Monday, July 12, 2010

Good there such a thing?

Good there such a thing?
I suppose it does make us grateful, and we come to treasure the memories and moments of better days.


surveying the view from the back deck of our boat...

She didn't love boating but she made the best of it.
She would hunker down and sleep in the V-berth when we cruised
and after we'd dock or anchor she would venture out on deck.

She had her quirks too...
she liked to drink from a watering can on our sundeck...
she'd dip her paw in and then lick the water from her paw.

She loved a back rub and would run to the bedroom and "assume the position" and await the pats.

I am muddling through a bit of a fog here in the Bungalow.
I am forcing myself to go through the motions of domesticity.

 "Keep Calm and Carry On" 

On a brighter note...

Isla and her parents came over for a surprise visit and I got some quality snuggle time.
Dear Isla is such a sweetheart and she smiles now!
How clever is that?  ( a month old... I think she's brilliant)
She really doesn't need to do much to enthrall and entertain us...her presence is enough.
All four of us sat mesmerized, watching her snuffle and coo as she slept.

Mr. HB bought a movie camera a few months back to record grandbaby moments
and he has taken his first, in what will be many, short films.
Oscar worthy, probably not...but award winners for us here in the Bungalow.

Memories, moments, pictures and films conspire to remind us how precious life is...


  1. hi leslie,

    i'm so impressed that stickley would even get on a boat. he must not have been aware of all that water. he sounds like a real trooper.

    so happy that isla can help soothe your pain. i so know what you are talking about.


  2. Oh, I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty. Our "fur family" members are so dear to us. My cat Tush (deceased 20 years now and I still miss her) lived on the boat with me and seemed to love it.

    Have fun with that granddaughter!

  3. Suburban Princess-I feel better just knowing that I have friends who are thinking of and supporting me at this sad time.

    Janet-Stickley never got wet and we took great care not to scare her. She didn't like water other than to drink it.

    Deja Pseu-Another boat cat!...we see quite a few when we are out cruising....some more adventurous than others. It is interesting what a powerful role our pets play in our lives...

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this news; our animal companions really are family. My cat "Mr. C" used to enjoy sails and could swim if he absolutely had to.

  5. Duchesse- Your Mr. C is an exceptional example of a boat cat...swimming if he had to, I am impressed!

  6. Hi Leslie,

    I'm so sorry about your sweet Stickley. I know what you're going through, been there myself more than once. It will get better, I promise.