Monday, September 11, 2023

Quarterdeck Cottage ~ September Snippets


Here at Quarterdeck Cottage we keep things simple.

I am in my casual cottage cooking gear...
White Tee
Black Yoga pants
Bare feet (with red polish)

It is a cloudy Monday morning so 
I baked the sourdough boule
made a Frittata

Today's Frittata Recipe

 7 large eggs beaten
1/3 cup milk (or cream)
1/3 cup chopped pitted black olives 
1 small green pepper diced 
10 cherry tomatoes cut in half 
cup of grated white cheddar cheese
salt and pepper

Place in shallow ovenproof quiche pan
Bake at 350 for approximately 35 minutes.

We brought some green tomatoes with us...
I fried them up for breakfast and served them with worchestershire sauce.

we invited some of the neighbours from the nearby cottages over for a Happy Hour.

It was so lovely that we sat on the deck...
chatting away and laughing
nibbling on the charcuterie offerings
sipping our beverages
time passed and before long it was getting chilly.
We packed up just after 7pm

I finally finished knitting the Miriam sweater...
it is at home and I need to block it before I can wear it.
But I never like to be without my knitting so I went shopping last week!

I started knitting a shawl "River's Wrap"
 in this gorgeous Japanese Noro Akari Yarn
from The Beehive in Victoria.

The yarn is wonderfully soft and so soothing to work with...
silk, cotton, viscose, mohair and wool.

In other shopping news...
Found a wee crystal vessel at the thrift shop in Sidney on Friday 
before we caught the ferry....

There's a bit of magic in the way the light reflects
 in the crisp cut design of a crystal piece.

I foraged some wild dried flowers...
they look so pretty in the vase.

Am smitten with the light!!
The glow is so warm, and it does feel like magic.

On my walk to day I went to Bricky Bay.
In the early 1900's a brick making crew used this area and the beach.
They shipped the bricks off island from the bay, there are remnants of the dock.

Bits of bricks cover the beach and many have worn down and are soft shapes.
Some are small round shapes like marbles...

I managed to find a couple of pieces of sea glass but not much.

I sat on a log and listened to the call of the ravens and the swish of the waves.
Watched a few boats cruise past before pulling myself away from this idyllic spot.

I spied this sunny painted rock.
People paint rocks and leave them on the beaches here...
I usually don't take the rocks, just snap a picture to share on Instagram.

Before I close 
I must share with you a totally unexpected gift from a dear reader Rosemarie, 
who resides in Vancouver.
Rosemarie and I correspond regularly via email
we've met several times for lunch and tea when she visited Victoria
Last time I was in Vancouver we met for a glass of wine and some nibbles at The Cactus Club.

Look at this beautiful kimono style wrap!
She knows me so well...
It will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

You are such a generous person.

(I am going to find something to send Rosemarie)

Well I must close for now and go outside with my knitting.
The views are stunning!

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Thoughts on gardening....and a tasty pork tenderloin

Our neighbour gave us a pretty bouquet,
the cut flowers are from her new garden.
 A thank you for the fresh garden produce we shared with her.

Gardeners share...
We share seeds, plants, flowers, fruit and produce.

Gardeners collect ideas when visiting other gardens.

Cultivating a garden is an incredibly rewarding hobby.
There is a shared kinship in the gardening community...

If you've ever attended a garden club meeting 
or a garden show you will hear an abundance of chatter.
Gardeners are not at a loss for words where plants are concerned.

I've visited the local garden centres twice in one week looking for more Hostas.
We are going to be involved in a garden tour and I have some plans.
We are not sure if it will be June 2024 or June 2025.

In the meantime,
 I am looking for a water feature, some more black planters and pots.

We'll be putting the garden to bed as soon as the weather changes.
So these ideas will percolate and be revised and refined over the winter.

Romneya Coulteri Poppy

This plant likes to be grown in a rocky gravelly soil.
It doesn't transplant well.
I've tried digging it up and sharing it but the cuttings have never survived.

Our plant is not very large...
I've seen huge Romneya Coulteri plants thriving on my drive around town.

We are pleased that the Hollyhock from Ross Bay Villa has thrived.
I have tried growing Hollyhocks for many years 
but had always planted them in the soil which is heavy with clay.

The clay soil is great for roses but not all plants like to have "wet feet!"

The BIG Hosta to the left is Sum and Substance.
In the low bowl ~
Variegated grass, Hosta, Agapanthus and the silvery Centauria Chrome Fountain.
To the left of that planter is a pot of Black Mondo Grass.

I have a crush on the Mondo Grass and have it growing all over the Humble Bungalow Garden!

David Austin Rose Jude the Obscure.
It has been flowering for months...
it is a repeat bloomer.

The roses have not been as prolific as usual and I am thinking it is the drought.
We've had lots of sunshine which they love and we have watered 
carefully by hand but I suppose it has just not been enough.

There is a bumper crop of tomatoes, both beefsteak and cherry types.
Lots of zucchini, lettuce and cucumbers.

The apple trees are loaded with fruit...
in a few weeks they will be ready for picking.

The garden keeps my husband VERY BUSY!
He's taken over a lot of the jobs and seems to be enjoying his time outdoors.

Do you have a garden?
Or do you garden with a deck or patio of Pots and planters?

We are very fortunate to live in an area where there are lots of gardens.
People are quite passionate about gardening here in Victoria.
It used to be known as The City Of Gardens.

I want to share a recipe that I got from a friend...
it is an easy and very tasty marinated pork tenderloin.


Marinate a pork tenderloin in the following:
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup soya (I use Braggs)
1 clove minced garlic
3 tbsp. honey dijon mustard
salt and pepper

I mix the marinade in a ziploc bag then add the tenderloin.
Put in the fridge for about 4 hours.

Heat the BBQ and grill the tenderloin
 (baste with marinade) 
cook until it is no longer pink inside.
This cooks quite quickly so keep an eye on it!
Let it rest for a few minutes then slice on the diagonal.
I have served it with boiled baby new potatoes and a fresh green salad.

~ Bon Appetit ~

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

I'm planning a visit to Butchart Gardens soon to see what they are growing.

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Sunday August 27...where did the week go?


~ Jude The Obscure Rose ~

I don't know where the week went?
Lots going on here, 
among them...

I've been busy in the kitchen roasting the tomato harvest.
I pop the chopped tomatoes in a roasting pan 
(whole cherry tomatoes in a glass dish)
sprinkle with salt, pepper and drizzle with olive oil
liberally top with crushed garlic.

400 degrees for about 40 minutes.
Cool them then pop into freezer bags.

I add them to tomato sauce in the fall and winter for an extra pop of flavour.

We purchased a Nespresso machine!

I loved the Nespresso coffee in Paris at The Hotel Belloy.
That was in 2015 on my first trip.

I loved their sweet treats and coffee in the lobby after a long day exploring Paris.
Many other guests gathered and we'd chat about what we had seen and done.
There was such an air of excitement in that lobby 
as ideas and insights were exchanged.

I recently enjoyed the coffee in the Ocean Promenade Hotel in White Rock.
My husband wasn't sure it was to his taste but we visited the store in our local mall.
The clerk made us a coffee and he liked it so much that we purchased a machine.
We've got 3 different varieties of coffee and both of us like the Stormio.
It is smooth and strong, just the way I like it!

I have been reading this fabulous book.
I borrowed it from a friend and WOW it is wonderful!

I have read most of Jennifer Robson's books and loved them and this one is a treat.
Her latest book The Coronation Year will be on my radar next.

Dinner party dessert offering...
(dessert plate a gift from darling daughter!)

One piece left... a few crumbs

I added skinny slices of fresh lemon
 made a batch of whipped cream to top the pieces.

Not sure where I found this recipe?
I have made it before and love the moist texture of the cake.
It is simple to make and easy to transport.

We took it to our friends home as we were invited for dinner.
We had appies on their private back patio
 served us a delicious middle eastern themed main course.
I didn't take pictures and probably should have as it was so beautifully presented...
served in rustic earthenware pots and serving dishes.

Yesterday I went to the garden centre to check out the stock.
I was looking for some more hostas for our shady front bed.
Alas there were not many hostas left...
I did buy one.

I decided on a black planter 
for the front walk just by the stairs.

Added a few perennials and voila!

I recently posted this picture on my Instagram and since then I have several enquiries on the shade of the Miss Pupa from Milan lipgloss.
It is number 305

My local Pharmasave used to carry the Miss Pupa line but have discontinued it.
Miss Pupa have a website and you can order all their items easily.

I am going to go and finish reading The Gown so I will close for now.

Thank you for taking the time to pop by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~ 

Sunday, August 20, 2023

A quick post ~ I missed last week as I was away...

Roses for a friend...

I am writing and publishing a quick post.
I've been a wee bit busy so I missed last week's post.
I was in White Rock with the grandchildren and our son.
We stayed at the Ocean Promenade Hotel 
across from the beach with the train tracks in between.

Trains pass by frequently and the kids loved watching all the cars pass by...
We went to IKEA at Port Coquitlam, had my first Swedish Meatball lunch.
I bought napkins, candles, and some inexpensive knives.

We also shopped at Zara at Metrotown for the girls outfits for back to school.
I was surprised how FAST they shop!

We also had a day at Big Splash Water Park...lots of water and slides.
Tsawwassen Mills Mall for the Adidas shop for Henry.

Our suite was had a kitchenette
I was able to make breakfasts. coffee and snacks.

My husband turned 70 on Saturday.
We were out Friday for a happy hour, Saturday we attended the annual summer gathering hosted by my husband's former architectural firm.

The dinner was held at Mary's Farm and Sanctuary out by Goldstream.
Farm animals, a disc golf course, games, a tire swing and scenic walks and trails 
on the 30 acres.
The families just loved the amenities and the food was made by my friend Julie.
Everything was delicious and had a "country theme."

There was smoke in the sky...
forest fires burning up in the interior of BC and south of us in Washington State.

I am making Mr HB a pasta dinner tonight...

(His favourite)

I have the ingredients all chopped and prepped and ready to go...
to the left you can see my new All Clad Pasta Pot.

(I've invested in a few new pots by All Clad)

Well I must get busy cooking as it is almost 5:30...
Will be back soon!

Hope that you have a fabulous week.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Cottage Holiday ~ A few Snippets and Tidbits...

Cottage Time is so relaxing.
We find that we cocoon and relax and by the time we leave we are completely rejuvenated.

I suppose that is what holidays are all about.

We see the most beautiful boats sail by Quarterdeck Cottage.
This sailboat moors in the bay.
We watch the boat as the owner manoeuvers it out to sea and hoists the sails.

On this day there was a full crew aboard...
they were out for several hours enjoying the breezes.

We watch as the ferries pass by the cottage.
We play a game...
Ferry Yahtzee.

If there are 5 ferries all in view we call out Yathzee!

Our two weeks at the cottage seemed to fly by...

Our son and grandchildren were at the cottage for the first week.
Lots of fun activities and games.
The pool is still very much a favourite with all of us.

Meals were kept simple
desserts were served
we nibbled on snacks ~ chips and popcorn
ice cream cones were almost a daily thing!

Once they all departed it was almost TOO quiet...

My husband walked his 6 km island route in the mornings.
I puttered in the kitchen, planned our meals and shopped at the market.
Read my books, knitted on the Miriam Sweater, perused some magazines.

My walks are focused on the beaches nearby
I went to the end of the road and wandered down to the beach...
the tide was way way out!
Two fellows were fishing off the rocks but I had the beach to myself.

I took a leisurely saunter back and forth looking for sea glass.
Not much was found but I had a pleasant time walking.

The current jar is almost full...
I have quite a few jars full here in The Humble Bungalow.

Found an antique Lenox dish at the thrift shop.
The details are so pretty ands the porcelain is so luminescent.
Smooth and delicate, too dainty to leave at the cottage.

Blue label indicates that the dish is pre 1930.

We invited friends over to spend the day.
I don't think that they had ever been to Pender before. 

They arrived early on a direct ferry around 9:30
so I made The Barefoot Contessa's Apple Tart to serve with our morning coffee.

If you don't catch a direct ferry you will be on board for several hours while the ferry visits many of the Gulf Islands!

For lunch I made what we call a "Picky Plate" 
in case you are curious 
a picky plate is an assortment of foods mostly finger foods.

Cheeses, olives, breadsticks, crackers, salami, hummus, pickles, spreads...

Dinner was a strawberry spinach salad and lasagne.
Dessert was a blackberry pie with ice cream.
(my husband picked the berries)

We had a lovely day.
Drove around a wee bit, went to Hope Bay, Browning, The Driftwood Centre
 then we stopped in at Renaissance Antiques to look at the art.
Our friends Keith and Michelle,
 purchased an antique table with a marble top!

There were large full moons at night.
I love the way they sparkled on the sea...
I read that they were referring to these moons as Full Sturgeon Moons.

Can you see the moon at the top left?
This book is so good that I read late into the evening...
I highly recommend Friendship Point by Alice Elliot Dark.

I need to stay hydrated...
drinking low calorie or no calorie beverages is my goal.
Bubly water comes in many flavours and it is thirst quenching.
I've been buying it by the case.

Found a lovely trench coat at the island Thrift Shop.
Banana Republic

I am excited to have found this classic coat 
which BTW I have been looking to add to my wardrobe for several years.
It is in perfect condition and was at a giveaway price!!

I am wearing Black!
I know it is odd to wear black in the heat of summer 
but this Cut Loose cotton dress is cool and airy.

I feel a bit like an Italian Nonna...
black capri tights, sandals and the dress.
Popped the hat atop and away I go...
met a friend for coffee at the cafe.

California Poppies are glowing up on the Ridge.
They capture the sun and reflect their beauty.

Simple Joys 
are found in everyday life.

I seek out these marvelous surprises that are just waiting to be discovered...

When I first started collecting Sea Glass I found mostly white.
I put the pieces in a vintage sealer jar and that my friends was the beginning of 
this very addictive habit that continues to this day :-))

I love a blue sky with puffy white clouds...

This is the biggest piece of amethyst glass that I have in my collection.
My husband found it for me on Pender Island.
Amethyst, cobalt blue, deep shades of green and aqua are the most difficult to find.

We are back home now and settled into our Humble Bungalow routines.
I've been busy getting in some groceries and my husband has been tidying up the garden.

Hope that your summer is ticking along nicely.

Abraham Darby

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~