Sunday, May 26, 2019

Swimsuit shopping...

My need for a new swimsuit came as a wee bit of a shock to me...

I was in the change room at the local pool and was putting on my old swimsuit and working up a sweat trying to pull it up! I had to wriggle and ease the spandex up inch by inch and when I was finished I realized that I could hardly breathe!

What happened?

It must have shrunk!

So I HAD to go swimsuit shopping...
not my favourite thing to do, but we are off to the cottage,
and they have two lovely pools and I like to swim laps,
so needs must!

Do you believe in miracles?

This is what a size 14 swimsuit looks like on the hanger...

I am not proud of the fact that I have gone up a size.
The weight gain is all in my midsection where I once had a waist!

Simon Chang swimsuit.
This one is also a size 14 but it looks smaller because it is black.
I like the mesh detail at the top and at the leg holes.

I purchased two swimsuits because I don't like putting a wet bathing suit on and I may be swimming a couple of times each day.

I walk everyday and some days I walk farther than others...
I do watch what I eat but I could always cut down on the carbs.
My husband loves pasta so I make it once a week and I adore potatoes.

My thyroid is sluggish 
(but that's no excuse)

 I have taken medication for hypothyroidism since I gave birth 
to our daughter 40 years ago.

Loving life and feeling gratitude is part of my daily routine.
Every day is a gift and it never fails to offer up something of beauty. 

So in the whole scheme of things 
is a size larger worth getting all bent out of shape over?

I am doing what I can to stay active and healthy.

Thank you for popping by and reading The Humble Bungalow Blog today.

It's sunny here at the cottage and we plan to go swimming today.
With two suits to choose from I have to make a decision which one to wear...

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Until next time

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Love the "little things" ~ a recipe for contentment.

Reading home decor books, Instagram and magazines inspire me.
I often get frustrated and wonder how I can make our little bungalow look better.

  I actioned a quick and inexpensive DIY fix.

I purchased 3 black metal hooks 
(Mr. HB installed them for me)

I hung up my French Market basket
 gardening hat 
  watering can. 

As conscientious stewards 
of a Heritage home
we are required to honour the historic significance 
we do not stray too far from their original architectural design.

With one exception...
The laundry area is painted white 
the basement is dark with very little light 
with only a few small windows.

The bright white walls 
make it much more enjoyable to work in and it feels far less oppressive!

I like to do my ironing while gazing out to the garden.

Looking out and beyond at the foliage and flowers 
while ironing 
feels like a form of meditation.

A handy rolling cart in the space is used for towels.

I fold the laundry on the top of the counter
I have a small ironing board that I use for small jobs 
like our linen tea towels and napkins.

Domestic jobs are a necessity.
To make them a wee bit more enjoyable
I have "fluffed" my downstairs "workplace" adding a few accent pieces.
Vintage enamel tins, ceramics, bird sculptures, and trophies...

Work and chores need not be looked upon as "drudgery."

Attitude is key to making these everyday tasks pleasant.
Taking joy in the results of one's labour and effort is so important.

The feeling of accomplishment is felt...
as I stand back
admiring a stack of freshly laundered 
(scented with lavender soap)
neat and tidy crisply ironed tea towels.

It's the "little things" that make our days richer.

How do you add Joy in your daily duties?
Do you have a secret to share that you use to make your daily round feel richer?

On that note, 
I will close this post...

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Friday, May 17, 2019

Pops of Colour

Clematis Jackmanii

In a deep blue and purple when the blooms are new.
They fade a wee bit in the sunshine.

Lucky Brand silk scarf
in shades of mauve orange and red.
I wear this with my denim jacket and dress.

A lovely fresh rose fragrance from L'Occitane of Provence.

Fig scented Lip exfoliating cream and a new lipstick.
Vibrant red summer colour.

Red Russell Lupines

The bees love this flower!

May is a very colourful month in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

I've been hand watering almost everyday due to the light rainfall that we have had this month.

Its so relaxing standing outside in the sunshine with the hose and nozzle spraying much needed moisture to the thirsty plants.

The hummingbirds and butterflies like to fly into the fine mists of water.
It's almost like they are saying thank you to me for providing them with water!

The geraniums on the front porch continue to put on a beautiful display.
I like geraniums as they are stalwarts in the potted plant arena!
Quite inexpensive and repeat bloom all summer long.

I opt for plants in a bold shade of red and some pure white ones.

The red ones in the planter on the railing
with some white ones in pots on the tables by the front door.

The white lavender is a new plant.
The bees are drawn to this one in droves.

I finished reading Educated, a memoir, by Tara Westover.
It was a difficult book to get through...
some parts were very graphic and utterly terrifying
her story is truly amazing.

I think I will read something much lighter next!

We've got a long weekend coming up as it is Victoria Day on Monday.
 I hope to get out weeding in the garden, do some cooking and entertaining.

What plans do you have for the weekend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, May 13, 2019


Mother's Day 

NYDJ boyfriend style
Josef Seibel red ballet flats

Saint James Striped Top

My hair has more silver tinsel these days...
I like the effect and its natural!

You may notice that my cheeks are still swollen from the YAG laser treatment.
The capillaries that were zapped are red but will fade in the coming weeks.
I still may need a few more treatments to get on top of the issue.

Brunch at The Surly Mermaid in Sidney.
The "best ever" Eggs Benedict
they make it with a thin biscuit and served it with truffle potatoes.

Mr. HB enjoyed the Korean BBQ chicken wings.
What a feast!

Driftwood Beach artist has expanded her work with the bird installation.
Sadly, her whale tail sculpture was stolen a few weeks ago...
who would do such a thing?

Last week the weather was been particularly warm 
almost hot...
today it has cooled to about 12 degrees Celsius.

I am reading Educated by Tara Westover
it's a memoir...
often disturbing. 
 I am finding it difficult to put down.

Hope that your week is off to a great start.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~ 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Linen frock...rosacea update and flowers...

I bought a new frock this week...
it is linen, made in Italy.

Stripes of navy and white

The back detail
cool, loose and floaty.

The perfect kind of dress for the hot days we are currently experiencing.
Add flip flops and a sun hat and I am good to go.

Heat and cold are rosacea triggers so I am trying very hard to keep my temperature variations to a minimum.

Further update on the rosacea flare up...

It has been a month since I had the laser treatment.
The skin on my face is not quite so red 
but there are visible broken capillaries.

 I went back for a follow up visit yesterday and had another session with the YAG laser.

I was advised to start using a medical grade serum.
The serum targets inflammation, weak blood vessels and redness.

It is expensive but so are the laser treatments.
If the results are as good as the technician claims I will be satisfied.

Today my face is puffy and pink where the nurse/technician targeted the laser.
Nothing so severe that I would need to stay cocooned indoors.
I put on mineral sunscreen and headed out for a walk with my hat and sunglasses.

Enjoyed a long lunch with some girlfriends.

Later this afternoon
 I hand watered the garden and took some pictures to share with you.

Purple Honesty 
creamy smillacena racemosa
one of our rain barrels

Clematis Montana reubens and hostas

Hostas, variegated iris, black mondo grass, Spanish bluebells.

Flowers for a friend...
lily of the valley.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and to all the Moms
Happy Mothers Day!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~