Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lightening up...

Have you noticed how the days are getting lighter?
The sun is setting later and we have been fortunate with our weather lately...
as the sun has been out several days this week which lightens up my mood enormously and energizes me...making me more efficent in the home department.

Love the sliver of light shining through the front door 
illuminating the orchids and making shadows dance on the wallpaper.

Bradbury and Bradbury heritage wallpaper in the arts and crafts style
hangs in our entry hall.

Looking towards the hall from the living room of The Humble Bungalow.
You may be able to see the wallpaper border at the top from this angle.

When the sun shines I like to get outdoors for my walks.

Emma Bridgewater has such an imagination...
I bought several of her shopping bags.

One I gave to a friend for a birthday...
it said Take Me To The Shops.
I'd never give this bag to a friend...this one is mine all mine!

I've culled some of my clothes...
when one has a small wardrobe and closet the clothes get worn a LOT 
the fabric of my frequently worn tops tends to pill and look yucky after a couple of seasons.
I wash then inside out and hang them to dry 
but despite the gentle care 
they still develop these nubby bits which I find unsightly...

I've switched up my red lipstick for a pinker shade.

L'Oreal # 580 Pink Peony
It feels lighter on these sunny days.

 a long lighter weight shirt by French Dressing
worn with my ponte knit skinny Calvin Klein pants and Chelsea boots.

Has the weather lightened up in your patch of the woods?
Have you been curating your closet?
Whats new with you?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, February 10, 2018

What a differance a day makes...

This past week of weather has been punctuated with rain and clouds...
and when the sun makes an appearance
we rejoice!

Today was a sunny day with clear blue skies...
a perfect day for walking along the seafront.
There were crowds of people out and about walking
obviously with the same thing in mind.
The views were spactacular...Mount Baker looked like an ice cream sundae.
The frosty white snow stood out against the deeper blue of the sky and it felt so much closer than its far off location in Washington State.

Just before we were leaving for our walk I spied some crocus blooms and had to stop and take a few pictures to share with you. Mr. HB is used to me delaying our departures when a garden flower catches my attention!

Earlier in the week I stopped to capture the Hellebore Blooms

One sunny morning 
the sunlight illuminated Our Humble Bungalow 
bathing it in a warm and cozy glow.

Our arts and crafts bungalow is dark
due to the use of wood in the interior
and the design of the roof overhang and front porch detail.

We rely on many lights and even more lamps during the Fall and Winter.

There is salt spray from the ocean on the windows in our living room
which always surprises me as we are a block away from the ocean.
The gusty winds carry the salt spray and deposit it on anything and everything. 

(I'll be calling our window washer in a few weeks.)

The Massage Therapist worked on my shoulder this week.
 While the session was uncomfortable (painful) 
it was so worth it 
because I have more range of motion and less pain.
I plan to go every week for awhile...
I am starting to feel like a "high maintenance" woman!

We went to the Belfry for the world premiere of Forget About Tomorrow.
I highly recommend this play if you ever get the chance to see it.

In other news 
our lovely DIL and I dined out one weeknight
then we headed to The VV Boutique for a peek.
(aka Value Village)

I found a silk twill scarf with hand rolled edges.
made by Vetter of Switzerland.

The scarf should go well with this top.

Hope that your weekend is ticking along nicely.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

 ~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday Morning Tidbits....some better than others!

Just checking in to say good morning....

How's your week going so far?
My week is really busy...
filled with appointments.

We are thrilled with the recent acquisition of this lovely painting 
 by the artist Kathy Leeds.

I have followed Kathy on Facebook and Instagram for many years.
When I learned that she had launched her website I zipped over and purchased this gorgeous painting of roses.

Many of you know how smitten I am with roses 
so it was an easy and natural choice for me...
we have hung this in our Humble Bungalow living room adjacent to the chair where I sit every morning while I sip my cafe creme and read emails, IG and blog posts...
it will be much admired.

My eye glass prescription changed when I had my eyes examined last fall
 I have been meaning to go and buy new glasses...
it has taken me a few months 
but I finally went and ordered new glasses.
They should be ready in a couple of weeks...I chose a rather "edgy" stylish pair.

The progress on my latest scarf...

A reader on my IG post mentioned that this looked like a pizza slice.
I'd have to agree and I pointed out that it was caloire free!!!

A couple of years ago I suffered a frozen shoulder and I was miserable for several months as I endured limited movement and intense pain...
unfortunately the opposite shoulder has now started to freeze.

Thankfully I know all the exercises that I need to do each day
and am off to massage therapy to see if we can keep it from completely freezing.
My massage therapist is amazing and I have every confidence that we will work on this together.
Wish me luck...I am going to need it!

What is on your agenda this week?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sometimes things go sideways....

The new knitting project went sideways
the finished product was not up to my standards.

Basically the "simple knitted socks" were an EPIC FAIL!

I have learned a LOT of new techniques
polished my knitting skills
but I would never wear them.

I ripped them out.

We move on...
learn from our mistakes
and I am now embarking on a lovely new project.

A pretty scarf which is a free pattern
 Lacy Baktus by Strikkelise

This project is simple...
lacy and beautiful.

I do not like waste...

Speaking of waste,
 I ruined a pair of jeans by putting them in the dryer at the cottage.

Who would have thought that 20 minutes in a dryer on low 
would shrink a pair of jeans?
I am obviously not in sync with the appliances at the cottage!

Shrank SO MUCH 
that they cling 
painfully to my thighs and calves.
Not comfy at all!

I had to go out and buy another pair...
in Sidney on my way home!

made in Canada
 just a tad under $100

I will donate my other jeans...

I have been wearing my father rings...
my Mom gave them to me.

What to do with a mans wedding band and a diamond ring?

I asked our family jeweller Paul de Goutiere to design a pendant
 he hit it out of the ballpark...

He suggested that it should be strung on a simple black silk strand...
it looks more modern and contemporary.

I have been wearing it a lot with my black and grey wardrobe....
no idea that it would come in so handy as an accessory.

I am also trying to focus on healthy eating and drinking lots of water
 avocado's rank right up there on the healthy scale!

Mashed avocado and a cup of tea...

How is you weekend going?

I am off to a fashion show with a friend tomorrow
then serving up a roast beef dinner for the Super Bowl.

What are you up to?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cottage life...weathering the storm.

Quarter Deck Cottage
a relaxed and casual getaway
that we enjoy for a week every month 
and two consecutive weeks in the summer.

This little piece of paradise has been a much needed tonic...
a place to dream and live simply 
among the beauty of Nature
 The Salish Sea at our doorstep.

The rains have been torrential this past weekend.
We were soaked right through our raincoats after an hour walk.

On the mainland there have been floods and roads were washed out...

When we arrive on the island
the first stop 
(after we unpack and set up the cottage with our personal bits and bobs)
is the local flower shop.

I choose some flowers for our week at the cottage.
The owner and I are on a first name basis now and she tells me what we have missed while we were off island...
Power outages, wind storms, ferry cancellations, trees blown down blocking the roads...

We shop for our food at the local market and usually do this each day.
It gives us an opportunity to mingle with the locals and deciding on the spur of the moment what we will have for our dinner based on what is fresh feels right.

Living in "holiday mode" encourages a spontaneity...
where we relax over our morning coffee
stare out at the views beyond
taking in the various sights
 ferry and boats
marine life and birds.

We awoke to sunshine this morning and what a glorious sight after 4 days of rain.
The cottage is bathed in warm sunlight and there is a shift in my mood.
I feel a surge of energy...

I have vacuumed, done the laundry, run the dishwasher and am now sipping a mug of tea as I sit here at the dining table typing on my laptop.
Taking time to look out upon the rippled sea and beyond...

A beautiful day awaits...
there is no need to rush

a gentle walk
a nourishing meal
gazing out to the Salish Sea

content with the simple routines
of cottage life

it is in the quiet moments 
that we are able to restore, restock, and renew.

"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift. "

~ Albert Einstein ~

"There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature. "

 ~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Slow down this week and observe the beauty that surrounds you.

When I walk in Nature I always find something beautiful that surprises me...
even on the darkest of days
I may have to look a little bit farther or a wee bit longer 
 if I persevere 
I am not disappointed and for those gifts I am grateful.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~