Friday, December 31, 2010

Ring-ing in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

I want to thank all followers who come by and visit the Humble Bungalow Blog.
You are truly fabulous support for my hobby and I appreciate your comments enormously...
they encourage me to improve and reinvent.

The New Year is like a fresh canvas just waiting for some paint...
I have no idea what colour it will be or how it will turn out in the end...
it will just be....
unfolding slowly as the days continue their passage into the future.

Celebrating new beginnings as I ring in the New Year!

old diamonds
newly crafted
and designed
 jeweler extraordinaire

a little bling
 some sparkle 

a guilty pleasure...

Pepper makes a post Xmas appearance...

pawsitively precocious
and getting into mischief constantly now
seen here in one of her quieter moments!

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for the year to come.

Cheers from The Hostess

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One great read, Scents from Grasse, and a Meissen...

Post Christmas...

A brisk walk along the seafront invigorated me and then an afternoon spent sitting in front of a roaring fire reading a new book was just what I needed.

The Carrie Diaries is written by Candace Bushnell who also wrote Sex and the City and One Fifth Avenue.

One Fifth Avenue was fabulous...I read it awhile ago and leant it to Mother who also had trouble putting it down.
I think the measure of a great book is one that you want to read instead of doing chores or domestics or pretty much anything else!
Bushnell  has a way of hooking the reader and keeping things moving along at a fast pace. Her characters are real and she makes us care about them and want to know what happens next.

new scent
Moonflower Orchid
from Grasse France
soft an sweet
subtle and clean

Antique carving platter
heavy sturdy and white
turkey friendly!


Turkey soup 
a rustic loaf of artisan bread
for dinner. 

I am ready for our guests
the sheets are laundered, bed made
the room has been aired out
A box of chocolates are on the pillow
Perrier on the bedside table
fresh towels
scented Harrods soap
await their arrival

We'll be busy catching up 
on their adventures in the South of France
and lots of pictures

Hope that your post Christmas week is shaping up nicely
and if I get too busy to post...
Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!
Hugs from the Hostess

Monday, December 27, 2010

Musings from the Humble Bungalow Hostess...

Christmas has come and gone...
a flurry of activity preceded the day and in a matter of a few hours
family gathered
gifts exchanged and opened
smiles and laughter
 food carefully prepared
served and consumed
the crackers popped
hats discarded
and good wishes...

the turkey carcass has been picked clean 
and the turkey stock has been made
to become a nourishing soup later

images captured on the movie camera
reviewed and shared...

in the quiet of the Bungalow
Mr. HB and myself
weary yet content
lounging around in our robes long into the morning
sipping coffee
the sun filtering in through the window
Pepper asleep on the chair

I am quiet with my thoughts...
thinking of people who are in need of some TLC

thinking of providing nourishment for others
when times are tough and food is scarce

 thinking that everyone needs a hug now and then...

and a warm place to rest

something to believe in
to sustain through days of darkness and uncertainty

inviting gtratitude and simple beauty
into everyday

getting enough vitamins and nourishment 
through a healthy diet

planning for the future
but attending to the now

tending to your needs

embracing your inner child

keeping hydrated

accepting imperfections

growing and nurturing

remembering and honouring the past
but learning to let go...

being open to new things
keeping in touch

maintaining friendships

reading books

saving for a treat once in awhile

being passionate about something
cultivating a hobby

celebrating your achievements

all this on a sunny morning 
sitting in the Morris Chair of the Humble Bungalow living room
thoughts that seem to bubble up 
and weave their way into my consciousness...

in the wake of the hubbub of festive activities
there is a stillness
and an opening for new opportunities
to which I will apply myself
 for the New Year is on the horizon... 

"Bloom where you are planted"
Mary Englebreit

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays...May Peace Be With You.

Happy Holidays!

 Thank you for visiting the Humble Bungalow Blog

I welcome and love your comments.

Wishing you simple joys for the festive season...

Wishing you a peaceful holiday

Hugs and Best wishes
The Hostess

I will be Hostessing here in the Humble Bungalow
we are expecting guests 
for dinners
 friends who've been in France 
are due soon
and will be staying in the guest room
so I may be offline for awhile!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

M.O.P. the mother of all pearls...

As well as loving pearls I am a lover of knitted things...
I have had a long fling with felting and have gifted many bags.
The last one that remains here speaks to me and so I have hung onto it...

big enough to use as a tote
and sturdy due to it's many shrinkings
in hot water
(this produces the felted effect)

as a crow is attracted to shiny things
I am attracted to things of lustre and creamy nachre

antique mother of pearl 
I buy these in antique shops and a tag sales whenever I see them at a good price
they make nice adornments for parcels gift wrapped with satin
and lovely accents sewn onto hand knit sweaters

they are so pretty
grey and pearls are such a happy couple when married

Pepper is sniffing around my morning photo shoot
she was drawn to the wool tote
and attempted to pull off a button!
(she does have good taste)

as you can see my love affair with pearls doesn't stop with strands and studs
it weaves it's way throughout my heart and home

beauty is in the details

What makes your heart beat a little faster...
is it an image of natural beauty
the face of a child 
a wrinkled family elder
something luxe and unattainable
something as simple as a warm mug of tea
or someone holding your hand?

Hang onto what makes you happy and keep it close to your heart.
Hugs from the Hostess.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snippits and snapshots...

The Humble Bungalow porch 

view looking south

looking northwest

and going inside the Bungalow
there's the age old game of cat and mouse

Pepper's favourite toy
not surprisingly
a mouse

she's very much a hunter

the mouse has been caught
it's a game that she plays everyday

 box from the Sperry boots still kicking around

there's a hole in the box...
mouse is inside

Time for a nap...

I'm taking notes from Pepper
brewing a pot of tea
putting up my feet
 and opening up UK Country Living December.

How is your day going?