Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Drugstore ~ Skincare and Make Up


When I was in Paris I made a pilgrimage to the "Pharmacie."
(easily identifiable by the large neon Green Cross)
Many seasoned travellers suggested the local Paris Pharmacies as a must see.
I was surprised by the popularity of these local shops.
Some actually had a line up out front !
I visited several Pharmacies in different arrondissements.
Some were larger and had more skincare products.
Citypharma at 26 rue du Four in the heart of Saint Germain des Pres has the reputation of being the BEST.

I stayed in the 6th arrondissement so this was closest.
(It did not disappoint)

The pharmacy is often crowded as it is very popular with locals and tourists.
Shelves are loaded with jars and bottles of serious skincare products.
Staff are happy to consult with patrons and are readily available to give advice.

The Pharmasave on Oak Bay Avenue 
has a wide variety of reasonably priced products with trained staff on hand to help.

One needn't spend a fortune to get good quality skincare products...

For example
Andalou Natural Products...
the company make product lines to suit most skin care needs.
I have enjoyed using the Andalou Rose products in the past.

Recently I have switched up to the Age Defying series.

I like the rich formulas...my skin soaks up the moisture.

I like to keep my skincare regime very simple.

Wash, tone and moisturize.
An intensive moisturizing enzyme facial mask is used once a week.

I have added a serum which helps particularly in the winter.

Derma-E Vitamin enriched serum is my favourite.
Rosehips and Grape Seed Oils 
Vitamin A and E

(4 drops morning and night ~ this bottle lasts a few months)

I wait 10 minutes before doing my make up 
to allow the oil to sink in and be absorbed.

My make-up routine is minimal 
5 minutes tops.
Minimal coverage and a light touch work best for my older skin.

Drugstore Make up products...

Andalou Age Defying BB cream
Burts Bees Aglow blush
Physicians Formula eyebrow tint
Annabelle eye shadow
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair
Miss Pupa Lip Gloss

While writing this post I have been sipping tea and nibbling some dark chocolate.

Afternoon Tea and dark chocolate
my afternoon ritual.

One of life's little luxuries!

Found a pretty vintage silver cake server this afternoon.
I met up with a friend who came over from the mainland for a visit.
We walked along The Avenue popped into the shops and had a lovely long lunch.

Joanne surprised me with a blue tote bag and a book AND she treated me to lunch.
We always have a lovely time chatting.
Thank you Joanne!

“Joy is the best makeup. 
But a little lipstick is a close runner-up.” 

~ Anne Lamott ~

Well I must close for now and get dinner started.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Abundance of roses, and clothes that Spark Joy!


We have a full garden with an abundance of roses.
I consider myself an avid rosarian....
desiring more roses in an already full garden is rather greedy.

My husband mentioned that our olive tree might have died during the icy cold snap.
He mentioned I could always buy a rose to fill the space where the tree was planted!

What a great idea!!!

I have always been smitten by shoes with bows.

I own a pair of Ferragamo black patent shoes with bows.
Years ago I had purple suede flats with velvet bows...I wore them out!
They were my "Happy Shoes" I felt so joyful when I wore them.

A few years after the demise of the purple shoes 
I found a pair of black patent flats with black velvet bows.

Mom had a similar pair...
they were such a great mood lifter.
We smiled at each other knowingly when we were together 
wearing our patent bow toed shoes.

So when I was in Twice As Nice consignment looking for a wool winter coat
(which I didn't find)
I spied these shoes by Browns...
tried them on and HAD to have them.

My current "daytime" winter wardrobe.
Athletic wear is stored in the bureau
evening and dressy clothes are in the Hobby Room closet.

I have been adding a few thrifted finds lately...

Gap casual sweater.
Will be worn with my denim and white denim jeans.

A sequin top!!!!

The volunteers at the thrift shop were literally doing a "Happy Dance" 
when I approached the cash desk...
asking how much it was?
They said $2.00 and I was so stunned that I gave them $5 and told them to put the extra money toward their new building fund!

I am definitely going to wear this top and perhaps it will be daytime.
It is a JOYFUL top.
Do you think it will SPARK JOY?

I love how we can shift our moods with clothing...
wearing brighter colours on a dark dreary day.
Adding accessories that elevate a plain outfit or dress.
Finding inexpensive and vintage pieces in the thrift shops that are cheap and cheerful.
One needn't go into debt to have fun with fashion.

Happy Hunting in the Thrifts!

An abundance of Sea Glass...
one day's haul after my beach walk.
Saw two fat seals lying on a floating log...
a familiar face and a shaggy dog
a wee chat with a neighbour.
Gulls, Ravens and a majestic Eagle calling...
Fresh Air, a gentle breeze, and I feel rejuvenated.

Jar of sea glass...
probably my 10th jar.
(I must go downstairs to count them, they are in the window sill of the Hobby Room)

~ Sunshine and Blue Skies ~

Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs
a lovely gift from Becky.
They look like jewels such pretty colours.
Taste great too!

Finished this fabulous book by Anthony Horowitz.
Need to read some more of his books...have read a couple and they are so well written and are wonderful murder mysteries.

What are you reading?

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, January 29, 2024

Art, Entertaining and my recent successful thrifting adventures...


We attended the art exhibit "Building Bridges" at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre.

Victoria Artist Tanya Bub

Paper Mache Rooster

~ Grace ~

Tanya Bub created this "chair" using a variety of reclaimed and recycled pieces.
Walmart carry bags, cardboard, and papers among them.

Can you see the boots hanging underneath the chair?

A documentary "Sitting With Grace" has been screened locally.

Tanya has such a great eye for detail...
the face is exquisite.

Tanya is well known locally for her amazing driftwood sculptures.

~ OOTD ~

Thrifted Black Kirkland Tee
Artisan necklace

Thrifted ankle length pants black with small white dots.
(label missing but I think they are by INC)
Coach Loafers that I bought new last Spring.

We shared dinner with friends...
on the menu:

Appies ~ Olives, Dried Apricots, Dates, Smoked cheese and Blue Cheese

Salad ~ Arugula, sweet red pepper mini pearls, chopped pecans, thinly sliced white radishes and a French Vinaigrette.

Main course ~ Chicken Breasts stuffed with feta and topped with red pepper pesto
Spinach Gnocchi with cheese sauce, garnished with snipped fresh basil

Dessert ~ Olive Oil Citrus Cake with fresh blackberries and whipped cream

Our guests brought a lovely Maidenhair Fern.
(Thank you!)

I popped it into our Vintage Arts and Crafts Weller Jardiniere.

Chester, our smaller cat, was quite taken with the fern!
It is a pet friendly plant so if he nibbles a wee bit no harm done.

I absolutely LOVE Vintage Sherman Rhinestones.
I have a small collection of brooches.
If you have been reading my Blog awhile you know I wear these pieces often...

If you are REALLY lucky you might find some in a thrift shop.
Most of the ones that I see are now sold in The Antique Malls.

Denim shirtdress...was purchased on sale, not thrifted.
(Lands' End)

The Baroque strand of Pearls add some interest.

Dress by H&M

Second Hand Hope Thrift Store.

I went thrift shopping with Annie, a woman I have connected with on Instagram.
She is starting up a business where she plans to take people to the thrift shops and consignment stores here in Victoria.
Her instagram page is Victoria Thrifting Tours.
If you pop over to check out her site, please say I sent you :-))

Ralph Lauren reversible leather belt from WIN Thrift Shop.

Small Patterns work better for me as I am a curvy gal...
I like the small metal button details at the neck and on the cuffs.
The fabric is a jersey knit so this will be a great Spring and Summer Dress.

Found one of my favourite author's books in a wee Book Nook.
It just so happens that the Book Nook is in the front yard of my childhood home.

I keep finding the BEST books there...
if I ever see the owners I am going to introduce myself.
Tell them that I grew up in the house.

Well that about wraps up my news...
until next time.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~ 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Week of wild weather...

Beeswax candles glowing...
adding ambiance on a frigid cold day.

Very snowy here these past few days...
not a lot of accumulation in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
Other areas of Victoria have a LOT more!
Schools were closed, traffic was snarled, buses got stuck.

Mr HB and I stayed home.
I read books, played word games on the computer, 
knit a few rows on The Sophie Scarf,
decluttered and cooked.

Chester seems unfazed by the snow.
He is an indoor cat so he isn't really affected by the weather.
He has been taking advantage of having Mr. HB home...he's snoozing on his lap!

Chester asleep on the cat blanket.

I make soup for many of our lunches.

This spice was in a French Country Home subscription box.
It is made by Compagnie Francaise...
peppers, turmeric, oregano, thyme, curcumin, paprika, sage, basil, tamarind, onion, cinnamon.

The Christmas Cactus is still in bloom!
I bought this orange cactus recently...I love the bright shade of orange.

Here I am just before my Aqua Fit class....
no make up, just lipstick.

My decades old Burberry scarf, Columbia Puffer coat and a hand knit gift hat.
The Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail polish matches one of the stripes!!

Post swim relaxation.

Reading an interesting book by Lesley Crewe called Amazing Grace.
I have not read her books before but I am really enjoying this one.

What are you reading?

The weekly sourdough boule baking is still very much part of my routine.
I keep the sourdough starter active stored in the fridge.
The recipe I use I found online at Alexandra Bakes.

Cooking, baking, cleaning all these things happen here in The Humble Bungalow.
I accomplish a lot everyday but I intersperse the jobs with rest and tea.

I've been wearing these pink gloves to wash the dishes.
They are help my manicure last longer!

What is the weather like where you live?
We aren't used to snow so any amount can mess with the commutes of workers.
It makes getting around much more difficult...especially when the buses are stuck!

Tomorrow the forecast is for warmer temperatures and rain.
I think the snow will melt quite quickly and we will all resume our normal activities.

I plan to get out for some groceries and perhaps peruse a thrift shop or two.

Have you found any treasures recently in the shops?
I go into shops with an open mind and look at all the stock...
if I go in with a certain item in mind I find that I feel stress.

You never know what is waiting in the thrift and charity shops!

~ Happy Thrifting ~ 

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

January ~ Thrifting and some healthy changes...


Found a camisole at the Thrift Shop and I was SO pleased...
A lacy camisole had been on my "wish list" for quite a few months.

The cost of the ones that I loved were much more than I wanted to spend.
Trying to be mindful of expenditures now that Hubby is fully retired. 
Slowly coming to the reality that we are now "pensioners."
The cost was under $5 so easily justified :-))

Paired it with my faded denim shirt....added some pearls.

I am really enjoying wearing denim these days.
The denim jeans (no spandex) from MNG purchased last year.

Have a few old distressed items that I am happy to say didn't get culled.
The denim jacket from Old Navy, the Old Navy darker denim shirt, lighter one (here) and the denim jumper by Tribal and a chambray denim long tunic from Lands End.

I have on order a new denim dress...from Lands End.
I love how soft the garments feel when they have been washed many times.
~ COZY ~

Adding more fibre daily...
Bran Buds and protein rich Greek Yogurt
1/3 cup of each mixed together in the morning after my cup of coffee.

Also reducing portions for a while to see if this helps me shed a few pounds.
I have tried intermittent fasting for the past year and was not seeing much difference.

We have had a mixed bag with weather...
sunshine and clear blue skies mixed with gale force winds and rain.

Despite the inclement weather 
I need to push myself to get out in the fresh air...

Mother Nature's Pearls...

There is snow in the forecast!!!

Lovely hand cream, William Morris At Home.
A gift from our son and the grandchildren.

Did a quick manicure today...Sally Hansen "Expresso" one coat dries in a minute. 

Soft faded denim and pearls with a wee bit of lace peeking out.

This image shows off the lace...

I didn't have my black velour jacket open this much at coffee!!!

I just wanted to show you the pretty lacy details that are hidden.

Lingerie is really a private item in our wardrobes...
wearing it makes us feel feminine and comfortable.

I love the Prima Donna line of bras and panties...
Lily Pad Lingerie here in Victoria carry their line.

I am due to visit them soon and purchase my annual supply.

Well I suppose that is all to share for now...
Hope your year is off to a great start.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~