Thursday, July 27, 2017

Greetings from Telegraph Harbour....

The last week of our holidays finds us moored at the scenic Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island.
The WIFI is decent but there are so many boats using it that it has been rather hit and miss. Today after many boats left I was able to go online and check my email and as a result found that if I worked quickly I could sneak in a blog post!

Here is a view of the docks from the cafe.

the way that we do 
 is relaxing.

Meals are simple
our days have a lovely rhythm 
rising after a restful sleep in our cozy bunk
coffee is the first order of business
then breakfast.

Books are the main source of entertainment
 and watching the boats come and go.

A leisurely walk perhaps
cocktail hour 
and a simple meal before bed.

Our small boat is the perfect size for two people.
The chores are quickly accomplished and there is ample time to just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Fried egg jelly fish which looked to me like something from outer space!

I am loving this new tote bag which was a gift from our lovely DIL's mom.
I am using it for my books and magazines.

We met a couple here at the marina that live in the Seattle area and it turns out she reads my blog!
Dennis and Nancy invited us aboard their boat for a visit
and we discovered that she and I have very similar tastes in books and she loves Paris and France.

It reminded me that we really do live in a very small world.

This tiny local Tree frog is no bigger than my thumb nail!

Bees were busy buzzing as we strolled by this shrubby plant.

Thistles line the roadside

Breakfast for this Hostess onboard is fresh fruit...
a juicy nectarine this morning with my coffee
pure bliss.

I gave this book to Nancy to read as she was leaving...
we exchanged contact info and hope to meet up with them again...
perhaps at Otter Bay next summer.

I like having fresh flowers aboard...this lavender plant is my wee garden! 

I must close for now as there are many more boats in the marina and the WIFI is getting slow...

Take care and Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Quarter Deck Cottage week 2

Cottage holidays are busy and full to the brim with adventures and family fun.

Visiting the seashore and beach combing with the 3 grandchildren, "seeing it anew through the eyes of the children" is refreshing and the sheer thrill of discovery is contagious.
Their enthusiasm upon finding baby crabs under a rock or spying a jelly fish floating near the beach, picking up and collecting sea shells in a bucket...
simple joys.
Rowing in the dingy with Grampa...swimming in the pool, eating ice cream cones, colouring, playing's all packed into our days.

We spend a lot of time on the deck looking out to The Salish Sea.

Ferry watching

From sunrise to sunset...

Bird watching...
Gulls, eagles, herons, hawks, purple martins, flickers,
robins, pigeons 

Our son bought a boat and had fun speeding over from Sidney for a visit...
he's at work this week.
 After he left our DIL's mom came over to  the cottage
so we have 3 grandparents to share in the fun!

Today is our 43rd wedding anniversary...
these are my "fun rings" not my wedding set 
and you can see Mr. HB is in the background!

Happy Anniversary to my life partner.

A kind, gentle and caring man...
his support and love mean the world to me.

 I must close now...
 there are laps to swim in the pool and plenty of fun waiting...
I will not be posting very much for the next week or so here on the blog but I will be active on Instagram.

Seaside planters at Otter Bay are filled with colourful flowers.
Hanging baskets and lush green lawns are fringed by weeping willow trees and the native arbutus.

Thank you for stopping by Quarter Deck Cottage...

Hope that you are enjoying your week.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cottage Life...the views from Quarter Deck Cottage

Roses from The Humble Bungalow.


Cottage holidays are new to us and we are both enjoying the slow pace.
We eat simple meals, walk, swim, explore the island and read our books.

The Saturday Farmer's Market is super popular...
Wonderful fresh produce from Raven Rock Farm and there is a stall run by a French baker who makes delicious pain au chocolat and breads.
Another stall is run by a meat pie chef who is also involved in catering local events.

There are stalls with crafts, jewelry, pottery, leather goods, teas, jams, and more...

There is a line up before the 9:30 start with eager shoppers and their array of beautiful baskets.

The view from our deck of the Arbutus trees and The Salish Sea.

Lunchtime and salad makings from the market. 
(I didn't eat the bread!)

A glass of rose from the local Sea Star Winery.

Keeping cool on the deck with the gentle ocean breeze.

The candle holders are a vintage modernist design by Timo Sarpaneva 
glass fish floats and a yellow David Austin Graham Thomas rose
atop an IKEA tray on the cottage dining table.

Pink sunsets

Arbutus tree with the peeling bark seen on one of our walks.

Toes poolside...
OPI Do You Sea What I Sea?
My current goal is to swim 20 laps every day.

Pretty red and white flowered planter 
brought from home to encourage the hummingbirds to visit.
They are attracted to red and a few visit the red geraniums on the front porch of the cottage.

Dinner salad

New book which is totally engaging...
but I must sign off for now as we are expecting the family to arrive and I have a list of things to get done.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.
or rather The Quarter Deck Cottage!

Before I sign off I
Thought that you might find this amusing...
saw this at the Pender Island Golf Course on my walk.

Hope you have a weekend filled with good things.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

My new dress...

It's been super hot here these past few days and more hot weather is forecast.
I am in dire need of a cool frock...
something loose and in linen, my fabric of choice...

I recently culled my faded black Bamboo Gilmour dress after 5 years of service...
it had faded and was looking rather sad. It was difficult saying goodbye to such a fabulous dress...I wore it to my retirement party and for many other occasions after...

I popped into the shops on the hunt for something cool and I came home with a new Italian made linen frock.

I think it has a BOHO vibe.

Champagne shade which is as neutral as a black could be...

Nice details

Loose and bordering on baggy but HELLO COOL!

It works for me...
and at under $100 how can one complain?
In other news...
I went for my annual mammogram
I hope that all you ladies out there do your exams.

I have a breast lump that I have had for several years and am always a wee bit nervous thinking maybe something has changed...that it might be a cancerous lump.
Last year my GP said "its nothing to worry about" but I can feel it and it is larger.
I know my body and hope that it is just a cyst...but I do wonder.

So when the report comes in I hope the verdict will be the same...
Mom had breast cancer and I would like to avoid that diagnosis if at all possible.
That is always in the back of my mind...

So how are you staying cool in this heat?

Are you sipping a tall cool lemonade...
swimming in a pool
or sitting in the shade of a tall tree?

Have you bought anything new to wear this season?
Was it an impulse buy or one to replace a recently discarded garment?

Take care and stay hydrated my friends!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Decorating ~ free, thrift shop finds and some luxurious habits.

I love using "found" or foraged things from Nature in our home and cottage decor.

Thrift shop finds also factor in when it comes to things I have added to our bungalow...often they are unusual or somewhat quirky.

I have also been known to pull the car over when I see a free pile on the boulevard.

I am not particularly talented when it comes to interior decorating.
 But I do know what styles I do like and what I feel comfortable adding to our surroundings here in The Humble Bungalow.

Sea shells in a vintage canning jar.

Big barnacle

Chunk of coral

Glass Fish floats

Large Shell

Coral and shells mixed together.

a vintage flag

vintage enamel ware

I love using basic whites...
so versatile 
vases, trays and dishes.

White vintage Ironstone

Potted orchids

Emma Bridgewater tray...I also use her bowls for my morning cafe creme

White beach glass in a Ball sealer jar.

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Pattern

Fresh flowers in an icy modernist vase.

Simple beach stones inside a bowl to keep the soap dry.

Vintage ironstone soap dish with built in ribbing for drainage.
Lovely soap...a weakness of mine is to buy quality french scented soaps.

Silver accents are peppered throughout the house.

My all time favourite candles...a splurge I know but so worth it.

First Nations baskets.

I love this book
by Tricia Foley 

Her simple style inspires me and I like to pick this book up from time to time and get re-energized about culling and curating what we have in our home.

 Tricia's ideas help inspire me when I am out perusing the thrift shops.
I tend to look closer at the "qualities" or the "bones" of a piece and am able to evaluate whether it is something that could add interest in our home.

Do you have a certain style when it comes to your home decor?
Have you ever hired a professional interior decorator?
What style do you admire?

Hope you have a lovely weekend...
the sun is shining here this morning and the day is going to be hot!
I plan to mix up a batch of lemonade and keep hydrated.