Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunny skies and marine life...

Hi there! I am up in the Pavilion plugged into power as Mr. HB's laptop has a dodgy battery.
Just a quick post to let you know that I am still here...bobbing on the ocean!

We have had a busy weekend with boaty friends and BBQ's. The weather has been warm and sunny and I got a little too pink yesterday even wearing 30 sunscreen so I am going to try and stay out of the sun today.

I went for a walk on the island and went to a Flea Market and found a few treasures. There is a Funky Farm Stand here with lots of fresh veggies and home baked breads and fresh berry pies... they look amazing!
They have a tin box for the money and prices are posted on the sign,
(items for sale are on the honour system)

There is not much noise here save for the ravens and the sound of arbutus leaves falling from the trees...there's a hum of heat to the day and a few boats have their motors running.
Surrounded by pristine beauty, one can hear themselves think.

We have been boating most of our lives...I was a teenager when my BFF invited me to cruise with her family in the summertime. It was such fun, so exciting and the salt air was invigorating and fresh...we played hard and when we went to our bunks at night, we slept like babies.
I met my husband through her. Mr. HB's father was the Commodore of the Yacht Club and all the teens got together to swim and raced around in speed boats. Mr. HB had his own speed boat and was a very clever water skier...I was most impressed!

Here we are...the way were...
I am on the left, Mr.HB in the middle and my BFF next to him.
(Check out my outrageous hair!)

We will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary on the 20th. I have known Mr. HB since I was 15...such a long time ago...and yet it feels like yesterday.


  1. Congratulations on your very long marriage!
    Glad to hear you are having a good time on your trip!

  2. hi leslie,

    congratulations on your long, beautiful marriage. and i'm loving that photo sick!

    you were GORGEOUS. still are.


  3. Sounds like a lovely time! I sometimes miss being out on the water.

  4. You really have had lots of naturally curled hair ! Since both of our marriages have lasted 36 years, could you list things up, which has made this possible. Over here in Finland, divorces are quite common too. And divorces even after long marriages! I´ll also try to put my thoughts up and maybe we could challenge other bloggers as well, although not so many tell much about their private life, which is quite understandable!

  5. Enjoy the boat trip - looks lovely as does the old photo. What a fine head of hair!

  6. Happy Anniversary (tomorrow)! It's our 36th in August -- lucky, aren't we?!
    Have a wonderful day celebrating!

  7. Thank you for the anniversary wishes and I will try and put together a post of thoughts on long marriage!
    Congratulations to Materfamilias as well!

    I am posting a few more from here before we return to port.
    Stay tuned.

  8. This is totally one of my all time favorite pics. Mom, I totally want your hair AND your outfit in this pic!