Monday, July 5, 2010

I must be crazy...

I do love a refreshing gin and tonic with a wedge of lime.
The high caloric content of regular tonic does make me think...twice.

I do not enjoy scotch and there is already one Single Malt Scotch lover here in the Humble Bungalow.
Mr.HB prefers Islay scotches above any other, although I have heard him say on numerous occasions..."there's no such thing as a bad scotch"
I do not share that same sentiment when it comes to Gin...Tanqueray and Tanqueray 10 are my brands of choice...although I have had others.

I enjoy wine...mostly whites.
I love an occasional martini...

Dorothy Parker once said "I like to have a martini  2 at the very most. After 3 I'm under the table, and four I'm under the host!"

A good old fashioned G and T ticks all the boxes for me.
I found a healthier tonic, I have sipped it before...but it's been awhile, and I have not been able to find it locally until now.

Nice packaging...
I think that Janet over at The Gardener's Cottage
would appreciate the colours here.

How charming!

....doesn't that sound healthy?

Gasping a little....

Look away Frugal Scholar!
I suppose this is a bit over the top....
am I crazy to have been wooed by the Q?
 which I now firmly believe must stand for The Queen of Tonic.


  1. Yikes!!!
    I turned away from G&Ts too for the exact same reason :O( But if it's just an occassional one I might be tempted to spend the money on the tonic.

    These days I drink vodka and soda with lime - I feel like it is the least offensive to the waistline!

  2. hi leslie,

    you are so funny. it would be just like me to buy something like that to match my kitchen or refrigerator.

    i really don't drink "hard" alcohol. i just don't like it. i'll sip a glass of wine and yesterday even made sangria. but for the most part alcohol and i just don't get along.


  3. I don´t drink alcohol at all. I have had my share. I´m not even missing it in any form. Drinking is not even " trendy ". But I´m n o t judging anyone for having a glass or two -sometimes. Bubbling wine used to be my favorite. I´m not preaching, but my life is a lot of better now!

  4. Dear hostess, in Edinburgh my host called at two minutes after 6 p.m.: "I think the sun is across the Jordan - let's have a G&T!" - and that was such a nice habit that I imported that to Germany, my husband likes it (though we both gave a thought to the calories, too - and there is no handpicked Quinin-T over here...but quinin sounds so healthy - helping against gnat-stitches, I think - or was it malaria??:-)
    What does your HB think about Glenlivet and Tamnavulin? (Both recommended by expert crime author Colin Dexter).
    I invite you to my second blog "You are witty and pretty" - Air do shlàinte! Britta

  5. Dear Hostess, I use to love G&T till I overdid it once, I just found them so more-ish! I hope you don't mind, but I have "tagged" you on my bloggie - have a look - you get to answer questions about yourself!Bx

  6. The Dorothy Parker quote made me laugh so hard. Mine is "Don't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill your drink"

  7. Lovely packaging and if the tonic tastes good too I think you have a winner there Hostess despite the cost! x

  8. Suburban princess-I've never tried vodka lim and soda...might just try one in your honour!

    Janet-Sangria sounds so good especially in the heat of summer.

    metscan-Everything in moderation...and thank you for not judging me harshly!

    Britta- He has had Glenlivet not Tamnavulin but his favourite is Lagavulin and Laphroig is his next best.

    Blighty-Overdoing any liquor is off putting...I responded to you tag!

    M.A.-That quote is new to me...LOL!

    Semi Expat- At this cost I will sip slowly and savour!

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