Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Mid May Musings...from Gardening to My "minimalist" approach to Style...


May is a very busy month here in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
We have all kinds of plants blooming and various plans for new beds and borders.

Mr. HB is digging up the wee front lawn which has been struggling to grow 
ever since the neighbour's Arbutus Tree grew tall and shaded our front garden.
We will build a small patio using old bricks.

I hope to relocate the black birdbath to the centre of the new patio
buy a black pot and plant a large Boxwood Globe.

I am so looking forward to sharing the new area and will do so in a future post! 

With my broken ankle I have been sitting more...

Tea, a good book on the porch in the sunshine listening to the birdsong
 is not a hardship!
In the wee library across the street I discovered a book by author Susie Steiner.

I really enjoyed her first book Missing, Presumed.
Quickly put the next 2 books in the series on Hold at my local library.

DSI Manon is an interesting and complex character, as are the rest of her team.
One feels that they are REAL people.

UK Crime Dramas fascinate me...

Was surprised to learn that Susie Steiner passed away at the age of 51 
 a glioblastoma brain tumour.

I know of a few people who have passed away recently from a glioblastoma

~ Pavement Series Rose ~

This reliable, vigorous, hardy, drought tolerant rose is VERY thorny.
It can be grown as a hedge.
The blooms are frilly, frothy and fragrant.

Mr. HB managed to grow a new one for our neighbour from a shoot.

Soon all of our roses will be in bloom...we have over 30 roses in our small garden.
It might sound excessive...but I am a passionate rose grower.

When our Olive Tree died in the cold snap this past winter I was sad.
Was so hopeful that we might have a wee bit of Italy in our backyard.
Alas it is not to be...

Mr. HB suggested I buy a new rose to fill the space :-))
It took me NO Time at all to find a new candidate...

Bathsheba, a David Austin Rose, is now growing in that space!

Made a Cheese Sourdough loaf of bread and it was surprisingly easy.
Recipe found online at Pantry Mama.

The sourdough exploratory journey continues!
Who knew that baking bread would ever be such a big part of my week?

Some thoughts and musings about clothes, style and fashion...
shoes are not shown
 Comprising of several pairs of loafers, sandals as well as white sneakers.

I have various pieces of outer wear which I have not included in this closet.

Eileen Fisher blue swing coat, Eileen Fisher Khaki jacket, 
distressed Old Navy denim jacket, 
black moto,
Ralph Lauren black quilted barn coat.

The Minimalist Wardrobe continues to be working...
I am constantly editing.

(Summer Wardrobe)

Black, white, grey neutrals and shades of denim blues
with a few POPS of Colour.

I much prefer a smaller wardrobe as it makes getting dressed so easy.
No more standing in front of the closet humming and hawing about what to wear!

In order for a small wardrobe to work, and be versatile,
I have found that I need to pay extra attention to texture and accessories.

This blouse is a great example...

Tiers of cool textured fabric ~ flow.
I have worn this with black pants and jeans.
Accessories are Key components in any outfit.
Big Baroque Pearls make an appearance frequently.

I consider these a "Statement Piece."
My smaller Akoya Pearls are much more subtle.
Both get equal wear.

Basic Players for Summer are :

Two Old Navy denim shirts, 
one a medium blue the other very soft and faded.
Gap sleeveless denim top with pin tucks.

A couple of white shirts, a few white Tees, a sleeveless linen tank.

Several pairs of black pants...2 are dressy.
A black pair of ankle length cuffed pants which have white flecks.
Tan and white striped pair of wider profile ankle pants (NEW) from Talbots
2 pairs of denim blue Jeans
one light the other dark
pair of white jeans

Black tunic top crinkled by Cut Loose wear with black capri tights.
Black sleeveless crinkled dress, black with white polka dots shift dress.

Denim dress, 
white and blue striped maxi length linen dress
bold yellow Italian linen maxi dress.

White and Black skirt with asymmetrical flounce.
White shift dress with pockets in cotton.

I no longer wear shorts...

Lacy socks add a bit of fun worn with my white sneakers and loafers.
The juxtaposition of the lace and the nacre of the pearls works.

Clothes are more than just coverings...
they are an expression of one's personal style.

Creativity definitely comes into PLAY :-))

This thrifted sequin top is a Wild Card in my wardrobe...
whimsical and totally surprising.

Think of wearing it with my white denim jeans...or polished black ponte knit pants.

Maybe even the San Tropez silk skirt I found at The House Of Savoy?

I have kitten heels with some sparkle on them that will be fun to wear...
these sandals are about 15 years old and they need to get some time out of their box!

~ Behind the Scenes ~

Not everything needs to be classic and conservative...
Prima Donna make such beautiful lingerie that I cannot resist
 A Pop of Colour

What really started me on the minimalist wardrobe edit 
was flying off to France in 2015 for 3 weeks with ALL my clothes in a carry on...

I am having FUN with fashion and am really enjoying a fresh new focus.

Clothes that work well with my retired lifestyle
are often found in consignment and thrift shops.


Are you a minimalist or a maximalist?

Do you have a wee closet like me 
or a walk in closet with built in drawers and shoe racks?

Well I must get off the computer and start some lunch for my husband who is toiling outside in the Humble Bungalow Garden!

Cheerio for Now...

Look forward to your comments on the subject.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, May 6, 2024

Healthy habits and something new...


~ Lily of The Valley ~

Muguet des Bois is the name in France...
its scent is intoxicating and heady.

We have masses of these plants in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
They seem to love the clay soil and multiply very fast.

I am enjoying picking small bouquets for the bathroom...
when I walk into the room the scent envelopes me.
Pure Bliss 

I've been dealing with some health challenges 
Not surprised to discover that I am not the most "patient" of patients!

My ankle injury is still an issue...
slowing me down when I want to be free to do as I please.
This morning I went for an x-ray...my doctor thinks I might have a fracture.

In other health news I got the results of my bone density test.
I had one in 2008 which showed osteopenia...
my latest one shows osteoporosis and I have one fractured vertebrae.

My doctor wants to put me on twice a year shots.
He told me they are generally well tolerated and seem to offer good results.

Will be having a chat with him next week...

~ OOTD ~

Pale Denim vintage shirt worn over top of a white linen Tank top
black Michael Kors pants.

I posted this on Instagram and Joanne suggested it was Coastal Grandmother Style!

We live in a coastal location and I am a Grammy to 3 lovely kiddos!
Happy to be wearing casual clothing when it suits me.

In the wake of this new information....I have been doing my own research.
Only choosing reputable websites.

I need to get way more calcium into my meals.
Also the health experts research indicates that older women need more protein.
Suggesting 30g of protein at each meal.

I've already started buying Siggi plain yogurt which has 19g of protein per serving.

I bought this one by mistake...
it is Vanilla and has more sugar and only 18g of protein than the plain.
I add 5 dried prunes 20 g calcium and that is my new go to breakfast.

I am going to be very mindful and add more protein and calcium with each meal.

Will also be adding a calcium supplement.
(need to check with my doctor on type of calcium and dose)
I already take a higher dose of vitamin D 
(doctor suggested this last year)
a daily multiple vitamin and a tablet of Magnesium.

Enough of that health stuff... 

Let's move onto something NEW.

I've discovered a new tool...

Rose Quartz facial roller.

Use on a freshly washed face ~ add some serum 
gently roll from the inner to outer areas of the face.

Smaller roller is good for the eye area...
(roll from nose upwards and outwards)
Helps to reduce puffiness and encourage lymphatic drainage.
~ Very relaxing ~

My face feels like I have been to the Spa for a facial and it only takes a few minutes.

These rollers have been around for ages 
I never tried one until I read how good they were for the face.
Besides a little pampering is always a good thing :-))

My local Oak Bay Pharmasave have them in stock.

I surprised myself with this meal...
I needed something fast and when my husband was outside in the garden 
he discovered that there were some asparagus stalks ready to harvest and some radishes ready to be picked.

I had no lettuce! 
Made a salad of celery leaves, cucumber slices and thinly sliced radishes.

~ Creamy Pasta ~

Boiled up some dried pasta noodles.
Sauteed sliced asparagus
(I would have used some grated lemon rind and juice if I had a lemon)
in a couple of tablespoons of butter
added 1/2 tsp freshly grated pepper
 added 1 cup grated parmigiana reggiano
1/2 cup of pasta water
stir well to melt cheese and combine.

Then add the noodles and serve!

~ Bon Appetit ~

Auricula Primulas are blooming!

These wee plants are perhaps a CULT plant in the UK.
I discovered them a few years ago and have been growing different varieties.

They are such a sweet and cheerful flower.

Do you have any health challenges?

Life feels very much like a balancing act as I age.
(I am only 69)

Positivity, Optimism and Gratitude are attitudes I embrace.
 They continue to prevail as I navigate 
aging as gracefully as possible.

Seeking JOY everyday is something I intentionally do.
It makes such a difference especially if one is in pain.

Hope that you are well and enjoying life as much as possible.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, April 29, 2024

Rosemarie arrives...fun ensues...and then a few tidbits.


Meet Rosemarie!
She lives in Vancouver and we are friends.
On any given week we will email several times and catch up with what we are doing.
Rosemarie is active, has a vibrant personality, is gregarious,
an adventurous traveller, kind and giving.

We have met up in Victoria several times for lunch and teas.
 Both of us love gardens, gardening and enjoy visiting gardens.

I invited Rosemarie to tour our Humble Bungalow Garden.
Then I asked if she wanted to peek inside our home.

We drove around the waterfront and stopped in at The Oak Bay Native Plant Garden.
The garden is tended by volunteers and is an oasis of calm and beauty.

Trilliums blooming...

Several different trilliums were dotted about in the lush space.

Checker Lily a Frittilaria 

The sound of water had us looking for the source
a  brook or a creek was nearby
such a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the natural beauty.

We met up with a couple who were visiting from Oakville Ontario.
Alix Scott and her husband...
Alix knows Ellen...
a woman who went to Oak Bay High School with me...
who I recently met up with at our 50th reunion.
(Hi Alix ~ Hi Ellen)
Apparently they both follow and read my blog!

Rosemarie and I continued on our scenic waterfront drive...
we stopped again at The Esplanade at Willows Beach.

Rosemarie collects cans and bottles and takes them to the depot
 them for cash 
which she sends to her cousin who has an animal shelter up island.
The shelter is called Misfit Meadow Sanctuary in Ladysmith.
You can read all about them on Facebook.

If you want to donate to them I am sure that Rosemarie would be THRILLED!
Tell them you read about it on my blog!!!
Let's see if we can help all those animals like Rosemarie does :-))

She tells me she usually sends about $100 a month.
The shelter needs the money for food to feed the rescued animals.

I bought a chicken on sale and wanted to find a new recipe...
I searched on line and found this one.
The site is Simply Delicious by Alida Ryder

Mr. HB and I love East Indian cuisine so this one caught my eye.
I had all the spices on hand and I got busy mixing up the rub and I marinated the roaster a few hours before cooking.

The results were delicious!

Jeanne on Instagram mentioned this book to me a few months ago.
It has been on my radar ever since,
so when I spied it at the thrift shop I knew I would buy it!

I read it in 2 days...loved it!
Thank you Jeanne 2707

Vintage Mustard Yellow Beret matches the yellow chrysanthemums.

I was washing dishes and gazing out at the gorgeous sea views...
when this combo caught my eye 

~ Cheap and cheerful ~

Weather Report
yesterday was super windy with rain.
This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine!
What a Gift!

Speaking of gifts...
I received this new book for my birthday from my BFF.
I am going to pop the kettle on and brew a pot of tea and start the book.
Thank you Suzanne.

Hope your week is off to a great start...

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Friday, April 19, 2024

Beautiful pops of colour on my radar...


~ Camas ~

My husband and I ventured out to Playfair Park 
to have a peek at the gorgeous Native Plants that are in full bloom.
Fawn lilies, Shooting Stars and Camas
absolutely stunning!

A meadow of blue Camas under the canopy of The Garry Oaks.

My ankle injury is slowly improving...
I think it is what Google says is a grade 2 sprain.
Torn ligaments on the outer side of the ankle.
Estimated Recovery Time 
3-6 weeks

Wearing the compression brace which really helps and not going for long walks.
Having said that...I am slowly increasing the number of steps that I do in a day.
Yesterday it was almost 6,000.

Met with friends for Tea at the Union Club.
We spent a few blissful hours sipping bubbly, tea and treats.
Such a beautiful spot, views over the Inner Harbour...
great food and superb service.

In other news... I have been replacing lipsticks...
nothing like a fresh pop of colour to lift the spirit.

~ Rouge de Germain ~

Red is my go to colour for lipstick...
when I was in Paris the first time in 2015 I stayed in the Saint Germain area.

The chic Parisian women walking in the neighbourhood all wore red lipstick.
Not wasting any time, despite being jet lagged, I high tailed it to
the nearest Monoprix!
There I discovered a fabulous selection of red lipsticks...
 so dear reader I bought one!
Paris holds a very special place in my heart.
I went back again in 2019 and who knows...perhaps I will return :-))

My make-up bag was falling apart so I purchased a new one...
instead of a vinyl one, like my old bag, I chose fabric which I much prefer.

While at the Pharmasave in Oak Bay I bought 2 new lipsticks.

I am test driving a pink shade...
Softsilver Rose

These Revlon lippies are very creamy and go on easily and last!

They were also on sale, which was rather fortunate timing.

I finished knitting The Easy Goes It scarf...
worn here with my old red lipstick...
will be much better with the new rose pink shade.

New fragrance...Honey Tobacco
locally made here in Victoria.

I am enjoying this new scent very much...
body wash, cologne and other honey tobacco are available on their website.

I took a bag of clothes to the Salvation Army and then had a quick browse.
Oh my goodness...I couldn't believe my luck!

I have a Burberry scarf that my husband gave me, maybe 15 years ago. that I love.
It is the traditional beige and wine plaid colourway...
it goes with my quilted Burberry jacket.

The new to me scarf will pair well with my black coats!

New silk skirt from House Of Savoy on Oak Bay Avenue.
Made by San Tropez

This will be a fun skirt for summertime.
Love the texture...
I am thinking of outfits based on the skirt...
 a simple white top, my distressed vintage jean jacket and white sneakers

Dressy black tank top, white shawl and my white bow toed Bueno sandals.
Oh and my BIG pearls!

I love a versatile garment!

Do you like thrift shopping?

What is new with you?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~