Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden project reveal...don't get too excited.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a garden project...well I am finished.
Here are all the boulevard freebies painted black.
Yes that is a bowling ball on top of the stand!

I have laid the slate down near the work area..
most gardeners need a space to sift compost, store larger tools and hide them from view.
Mr. HB erected the lattice section of fencing, I think it looks lovely!

I have planted the wooly thyme between the slate
these fill in and become a living carpet
and they have sweet mauve flowers.

The foxgloves are very nearly done, they'll look like the dogs breakfast soon.
I cut them down, save the seeds and they multiply like mad.
They are quite a traditional plant in the cottage garden but have fallen out of favour.
I adore them, and I love hollyhocks too.
I only have a couple of hollyhocks and they are very small as they are new.
Some people have better luck with them than I do
 I am not too sure if it is the soil or the salt air that keeps them from being happy and thriving here.
I'm not giving up though...

The sun came out yesterday and I am so grateful
our weather has been positively beastly.
I hope the sun is shining on your patch today.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dressing for The Local Theatre Guild Production....

Mother and I took in the last of our season of plays by the Local Theatre Guild...we do so enjoy seeing talented locals on stage. The theatre is small, quaint and the productions promise to be lively and entertaining.
There is a fund raising campaign to replace the seats and to help support the Guild.
 Local provincial funding for the arts has been drastically cut and so everyone is scrambling to find funding.
I suggested that Mother write a cheque...it's tax deductable, and she can afford it.
(It may or may not happen, I just planted the seed... she doesn't like parting with her money!)

I wore these...
Black top is by Marz

and these...
Sofft sandals
(OPI Peru B Ruby)
Banana republic pants

and a smile!

Mr. HB and I have season tickets to another local playhouse...
it's affectionately known as "date night"...
It's a Wednesday evening performance and we sit in the balcony...
we go to a local eatery and then to the play.
The plays are rather edgy and sometimes raw, once in awhile there will be a musical...
they are definitely "arty"
Some we like better than others, it's the exposure to something a bit different, a bit out of our normal comfort zone that makes these worth seeing.
(It definitely makes for good conversation!)

Speaking of different...my pairing of diamonds and pearls has been influenced by Carrie Bradshaw...
she so obviously and blatantly pushes the envelope when it comes to fashion...
so I am emulating Carrie...
but in a conservative way!

I do not want to take myself too seriously...now do I?
it's all about fun!

Have a super week.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am hooked....

Once in awhile I pick up a book and get "hooked"... it's what good writers do.
They hook you and reel you in like a helpless fish on a line.
It is the most experienced and skillfull writers who are able to hook us.
(I consider myself to be somewhat over read and jaded.)

When I pick up a book I expect milque toast...just try and woo me with words, I dare you!
I am not a book snob, I read all and sundry...
I read for work and yearn for pleasure...
So I am over the moon when I find a clever writer who has the ability to take me away on an unexpected journey...
It starts so innocently with a sentence, then a paragraph and a chapter or two later, I am giddy.

Last night I was more than somewhat weary...
it was a gruelling week at school...
my time, most of which was spent, hiding out in the hot confines of the bookroom with trolleys full of textbooks...
I soldiered on late into the afternoon...
sustaining myself with glasses of cold water with lemon slices.

I came home knackered...

Mavis Cheek to the rescue!
Cheek is a brilliant writer...her use of words and imagery is above and beyond the norm.
I have indulged myself...

Ah! the luxury of lying in bed reading on a sunny morning,...
sipping a coffee delivered to me by Mr. HB...
pinch me, but I digress.

I had to pry myself from the book...it's a page turner...

I have other domestics calling and an afternoon at the theatre with my Mother...
our last of the season.

I will be sneaking as many moments in as I am able to continue reading this refreshing and new to me novelist.
You might not hear from me for awhile!

What author or novel are you reading?

Are you hopelessly hooked like me?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kitchen carpet

I have a new carpet!

I have placed it in my kitchen and I love the way it brightens up the area. It is soft on my bare feet as I pad about the kitchen working.
My neighbour Margo who is moving, was throwing it out....she mentioned that her father bought it at an auction many years ago....thanks Margo. (She hails from eastern Canada)

Rugs and carpets are a mystery to me...wools, the dyes, the patterns...
I have absolutely no idea where this rug was woven or what kind of style it is...all I know is that I like it.
I think that's enough.

It fits in with the smaller rug I already own.

I could research it...but am rather busy at the moment.

Anyone out there know where it might be from or it's age?
I welcome any comments and who knows maybe we can figure this out collectively...
as we say in school....put your thinking caps on!

Hope that you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in my handbag....

I was interested in the latest post from the Daily Connoisseur on what's in my handbag...seen here

She has a very tidy and organized bag...it got me thinking...
I grabbed my camera and took a quick shot of the bag I used today...Elliot Lucca
any relation to Monserrat de Lucca ? cousins perchance?

and dumped out the contents of my bag...
Contents as follows;
Starbucks Gum, 
Volvo keys,  
LG cellphone ( emergencies only phone) 
Spencer and Rutherford wallet,
Scholastic tape measure (freebie from a book fair)
Stim-U-Dents ( if your over 50 try these)
cuticle scissors ( Libraries and gardens take their toll)
Rebar snack (in case I am hypoglycemic and want fries and a burger)
 zebra print roll up carry bag (top left)
Chanel lipstick #11 Legende
Chanel lipgloss #69 
Keep Calm and Carry On...mirror
Persol polarized sunglasses
almost full of photos of Isla....

I am wondering what is in your handbag?

I need a new summer bag...any suggestions?
I love the Coach Limited Edition Straw Bag
any thoughts?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paint it Black

I spied this vintage wicker rocker on the boulevard with a FREE sign on it!
I didn't hesitate 
I stopped driving and popped it in the back of my Volvo wagon.

It took two coats of paint 
a seat of plywood cut to fit by Mr. HB (thank you darling!)
and a cushion will be purchased at Pier One
to match the ones on my front porch.

I am going to put the new rocker in the backyard 

Remember this freebie?
I picked it up on the boulevard and painted it black.

I will place this near the rocker

This stool needs to be tucked into the garden with a large plant on top.

I am placing a bowling ball on top of this stand
then tucking it into the perennial border.

Strolling around while the paint dries...

I love these foamy flowers

They contrast with the foliage

Wooly Thyme
these play a role in my next project...
slate pieces are to be laid down to form a bit of a garden path
near our "working area" of the garden.
and these will be planted in between the slate to form a living carpet.

I need a place to sift soil, compost, and store my wheelbarrow
so Mr. HB erected a bit of lattice fence to hide and define this part of the garden.
I'll take some photos when I complete the job.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden tour highlights...

I recently went on a garden tour...
I love gardening and all things garden-y...

I find such beauty in flowers and greenery,
it feeds my soul.
Ideas and inspiration flow...
after one has been on a tour of gardens.

Outdoor "rooms" were created by the talented green thumbs...
not only did I glimpse fabulous plantings, I saw cozy seating areas and dining spaces...

These chairs just beg to be sat in...
 I can place myself there...
with a mug of tea...
for a few minutes...
before spying a rogue weed that needs to be pulled!

"A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day...

A day to celebrate and remember, honour and thank.
There are so many things that fathers do and have done over the years.
I was fortunate to have a hard working father with firm family values.
He was not given to showing of affection in a grandiose manner, more reserved, gentle and kind.

A deep thinker, an avid reader, a fixer of things...

he grew the best tomatoes in his greenhouse and we ate them well into the winter!

he influenced me in so many ways...
I miss him.

My father and Mr. HB's father passed away several years ago only a few months apart...
my BFF's  father died that year too...
it's known in our circle as "The Year of the Dads"

Happy Father's Day...
and thank you...

Our son is a father and that totally moves me...
to tears...
...of joy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stand alone tops....inspired by LPC

LPC posted recently on her blog about Stand Alone Tops...
I love love love the Laundry by Shelli Segal white top that Lisa owns and I commented that I would buy it in a heartbeat...

I do have 2 tops which I consider to be "stand ins" for stand alone tops!
Both are by Eddie Bauer...
a store which is based in the Pacific Northwest.
The clothing is reasonably priced, comfortable, basic, and casual.

See what you think...

Loose Linen for hot weather
I will wear this with leggings or a pair of white capris that I forgot I had.


I do not like to wear tight tops as they do not flatter my expanding middle.
I have tried those shapers that are meant to smooth... 
and minimize 
(they don't work for me and they inhibit my ability to take a breath)
and when the weather is hot they are positively stifling.

I prefer fabric with some weight to it...
those thin Tee's are for the fittest of women
with the tautest of tummies.
(not me anymore)

What camouflage tricks do you employ when dressing to flatter?

"Some women keep their youthful figures; others not only keep them, but double them!"
 from the book 20,000 Quips and Quotes by Evan Esar

Thursday, June 17, 2010

After a ridiculously long time we have a winner!

When I posted the giftaway May 9th I made a typo and meant to write May 17th instead of June 17th as the closing date...and I felt that I should stick with what was in black and white so after this ridiculously long time we have a winner.
These are the goodies...

Entries...hand printed...Ultra Low Tech 

Recycled Tiffany's Blue Bag from last purchase
(sterling bangle)

I love the packaging...and the presentation...

The newest bangle is on the top!
The one below is an older Tiffany, the rest are vintage.

Drumroll please...


Please email me with your mailing address and I'll pop this in the mail pronto.