Monday, July 26, 2010

What can you buy for a dollar?

How to stretch a dollar.... a dollar doesn't buy what it used to...or does it? depends where you shop.
Imagine the surprise and ensuing smile that crossed my lips when I spied this...

These charming little thumpers are hopping around this mug!
They are the cutest little bunnies!
  Grammy here,
just had to buy...

I am dreaming of the day when lovely granddaughter Isla will come for cocoa
or "Boston Tea" as my grandmother made me many years ago...
mostly milk with a splash of tea.

Hornsea England
by John Clappison
That was the year that Mr. HB and I tied the knot!

Wait...there's more!

Birds on a branch... Hornsea
by John Clappison
and for the very modest sticker price
almost shocking at 50 cents apiece.
I couldn't open my wallet fast enough...

The internet revealed that work by John Clappison is "collectible"
see here.

 I will brew a pot of tea and raise a mug to christen them.


  1. I should post a photo of the cupboard containing my mugs! For some time, my favorite thrift store has its mugs/cups priced at a nickle! I don't need another ONE. But it is hard to resist pottery mugs! That would be 20 FOR $1.00!!!

    (It is not my intent to detract from these lovelies of yours at ALL. I would have jumped to add them to my collection had I seen them.) I know you'll enjoy your tea. It's REALLY special that the year corresponds to your wedding date.

  2. Wow! Those seem very congruent with your bungalow style -- they remind me somewhat of William Morris prints. And how perfect for tea with your granddaughter. Great find!

  3. Dear Hostess, What an absolute bargain! I recently came across mugs priced at £9 [about, I think, $5] each and, what is more, they were neither particularly attractive nor of very good quality. I certainly remember these Hornsea mugs from around the 1970s - indeed, I may once have had the one with the bird pattern; the rabbits are new to me. I do hope that you will enjoy them for years to come!

  4. You forgot to mention... or maybe you're keeping it a secret... where did you find these great bargains??

  5. Those are adorable. I would snap them up, too. And when I saw the bottom mug, I was also reminded of William Morris.

    I can see the bunny mug becoming part of some very fond childhood memories.

  6. well done! Do you own a Godens book? They are the bible when it comes to dating china.

  7. Oh, buying "everything cute" for your grandchild must feel good. I am so envious. My older daughter is going to be 33 in a month, and she has no baby plans. So, in the meanwhile, I just have to pamper my furry children.. I like the mugs too!

  8. Great finds Hostess and I love the notion of 'Boston Tea'.
    I think your little Isla is one lucky granddaughter indeed :)


  9. Rebecca-I'd love to see your mug collection!

    materfamilias-I think they do have and arts and crafts feel to them, I never really thought about it until you mentioned it.

    Edith Hope-My Emma Bridgewater mugs are very pricey, but I do love them and use them daily.

    Girl Meets Paris-We have a small hospital auxillary shop, staffed by women and they get some truly interesting items. It's a bit of a drive for me but I can usually find something that makes the trip worthwhile.

    Staircase witch- The bunny one does have a certain charm...I hope Isla is enchanted with it...I'll have to wait a year until she's older!

    Faux Fuchsia-No I do not have the Godens book...that might have made my search much faster!

    Metscan-Pamper yourself too Mette!

    Jeanne-Boston Tea is one of my favourite rituals that I shared with my grandmother, and it has stayed with me to this day.

  10. I love those bunny rabbits. Where I live - which is in town so it's unusual - we have wild bunnies. So along with all of the colorful birds and squirrels, my backyard is always fun and playful.

    I love the turquoise on the second one. 50 cents apiece is so cool. Good for you.

  11. Cute mug with the bunnies Hostess... The second one is very familiar to me as we had a set when I was growing up in UK. I think my mother still has some with the birds on them! Very nostalgic to see them. x

  12. I LOVE THOSE MUGS!!! Adorable!