Friday, July 30, 2010

Land's End...Bathing suit-able for a woman of a certain age.

Polka dots
lots of spandex to keep the wobbly bits stable
built in bra 
 custom sized
ample coverage

slightly shirred at sides
deeper V to elongate
wide straps for support 
black because it has a slimming effect
dots because you need a bit of fun

a cover up to minimize sun exposure
allows for a wee bit of modesty
at my age I am not looking for attention
 nor do I want to have the tongues wagging
or fingers pointing in my direction!
I'd rather blend in gracefully

I do not wear my swimsuit often
but I do love to swim in the heat of summer

in the water
 I wear this one
from Lands End

 LOOK they have a sale!
Happy Shopping.


  1. Love the polka dots!

    Lands End makes great swimsuits. I just bought a couple of tankini's for our Mexico trip later this year. Haven't been brave enough to try them on yet....

  2. Your swimsuit looks good! And the white shirt is a wise choice. Cute sandals!

  3. Really love those chic sandals, and very nice swimsuit indeed, Bx

  4. I finally broke down and bought a skirted tankini from them.

    I've always had contempt for skirted swim suits but I have to say that it's oddly liberating. No worrying about those jiggly upper thighs.

  5. hi leslie,

    is so need a new bathing suit so i will pop over and see what they've got. swimsuit shop is the worst!

    i like to wear a mens white shirt with the sleeves rolled up as my cover-up. what do you think of that?


  6. i meant to say swimsuit shopping is the worst.

    also, what's your opinion of a 50 year old in a bikini?


  7. Deja Pseu- Mexico will be a wonderful vacation!

    metscan-the cover up is an essential!

    Blighty-These sandals are actually on their 3rd summer and show very little wear...

    RoseAG-Comfort is important...those skirty things are very feminine.

    The gardener's cottage-Yes suit shopping involves great strength and a critical eye...the white shirt is your style you ever wear pearls with yours?

  8. Janet- A 50 year old in a bikini is fine...I saw a picture of Helen Mirren in a red one and she looked amazing.

  9. thanks leslie for your opinion. i'm long waisted and while i think a one-piece is more appropriate on a 50+ lady, a bikini is so much more comfortable for me. i'll let you know what i decide to do.


  10. Love the Lands End bathing suit - think that they do a great range but in UK we only used to get a limited selection.... x

  11. Semi Expat-I know how you feel...I love many UK products and they are not available in Canada.