Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Minding my own a point!

Things have been quite busy today in and around The Humble Bungalow.
Sorting out some drawers that were too full, moving summer whites to the guest room closet for storage, wiping crumbs from the cutlery drawers in the kitchen.
Taking Mother to the flu shot clinic for our annual vaccines.

Mother has been under stress lately, which has necessitated that my sister and I offer her more support dealing with everyday events.
She has had some plumbing problems in her condo and now her fridge is on the fritz...phoning for plumbers and repair firms are the easy part. There are things that she needed to do to prepare for the tradesmen and she is a little overwhelmed by all the fuss. I totally understand and empathize but now I realize that we are on a very slippery slope...
I take over lunch, make tea and sit and knit while keeping her company.
We frequently work on the crossword puzzles...she starts them and when she gets stuck we finish them together!

Mother has been proactive about her financial affairs and is still able to go out and purchase food and her medications. She still drives a few blocks to the plaza and to the Avenue.

I am very sensitive not to "take over" things that she enjoys and looks forward to doing, there is a fine balance and I feel that I must respect her wishes as much as possible but I do not want to see her overwhelmed is a challenge for me not to take charge!
One must be mindful and keep an watchful eye on the subtle clues and cues.

The weather here is overcast, cool, and rainy today...
perfect for spending time in the kitchen.

I find it so soothing cooking and baking...its not unlike a form of meditation.

Casual Week day dinner

~ On the Menu ~

'(recipes found online)

Chef Johns' BBQ ribs

Broccoli and Carrots
Scalloped potatoes

Nigella Lawsons' Chocolate Olive Oil Cake 
served with whipped cream.

Picked this book up from the local library 
ready to pop the kettle on and sit for a wee bit and escape...
to the 1930's in Provence with Ondine and Picasso.

Company should be here in a few hours but I have time to read a few chapters.

How is your week going?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~