Sunday, August 30, 2015

After the storm....

The winds were wild and gale force in the Straits near Victoria and Vancouver yesterday.
Fierce winds battered the coast, trees blew down and there were power outages. 
We stayed safe albeit a wee bit wet from the driving rain.

Today we slipped out of Otter Bay Marina and headed down to Poets Cove Resort.
The seas were lumpy and the winds moderate.

Last nights sunset....
"red sky at night sailors sky in morning sailor take warning."

Otter Bay have nesting boxes for the Purple Martin birds. 
They must have already flown south as we did not see any while we were there. 
We enjoyed our few days at this small Marina. 
Last night there was a wedding aboard a sailboat and there were dozens of people attending. 
The bride was taken out the boat in a dingy and she wore a lovely long white gown. 
Chiffon, off the shoulder, and her hair was up and she had a tiara of pearls. 
The rain held off for their nuptials and after their vows the heavens opened up and poured rain. 

I did some cleaning today as the boat was looking a wee bit unkempt. 
Living in a small space means stowing everything when it's not in use. 
I have a bad habit of kicking off my flip flops and leaving them in the middle of the floor where I trip on them later! You'd think I would be more careful. 

Tonight we are going to dine on a big crunchy salad, a BBQ steak, 
Rose French wine and some boiled new potatoes with butter salt, pepper and mint. 
Simple, easy and so satisfying. 

I have saved my favourite magazine and plan on reading it cover to cover after I finish my current novel. 
The anticipation and the lovely covers are part of the joy this magazine brings me every month. 
Do you have a particular magazine that you enjoy? 

My daily regime on board our boat is pretty close to the one I do at home. 
I don't use or bring Fresh Sugar face masks as they are far too bulky. 
All these fit into my small make up bag. 
Sunscreen is a must! 

My basket is full and the two books I have already read were donated to the previous two Marina libraries for other Mariners to borrow. 

I made this appetizer tray up earlier in the week. Small chunks of cheeses, crackers, pickled asparagus, and wine salami. These take up very little room in our tiny galley fridge and add a bit of luxury in the evening. 

I need to get some exercise that is not going to stress my laps are on! 

Well I must close for now as the swimming pool awaits...

Friday, August 28, 2015

SeaRay Summer...August 2015

We have been cruising for the past few days and the pace of life has slowed down to a gentle rhythm. One that allows us to sleep in and slowly make our morning coffee. 
We read a few chapters before eating our breakfast. 
I have been eating a high fibre oatmeal cereal with a sliced banana and Mr. HB has been enjoying Raisin Bran with a V8 juice on the side...
as you might surmise nothing too out of the ordinary has been happening. 
Well except we had a power outage this morning and we had to boil the kettle on our BBQ! 

The hydrangeas are fading...
I have read two books which were disappointing...but the third book is fabulous! 
It's called The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DE Witt. It's a very different genre for me but came highly recommended and has won rave reviews and numerous awards. 
You might enjoy it too. 

We walked for an hour and a half to get groceries this morning and my knee is aching. 
I really am a baby when it comes to pain, and I am not a fan of taking pain medicines either. 

I have been posting on Instagram and will continue to do so regularly. 

We are at a lovely little Marina on Pender Island called Otter Bay. 
After 5 nights at Telegraph Harbour Marina yesterday we scooted at 20 knots and an hour and a half later we were tied up here. 

The pool beckoned  and so we had a quick swim and I have done the laundry so we have clean clothing....showers, swimming, reading, walking, relaxing and eating tasty simple meals are what SeaRay Summers are all about. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by...
I'd love to hear from you and welcome your comments if you have the time or inclination. 


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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hair and my OOTD...a quickie post.

It's a casual day here in The Humble Bungalow...
quiet domestic routines are in place.
While the dryer was tumbling the linens I took a wee break and took some photos.

My hair is slowly growing...
it's a tedious process at best.
My hairdresser gave it a bang trim and tidied up the back layers.
I'm not blow drying it these days.
I have a new Bumble and Bumble product which I am using
 I scrunch and twirl my hair as it dries...

~ written on the tube ~
for great hair days without the heat or the hassle
pour avoir de superbes cheveux au quotidien, sans brushing

Scrunching it encourages the curl.
You can see the grey tinsel amid the brown locks.
The grey really comes out more as the hair dries...

I don't mind being grey and I wonder why I fought to keep it hidden under colour for so many years.
Lots of women I know colour their hair and feel very strongly about not going grey.
It's an identity issue...
(and it's very personal)
we either accept ourselves and the things that occur naturally with aging
or we fight tooth and nail and resist and delay the inevitable.

It's not a great image is it?
One day I really must buy a better mirror one that can be located in a better lit area of our bungalow.
DKNY Boyfriend Jeans
Monoprix Linen Tee
Vintage silver belt
assorted sterling silver bangles

Sperry Shoes

I have put on a bit of weight these past few weeks as my knee has been bothering me so I am not able to walk as much.
I will have to go to the doctor if it keeps up.
It started when I was "guerrilla gardening" and has improved since I have eased off the serious digging and weeding but there are twinges of shooting pains and it is very stiff periodically throughout the day. 
I am using Voltaren a pain relief gel and that seems to take the edge off...
(I don't usually complain so please forgive me for this little whine)

Mr. HB and I are off for a few weeks on our boat.
We have lots of books to read and there will be simple meals prepared aboard our Sea Ray.
I'm looking forward to doing laps in the pools and exploring the Gulf Islands that we visit.

White Iceberg Rose

Please follow me on Instagram where I'll be posting pictures as long as I can get a WiFi signal.
I'll miss out garden and the cats but know that they are in the tender loving hands of a friend.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dinner time for the deer and the dears....

There are a few plants in the front garden of Our Humble Bungalow....
that have delighted the resident deer population...Dinner is Served!

Sum and Substance is a large leafed Hosta...
those bite marks are huge!

This Hosta had it's flower stalks bitten down and most of the leaves removed.
I planted it this Spring...may be moving it next Fall to the fenced back yard.
Yum Yum someone had a tasty treat.

Another Hosta that was planted this Spring...
munch munch munch.

The deer have left this Giant Rudbeckia alone...

The grasses are untouched but the Orange Crocosmia flowers have been all eaten.

They love eating roses...the tender new foliage and the flowers.

David Austin Rose William Shakespeare has not been a target yet...
perhaps because it is surrounded by Hostas 
which I have decided are the snack of choice for the deer.

This is the same size as the deer that I saw walking along our side walk out front of The Humble Bungalow. I think he must need a lot of greenery to keep him feel full...don't you?
(picture from the archives)

Plump Rose Hips are forming on our neighbours rose bushes.

They are really quite beautiful...

Indulged in a wee bit of pampering...
a relaxing spa pedicure with a bright red polish.
Give me a Lido Kiss

We had the family around to celebrate Mr. HB's birthday.
I cooked up a big batch of macaroni and cheese, made a couple of salads, baked a salmon, and served cupcakes with coloured sprinkles.
Mother and Aunty Jennifer got to meet Mira Louise and we had plenty of cuddles and hugs from the children...
it was a lovely evening.
Seriously The Best!

The house feels so quiet now...
I can hear
the dishwasher swishing and the linens are in the washer spinning.
I can still hear the enthusiastic voices of the little ones...
 singing Happy Birthday to Grampa.
They will sustain and keep me happy until I see them again....
Life with Grand Children...
is as Good as it Gets!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comfort in the routines...

In seeking comfort...

I look to the simple and quiet routines that are found so surprisingly in every day domesticity.

Home keeping.

Cooking, cleaning, baking, sweeping, washing...they all feed my spirit.

Weeding, raking, digging in the dirt...
tending the garden
softly connecting with Nature
elevate flagging spirits.

Sitting on the porch having a wee break.
 A time to reflect on all that I have to be grateful for in life.

I've just started Edith Wharton's 1905 classic House of Mirth 
I've just finished chapter One and I know I am going to LOVE this book!

Good to the last drop!

Wearing my uniform...
Now Designs linen apron and a wrap dress by Jones Of NY.
summer flip flops...

The View from here...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my last post.
I appreciate them very much.

Hope you are having a lovely week...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Silver stars ~ Roses ~ Happy and Sad news

Hope to goodness that you are not tired of seeing The Humble Bungalow Roses because I am posting a couple more...if you are bored scroll down and check out some of my favourite lotions and potions.

This vintage silver BREAD tray caught my eye at the Thrift Shop...
I know it will need polishing...many people despise silver now because of the work it takes to maintain the lustre and shine.
That's why it's showing up in so many shops AND for next to nothing you can take them home!
I quite like to spend time cleaning tarnished silver pieces...for me it's rather meditative.

I bought some French Rose and sipped a few glasses
I pretended I was still visiting France...
I can close my eyes and still recall the dizzy and giddy way I felt when I was in Paris.
I'm so glad I went and would encourage you to follow your dreams if Paris is on your bucket list.

I mentioned this mask recently and am doing so again because it is saving my face.
With our hot summer weather it has been a real challenge keeping skin hydrated.

I'm test driving a new eye product by Andalou Naturals.
1000 Roses Eye Revive Gel.
The skin around my eyes is getting very crepe-like these days.
I'm guilty of not using specific eye products very faithfully over the years.
Not expecting a miracle but a little reduction in lines would be a welcome and pleasant surprise.
I'm not one to give up and give in...

L'Occitane's Almond Milk is still a star player 
my arms and legs would be as dry as the Sahara 
without a daily dose of this wonderful silky lotion.

~ Happy News ~

Our grand daughter's name is Mira Louise Austin
she weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and was born on August 10th.
We think she's a red head like her big sister Isla!
She's a precious little bundle.
It's no surprise that hearts just explode with JOY when we cuddle newborns...
they are such a gift.
Babies are just so darned wonderful aren't they?
Can you feel the excitement?

~ ~ ~
We've also had some very sad news...
there has been a death in the family 
out of respect for those involved 
I will not go into any details 
but suffice to say it was very tragic, and although expected, came all too suddenly...

~ ~ ~

And just yesterday we got the call...
dear friends lost their adult daughter to cancer.
Our hearts go out to them in love and support.

"Grief can be the garden of compassion. 
If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom."

~ Rumi ~