Monday, September 26, 2022

Garden snapshots, thrift shop finds and scenic views on my walks...


Large green bottle in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

I saw many of these when I was in Tuscany 
so when I spied one at Kay's Korner in Cook Street Village I snapped it up!
(Thanks Karin for saving it for me when I was out of town.)


Dappled light
sunny day

 ~ Abraham Darby ~

A stunning fragrant
David Austin Rose

Fatsia Japonica 
above a bed of ferns.

Dahlia season is upon us...
so many blooms and various varieties.
Which ones to choose?

Annual Tagetes Marigolds
we plan to save the seeds for next year.

Thrift shop teacups...
very cheerful and so pretty.

I don't NEED them but I HAD to buy them!

The de-cluttering binge is still underway...

I took the orchids in their big pots off the shelf above the sink.
The pots were washed and stored away
the orchids were put out on the boulevard for free
they were snapped up quickly!

My goal was to invite more light into the kitchen.
Cleaning off the shelf worked and I am very pleased that I can enjoy the view.

Candle light in The Humble Bungalow Living Room.

My morning routine...

Love the soft light and scents...

Most days I find myself 
Walking in Oak Bay...
where I spent my childhood.

Memories flood in...

Salty Air
The call of the Gulls
The sound of the waves
as they crash upon the Shore. 

~ Sunshine ~

Kitty Islet in Oak Bay

I collect sea glass along the rocky shoreline.

The chairs on the point are very popular...
with expansive scenic views towards Trial Island and beyond
it is not surprising that locals and tourists alike stop and gaze across the sea.

Many bring coffee and some bring picnics...
there is also a picnic table which you might spy on the right side of the rocks.

So many things to be grateful for...
had our 4th vaccination.

We hope to stay healthy and enjoy the Fall weather.

I'll be starting a new knitting project soon and am reading a fun book right now.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone
Phaedra Patrick
soon to be a Hallmark Movie.

That's all for now...
hope you are well.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

OOTD ~ It is possible to "Dress Up" Yoga Pants


~ OOTD ~
I am wearing Yoga pants today...
they are comfy and they stretch when I move.

~ Jobs Today ~

Grocery Shopping
Tidying up The Humble Bungalow 
Hair Appointment
Cleaning Out cupboards

The day ahead also has a few opportunities to put myself "out there"...

I don't want to look uber casual yet I don't feel like changing my clothes to go out.

Popped on my big pearl necklace
will add my black leather loafers...
put on bright red lippy.

Grab my Black Coach Bag and head out to the shops.

Do you wear Yoga pants?
Are you opposed to wearing them in fear of being cited by the Fashion Police?

How do you style them so they look a wee bit more polished?

Claire Austin pure white blooms
a stunning David Austin Rose.

Love the purity of white...

fluffy towels
white tops

What are you up to this week?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Victoria ~ September Tidbits and Snippets

I walked past the church today and observed a crowd of people 
talking animatedly poised with clipboards.

There will be a commemorative service held here in Victoria 
at Christ Church Cathedral to honour Queen Elizabeth.

Many of us are saddened by her passing...
I have known no other Queen in my lifetime.

She visited Victoria BC many times.
She stayed at Government House in Rockland a few blocks from our bungalow.

I remember once that we were able to go down to the Inner Harbour 
to watch her disembark from her royal yacht The Britannia
She stepped gracefully into a launch to come ashore 
making her way to the excited throng of onlookers.

Girl Guides gave her fresh bouquets of flowers.
She had a lovely smile and wore a colourful outfit and matching hat.

She was a hard working monarch with a strong sense of duty...
steadfast in her determination to do a good job
she was kind and compassionate.
She will be missed by many.

Her funeral will take place in Westminster Abbey on Monday September 19th 
The Federal Government has just announced that the day will be a holiday.

The Queen loved Sweet Peas...

Our local Pharmasave in Oak Bay offers many wonderful skin care products.

They carry some exclusive make up items like Pupa from Milan.

I enjoy shopping there as the clerks are so knowledgeable and helpful,
plus they have a wonderful exchange policy.

The Andalou CC cream is easy to apply,
rich and creamy which offers nice coverage without being cakey.

I am test driving a new serum from Derma E.

Ther Andalou Brightening Renewal Cream is a new product.

I recently had a facial at the Boathouse Spa at The Oak Bay Beach Hotel.
After the 60 minute treatment my skin felt wonderful...
I want to continue to take care of my skin and keep it supple.

Hydration and sunscreen are my two top priorities...
I also try to buy "natural" products.

I look a lot like my mom...
the older I get, the more that the resemblance is evident!
Mom loved her pearls and I love wearing mine too...

I snapped this selfie while waiting in a long line up at the car wash today.
was getting a wee bit bored as I forgot my book.

I picked up this book by Maggie O'Farrell
The Hand That First Held Mine won the Costa Award in 2010

Want to read all her books as I so enjoy her writing...

I loved her novel Hamnet and Judith.
The Marriage Portrait that was published in 2020 is on my list.

What are you reading?

Are you planning to watch the funeral of Queen Elizabeth on the telly?
It will be broadcast here at 3am...

Well I must close for now...
Mr HB has been harvesting the Jalapeno and Anaheim Peppers
 I am making a big batch of Salsa.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, September 5, 2022

September ~ School daze and memories

We are staying at the cottage for a few days.

I picked a handful of Annabelle and Limelight Hydrangeas...
a little reminder of our Humble Bungalow Garden.

There are flowers here on the property at the cottage 
part of the communal "complex" 
owned by various owners 
so it doesn't feel right picking any flowers.

This morning the sun was shining brightly and the Salish Sea was calm.
There was the refreshing scent of sea salt in the air...
(which I love) 
I sat quietly sipping my coffee and soaking in the view.

Since retirement in 2014, I make time to savour two cups of coffee each morning.
I LOVE a good cup of coffee.

After I visited France in 2015, I made a bowl of espresso with foamed milk,
(cafe creme)
then after I returned from Italy 
I purchased an Italian espresso maker for the stove
using the popular Lavazza Italian coffee.

Mr. HB makes drip coffee and I admit I like to wake up and just pour a cup...
it is such a treat having someone make it :-))

Just finished this entertaining story by S J Bennett.
I read her other book, The Windsor Knot 
which is about HRH working on a mystery set in Buckingham Palace.

This is another mystery in which Elizabeth gets involved in solving a mystery.
It is an easy read ~ lots of fun...
if you are looking for something light you might enjoy it.

Warm nights 
the sun slipping behind the trees
crickets serenading us 
watching the boats as they pass by 
Quarterdeck Cottage.

The grandchildren are all heading back to school tomorrow...
summer is fading and fall is on its way.

Fall weather will be here before we know it...
warm sweaters and coats will be on our radar.

My new Eileen Fisher black fleece lined walking coat arrived last week...

The size fits perfectly, (the clerk was right) is lovely, cozy, great for everyday walks, yet stylish.
Will be able to wear it for errands, walking, and evenings out.


We will be busy putting the Humble Bungalow Garden to bed soon...
it has been a lovely summer in the garden.

We are currently enjoying oodles of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, yellow beans, cucumbers and several varieties of lettuce.
Salads have been a mainstay on the table for dinner for almost every meal.

It will be strange to go to the shops and purchase veggies 
when the harvest has finished.

Do you look forward to the new season and the change in the weather?
The opportunity to sort out your closet and bring the warmer or cooler clothes as needed?

I will be laundering the linen dresses, tops and skirts and swapping them out for the fall dresses and sweaters.

I need to buy some tall rubber rain and snow boots as my ancient pair fell apart!
It might be fun to look for a colourful pair this year.

Do you have plans to buy any new clothes?
What is on your list?

I must close for now and get some dinner organized...
thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, August 29, 2022

August Snippets...keeping cool, culling, a favourite scarf, hydrangeas and a fabulous book

Culling is happening here in The Humble Bungalow...
no closet, cupboard, or cranny is safe!

I've given away a LOT of things that we never use and have been donating
various items of clothing and this week I attacked the scarf drawer with gusto!

The Hermes scarves are safely tucked away in their iconic orange boxes.
There are a few scarves left to do the work of many...
one of the scarves that was never in jeopardy
is this linen multi toned scarf.

~ long whisper soft lightweight linen ~

a lovely scarf to wear as a wrap
or wrapped several times around my neck.

~ great drape with an interesting texture ~

The scarves that were culled made their way to the local WIN shop
a charity that assists Women In Need (WIN)

~ OOTD ~
My Uniform

Rough Linen Apron
Akoya Pearls
black Yoga pants
white Eileen Fisher linen top

I've been busy trying to get on top of the cleaning here...
the windows ended up being streaky and I reached out on Instagram for tips.
Several great tips and ideas were forthcoming...

I headed out for a microfibre window cleaning cloth (bought 3) and a squeegee...
windows are now sparkling clean!

Annabelle Hydrangeas
big frothy blooms.

Hope that you are doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.
We are finding the heat a wee bit too HOT!
Every afternoon I find a cool spot to sit and sip some tea or lemonade
inevitably a book finds it way into my hands!

Am enjoying this book SO MUCH!
I read his first book The Rules of Civility many years ago and loved it.
His newest, The Lincoln Highway, is on my TBR stack.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~