Monday, March 29, 2021

New things in The Humble Bungalow ...

It is a lovely morning here in The Humble Bungalow.

Sunshine, blue skies and very little breeze.

I just got back from a walk along the seafront.
The first walk of the day 3.3 km and 5,210 steps.

My daily goal is 10,000 steps which adds up to about 6.2 km

Yesterday I changed the bedding and Pepper was very impatient...
she "assumes the position" on our bed during the daytime.

We updated our coverlet this year with this Laura Ashley printed coverlet and shams.

We also purchased a new wool runner for the hallway.

Staying at home so much has made me aware of lots of things that need attention.

I reorganized the spices using Bonne Maman jam jars.
These jars are a great size and fit well inside the drawer.

3 more jars are waiting to be filled...
I haven't decided which spices I need yet.

Sweet, juicy Tangerines in a vintage ironstone bowl.
We have a larger one of these bowls and it is filled with apples.

Weight Watcher 360 plan assigns ZERO POINTS for fresh fruit
so fresh fruits are my "go to" snacks.

All the walking is helping me feel better.
My muscles are tighter and my legs feel stronger.
I have noticed a change in my shape...
fewer wobbly bits!

Am reading The Which Elm by Tana French.
It is an interesting story and Tana writes such vivid scenes.
I feel like I am inside the rooms and gardens 
beside the characters that are playing their roles.

I must close for now as I have a bunch of laundry that needs my attention.

What are you reading?

Any home projects underway that are keeping you busy?

Please feel free to leave a comment, I love hearing from readers.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Cleaner Greener Cleaners...a new beginning, and they are less expensive!


a time of new beginnings...

Here in The Humble Bungalow there is a focus on Spring cleaning.
Time to remove the cobwebs of winter, wash floors and do a deeper clean.

Since Covid I have noticed an increase in the cost of all kinds of goods.
The grocery stores have raised prices on most foods due to increased costs in manufacturing, transportation and staffing.

Toilet paper is still being rationed to two packages per customer.

Cleaning products have almost doubled in cost.

So I decided to do some research and look into DIY cleaners.

I have found that many basic household items are perfect cleaners.
Baking soda, olive oil, salt, vegetable glycerine, white vinegar, castile soap.

Essential oils like lemon and "thieves" blends are powerful additions to increase cleaning power.

I ordered glass jars and spray tops and pumps from a local supplier here in Victoria.

I follow two Instagram accounts that are written by bloggers.

Sheri Silver 
Annie Diamond

Both women are familiar with DIY cleaners and essential oils.

Sheri is sending me daily texts on Spring cleaning tips and a package of laundry scent booster.
I won a giveaway from Annie which is on its way...

Today Sheri told us about wool dryer balls and a recipe for scented spray.

I went out and purchased the dryer balls and the ingredients for the spray.

Sheri Silver's recipe for dryer ball spray is on her blog.

I'll be making soft scrub, dish soap, and a multi purpose cleaner.

Check out the cleaning DIY recipes on these women's Instagram feeds or do your own research online to find out more.

Let me know if you make any cleaners.
What you think about the ease of use and cost savings?

Hope that you are enjoying your week.

The spring flowers blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden are so cheerful.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Friday, March 19, 2021

Spring weather and Spring cleaning

Nothing like a pop of yellow to brighten our days.
Spring is definitely helping to cheer us on as we move ahead into the warm weather.

More birds have returned and they are singing happy chirpy songs.
I wake to their serenade early in the morning.
It energizes me listening to their melodies.

We spent a few days at the cottage last weekend
 While we were there I picked up 3 used books and one new release at the bookstore.
All the books had been highly recommended by friends who are avid readers....
I do love a good book.
One of the joys of retirement is reading a chapter or two every day.

I have read several of Tana French's books and enjoyed them all.
Only 5 chapters into this book and it is so engaging...
I love how she captures the everyday elements with such an artistic eye.

The phalaenopsis orchids that live above our farmhouse sink 
in The Humble Bungalow Kitchen are back in bloom.

These beauties bloom every March and keep flowering well into summer time.

I water them once a week.
 They seem happy with the humidity of the steamy water that rises washing dishes.

I've started my Spring cleaning...
and am planning to make my own cleaners.

I'll post more on this soon.

In other news, we may be getting our vaccinations in April!
The US sent us a big shipment of Astra Zenica which will help fast track our program.

With all the new variants it is important that everyone get a shot asap.

Hope that you are staying well.

~Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Lost and jeans

Blue Skies and Sunshine
help keep me motivated to 
walk 5-6 km each day
10,000 steps

Mindful eating using the former 360 WW regime.
Logging my points.
Weighing in every few days...
weight loss is happening!

My clothes are looser
I could use a couple of new things but it really is too soon to revamp my wardrobe...

Although my tops don't feel that baggy 
my jeans definitely did, they were really sad and saggy.

I masked up and went to Marshalls.
The aisles are wide and it was quite quiet.
It didn't take long to find a few pairs to try on.

Have you heard of this brand of jeans?
Made in the USA.

They were very reasonably priced 
so IF I go down another size 
I won't be out of pocket too much money.

The raw edges at the bottoms made me waver a wee bit.
I love the fit and the buttons are fun!

I can see these with some Converse sneakers and a Tee
a crisp white shirt my red ballet flats and pearls.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER just having a pair of jeans that FIT!

I was pulling my other jeans up constantly and I could pull them down over my hips without undoing the zipper!

Little things can be encouraging as we navigate a weight loss journey.

I've been eating lots of veggies and fruit.
Cutting back on carbs and reducing the amount of meat.

Eggs, No fat Greek Yogurt, Beans, Lentils, Salads
Fish and lean chicken
make up the bulk of my meals.

Soups with a tomato base and added veggies are great for my lunches.

I am enjoying a decaf skinny latte most days too which is a treat.
a wee reward for all the walking.

We got some exciting news in BC this week!

Gatherings outdoors with a group of 10 or less are now allowed.
Which means, coffee, picnics, dinner on the deck 
with a few friends and our small family.

I feel like jumping for JOY!
I'll get to see our grandchildren really soon!

How are things progressing with the pandemic where you live?
Stay Safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Linen Lust...


Luscious Linen
Wrapped in gross grain ribbon.

Linen is from the Orkneys
Original design apron made by Rough Linen in California.

I ordered the Bella apron in graphite grey at the beginning of Covid and I love it.

New linen towels from a charming shop in Sidney-by-the-Sea.

Hansell and Halkett
vintage wares, locally made candles, jewelry,
soaps, linens, flowers and plants.

I decided that I needed a black iron hook to hang the aprons on...
why hide these lovely pieces in a cupboard?
They get worn every day for cleaning and cooking.
So beautiful and useful.

Ready for me when I enter the kitchen.
They protect my clothing from spills and splatters.
The aprons wash up really well and they get softer with each wash.

White shirt and pearls with the Bella Apron.

Do you wear aprons?

Do you love linen?

I use a linen bath sheet and hand towel in our bathroom.

I love linen clothing too!

Think I have an obsession...maybe I need to attend a Linen's Anonymous meeting :-)

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Seen at Oak Bay Marina on my walk...
a whimsical mermaid made with wire and plastic bags.
Nice to see public art in our daily round.
Artists create so many beautiful things that enrich our days.

Take Care and Stay Safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flower power, a birthday and a thrift shop find...

Cheerful Primulas on the front porch...
they were on sale at the garden centre and I could not pass them up!

I culled my out of season clothes and took them to the thrift shop.
While there, I quickly perused the kitchen area...
I spied this vintage chopping board and grabbed it.

It has a new home here in The Humble Bungalow.

A friend gave me these branches and they forced into flower.
Pretty pink blossoms which are the harbingers of Spring.
This time of year, when the gardens come alive, feels so hopeful.
There is a sense of renewal and energy...
spirit soars.

Crocus are blooming.
Pops of colour are bursting forth in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

A new Hellebore from the garden centre...
a frilly chartreuse green.

I plan on planting this in a bed with Black Mondo grass.
Think that the green and black colours will be a pretty combo.

Mother Nature's Paintbrush must have had a hand in these flowers.

 wake up 
smell the coffee
listen to the birdsong
feel the warmth of the sun
cocooning in my robe
after slumber
a new day


Feeling renewal and embracing a fresh year 

Cheers to 66!

Polenta coated mozza balls on a bed of spicy tomato sauce.

Salmon beets and baby potatoes.
Birthday dinner at Zambri's restaurant with my husband.

I had a martini 
did not count my WW points 
earlier I walked over 15,000 steps over 9.3km

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~