet sent us a card and a pawprint
in memory of Stickley

My BFF gave me this card 
the cat looks like Stickley

I am so grateful for the support and kind words

I am going to go to the SPCA
 in a couple of weeks
and find a cat who needs a home.

I'll introduce you when the time comes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robed chinoiserie style...Saturday morning and I am not dressed yet!

What does your bathrobe look like?

Channeling Chinoiserie Chic
(I know...get over yourself Hostess!)
I feel vampy
it's my summer weight robe
so silky
feels like liquid against my skin
The sleeves are wide and can be a hazard when cooking in the kitchen
which I have a bad habit of doing before getting dressed
I get carried away so easily

I do not own slippers
 so I pad around the house barefoot
in the cold of winter
 I don socks

What kind of slippers do you favour?
are they dainty marabou frou frou style
or chunky warm sheepskin mules?

it's all in the details


Fire breathing dragon emblazoned on a black background
just doesn't exude rest and relaxation 
I keep the dragon well hidden
he has my back

I saw 3 different designs when I last visited Chinatown
they retailed for $80
Wine, Blue and Green variations
I hummed and hawed
this one is eons old and showing signs of wear
but it's very cozy
and cool
so I turned and walked away
there'll be another robe
when this one is in tatters
which could be sooner than later.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anniversary and roses...

Here we are a few years back 
snapped out front of the Humble Bungalow
just before we went out for our anniversay dinner.

Jude the Obscure
Rose, most fabulous

Metscan, materfamilias and myself are all celebrating our 36th year of marriage this year.
I commented on mette's blog about some thoughts of marriage and wonder how it is that we have managed to be a couple for so long.

I met Mr. HB when I was 15...I'm 55 now.
There must be a great deal of luck involved
I know that we have changed and morphed into the people we are today
as we were starry eyed lovers innocent  and green when we walked down the aisle of that church so many years ago.
We went from our family homes into the arms of each other
partners in life, for life
and that was the unwritten attitude that I embraced
I never ever thought that marriage would be hard work
(I was surprised, a little, I was so naive)
I never imagined that we would divorce
I don't know why 
I just felt that we would be together forever
maybe just that abiding belief was enough

 life and events have shaped us and made us grow closer 
we have adapted
we have had differences
there have been times when I wanted to walk away
but somehow
we have worked out the kinks
so far
one never can sit back and take it for granted

Many of these anniversaries have been celebrated with a romantic dinner.
We celebrated this year, with lovely daughter and we watched The Batchelorette!
She cooked her delicious Thai curry with chicken and rice...a bottle of bubbly made an appearance and soon disappeared!

at the risk of sounding sappy...
I do feel very blessed
I am grateful

What things are important for a long and happy marriage?
I feel they must be different for every couple
what rings true for you?
Please share your thoughts

Chris Craft Cruising....more Snippits and Tidbits

These cheerful burgees hang from the rafters in the Marina Pavilion
from near and far...

I blogged from here...
there was a power outlet and the WiFi signal was strong.

I walked about head up high, and looked at every burgee...
was quite a dizzying experience...

Check out this great Chris Craft
James has lovingly restored this vintage vessel.

There is a kinship among boaters
it doesn't matter if you have the largest yacht or the smallest tender
there is a commonality of spirit and a keeness to share and assist.
There's an ease on the dock
greetings and meetings of strangers
a casual calm
the melting away of tensions
it's as it should be

My wee bit of garden onboard keeps my green thumb content.

I am mad about Basil!
I use it in many recipes and absolutley LOVE the scent.

Morning routines are followed...
Coffee is the first order of business

It starts slowly 
after a good nights sleep in the V berth

I sleep so soundly onboard
cozy and snug
the gentle ocean action calms and lulls
getting up can be difficult!

Breakfast is simple
sauteed onions, potatoes, tomatoes and scrambled eggs
one pot wonder-ful!

The galley crockery
vintage restaurant ware
I call this the wave pattern...

are you feeling the waves?

Speaking of water...
I have been staying hydrated with lemonade
homemade simply with fresh lemons water and a wee bit of sugar
lapping it up...

Pottery Bowl from Orcas Island, Washington
from a previous cruise

Will be moored back at the Humble Bungalow for awhile
tending to weeds
deadheading roses
preparing for the next adventure on the high seas...