Monday, August 30, 2021

Quarterdeck Cottage ~ an oasis of peace.

We are at Quarterdeck Cottage this week...
we arrived with a bucket of fresh cut flowers from The Humble Bungalow Garden.

I couldn't resist bringing some of our roses.
Jude the Obscure, Julia Child and The McCartney rose fill the vase. 

Sunshine and the expansive views of the Salish Sea are such a tonic.

We went for a drive and walked along two different beaches 
beachcombing...collecting feathers and pieces of sea glass.

An artist has been busy creating some interesting carvings...

Driftwood structures are popular with many at the beach.

Our cottage time is so peaceful.

We sat out on the deck last night and gazed up at the stars... 
watched the brightly lit ferries as they passed by the cottage.

Feeling immense contentment here at the cottage.

Nature continues to amaze...

it renews our energies
inspires us
refreshes and invigorates.

The sound of the waves as they hit the rocky shore

the various bird songs
my favourite of which is the song of the purple martins

the breeze as it swishes the branches of the trees

all things that I have come to love and appreciate.

I've got a post to share with you soon...
we were fortunate to be able to host a dinner on the deck here with a fashion blogger and her husband and her lovely daughter.

We didn't take pictures of us all but I can share the menu.
If you want to get a sneak peak check out my Instagram post.

In closing, here's a picture of the other flowers that we brought to the cottage.

Sweet Peas
this summer we have enjoyed a bumper crop of these fragrant beauties.
The more we picked the blooms the faster they grew.
I cannot remember a summer when we had so many sweet peas.
They are cheap and cheerful and so worth the effort of growing them.

Hope that you are doing well and staying safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Holidaze...The Humble Bungalow Garden Roses


Jude the Obscure Rose

Buttery yellow Julia Child Rose

Golden Celebration

Jude the Obscure up close

Jude the Obscure Rose is full of blooms.

We took our son and the grandchildren up island to Nanoose Bay for a getaway.
It is located 2 hours (driving) north from Victoria.
We stayed at Pacific Shores, which is s time share on Craig Bay,
 just south of Parksville.

Early morning views from the patio on Craig Bay up island.
We sat outside most mornings with our coffee and soaked in the pristine scenery.

We watched paddle boarders as they moved about the bay...
motor and sailboats, 
swimmers and waders all playing in the sunshine.

Many families stayed at the resort so there were lots of kids.
 Our grandchildren enjoyed meeting and playing with some summer "friends."

Large rocks and sandstone 
warmed by the sun.

A few treasures from my beach walk.

We kayaked in the bay, swam in the pools, walked along the beach, played Monopoly, cards, read our books, went to mini golf and rode in bumper boats.
Lots of laughter and fun were had by all.

Summer is winding down...
today we have refreshing and much needed rain.

Reading Santa Montefiore's new book...
Here and Now
about a woman and her family 
as they navigate a journey involving memory loss.

I have read all her books and enjoy her style of writing very much.

How is your summer going?
Have you been away or are you enjoying a staycation in your own town?

We don't plan to travel very far in the near future.
The rates of transmission of the Covid Delta variant are rather staggering.

The Canadian borders are open to the vaccinated visitors.

Vaccinations continue to be offered and I hope that the children will be able to get their shots as school will be starting in early September.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.
Stay Safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~