Monday, September 16, 2019

Sleep Quality ~ a quick report.

In an earlier post I pondered if the double bed in the guest room, although very comfy, was responsible for the lack of restful sleep.

I found myself yawning in the mid afternoon and craving a strong cup of coffee.

Caffeine is a sleep disruptor so I didn't want to try a cup and opted for decaf tea instead but I still felt weary...

We had been sleeping in a double bed while renovations were being made in our master bedroom so I considered that it may have been the size of the bed but now I am not sure that's true.

I have been quite busy researching sleep, what constitutes a good night sleep, the amount of sleep we need, things that contribute to a poor nights sleep, over the counter sleep aids and their effectiveness and side effects.

What started out as a simple question in my mind turned into hours of online was as if I had fallen down a rabbit hole!

Several readers commented on the use of magnesium supplements to help with sleep, so I looked into that on The Mayo Clinic site. It turns out that I may have a magnesium deficiency...many of the issues associated with a deficiency are things that I have been recently experiencing...
numbness, dizziness, poor sleep, heartburn, irregular heartbeats, muscle spasms, and fatigue.

Magnesium is found in avocados, leafy greens, beans and legumes, whole grains, bananas, almonds, cashew, hazelnuts, popcorn, peanuts, oats, cocoa, dark chocolate seeds - pumpkin, chia, sunflower.

I do not regularly eat nuts, avocados, or they are high in WW points.
Leafy greens of all sorts in salads, various beans, and bananas are consumed frequently.

I have oats in the fall and winter for breakfast but not every morning...
this is a habit I may need to change!

According to one site I checked out approximately 75% of people are deficient in magnesium!

Will follow up with my doctor and have an appointment booked.

I have started taking a pill with my dinner and my FitBit has already registered the imrpovements.
REM is twice what it has been previously and the DEEP sleep is much longer.

I woke up fewer times and feel much better when I wake up in the mornings.

The pharmacist mentioned that many people are experiencing better sleep when they take this supplement. She handed me a pamphlet with a lot of information about magnesium which she encouraged me to read.
After I finished reading about the benefits of the supplement,
I decided to give it a try
she suggested this gentle 200mg dose.

The cost was under $30 for a 4 month supply.
My husband is trying it out too.

I found a new body lotion at the pharmacy...
it absorbs into my skin quickly after my shower.

I have shared this information as it is helping me sleep better...

 I suggest that you check with your physician before trying this supplement.
If you are deficient, a simple blood test can test for the level.

Wishing you a lovely week.

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~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bedroom renovations are done!

The renovation took several months 
due to our summer holidays 
the schedules and work load of the construction crew.

Here's what the bedroom looks like today.

Built in drawers and doors replaced a very small closet space.

We have so much more room for our clothes and its much better organized.

I purchased:

new pillows
memory foam mattress protector
cotton sheets
bed skirt

Chester seems to approve!

We are leaving the distressed floor as it is...
I am not planning on buying antique rugs which originally thought I would.

Not sure about art work on the white walls...
they look so peaceful and serene.

All white bedding is my favourite.

Claire Austin Rose

I am working on my list
"3 weeks in a carry on" 
 for my upcoming trip to Italy and France.

More about that next time!

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sleep Patterns...

I've been wearing several loose tunic tops with black capri length leggings
to keep cool these past few weeks.

The leggings provide a wee bit of coverage for my legs.

My legs are muscular and strong from walking.

I feel self conscious about the various scars
blotchy marks
that I have accumulated over 64 years of being on this Earth.

Living in an aging body
something that I have not accepted...

I think of myself as a much younger person
with ample energy to perform many tasks each day.

So when I do feel tired...
I am kind of surprised and taken aback.

Limiting my "To do list" might be of some help.
Lowering my expectations of what I am reasonably capable of accomplishing on any given day might be something to work on.

Perhaps my level of energy has waned 
because my sleep has not been that restful since we moved into the guest room double bed?

I've started going to bed before 10 usually around 9:30
and I wake around 6 something in the morning.

I wear my FITBIT to bed so I can check on my sleep patterns.
 I wake several times each night.
My sleep is mostly "light" with limited REM and Deep sleep.

We will soon be back in our Queen bed as the renovations are almost finished...
This is something I am so looking forward to!

It's taken quite a while to get this project completed...
due to our holidays and a long delay getting started.

The trades here in Victoria are so busy!
There is a building boom on and there are not enough people to do all the jobs.

We are so fortunate to have a reliable contractor and skilled trades people.

I will be posting a few photos as soon as the furniture is back in place.

What are your sleep patterns like?

Do you feel that your sleep could be improved?

Have you any sleep tricks up your sleeve that you care to share?

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September snippets...

Jude the Obscure 
still putting on a marvelous show ~ blooming non-stop since May.

Gosh I so love a hardy and reliable rose that encourages me to keep dead heading long after my early spring enthusiasm and energy has waned.

Hand watering is a daily job here in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
We don't have an automatic system so we use old fashioned watering cans, nozzles and sprinklers.

People walk by when I am gardening out front and they always stop to comment on the roses.
Some I invite in for an impromptu garden tour 
 they occasionally leave with a wee bouquet.

The Climbing Royal Sunset Rose is a challenge to dead head 
as it grows up the side of the deck so ladders are required.
I am not a fan of climbing up high on ladders 
so I dead head what I can reach from the ground below and from the deck itself.

Gertrude Jekyll

Prickly thorns can be a hazard when dead heading this rose.
Such a beautiful shade of pink with a seriously heady fragrance.
She blooms all summer long.

School starts this week which traditionally has signalled the end of summer.

I love the warm sunshine and hope it continues through towards Autumn.

The bedroom renovations are almost complete.
I have purchased a bed skirt, new sheets, and velvet slim hangers.
Am excited to get the closet organized and the rest of our bungalow 
"back to normal."

I am tired of sleeping in the double bed in our guest room.
It's a comfy mattress and very quiet downstairs 
but its too small a bed for the two of us to get a restful night of sleep.

Last night I actually fell out of bed.
I was sound asleep and it woke me up with a start!

Feeling achy and stiff, glad I didn't break any bones.
So I am slowly moving about my day...
doing only what really needs doing.

Am totally immersed in Louise Penny's newest book 
A Better Man.

I try not to read her books too fast.

It is difficult slowing down once you are gripped by the plot
they are such wonderful mysteries.

Must go pop the kettle on and make a cuppa
then open my book for an hour or so...

Hope your September is off to a great start.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Friday, August 30, 2019

Style statements...

Do experiment with bright colours and bold shapes when it comes to your clothes or accessories?

Or do you play it safe and steer clear of anything "off the beaten path?"

I see women in my city wearing "edgy" clothes...
in brilliant colours that really make a statement.

Some sport neon hair colours in bold stripes.

Often it's jewelry...large ethnic pieces that are museum worthy.

Vintage items are a fabulous way of adding interest...
I love searching for those pieces in the thrift shops and local antique mall.

Personal style choices can show off a creative and artistic nature.
I admire women confidently putting together unique looks and having fun with their clothes and accessories.

Maybe I am playing it too safe adhering to mostly conservative fashions...
but if I am to be honest, that style choice is what reflects my personality.

I want to stay on the fringes of fashion
blending in
rather than standing out or
pushing the style envelope.

Garments in sturdy fabrics that skim the body and flatter my curves work best.

I did buy something this week...
an accessory,
what do you think?

NO they are NOT bracelets!

They are velvet scrunchies.

Black, grey and purple.

I've been letting my hair grow...
and it's getting longer.

I plan to grow it even longer.

Keeping the stray strands out of my face has become an issue.
I wear a scrunchie when walking, doing housework and gardening.

I've heard
Scrunchies divide the masses.

What would the Fashion Police say?

What do YOU say?

How do you approach style?
Do you go for bright bold and artsy clothes?
Or do you dress conservatively?

Please leave a comment below.

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Have a fabulous weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~