Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Jewels...

Welcome to my blog...
I hope that you will continue to pop by and catch up.

Life has been busy and full and I am feeling immense gratitude these days...

The latest posts have been smaller and while I do apologize, my inability to sit and type for very long due to the shoulder issue have necessitated that I keep my time at the computer short.

But let's get on with it and put aside any whining and complaining!
The Spring flowers are working their magic...

This is one stunning Hellebore!
I love the colour and those stamens are like little jewels.

Henry, our grandson, came over last week to spend a morning with Grammy.
We had a fun building with blocks, we coloured in our book, shaped things with Play Doh, ate a healthy snack and read books. 

Next time it will be Isla's turn and I plan to make cookies or cupcakes and we can decorate them together and she can take them with her when she goes home.
One on one time is a lovely way to connect with the grandchildren.

Essie Jag-u-are lasts about a week 
I wear my gloves when doing the house work and washing the dishes.

I bought French's ketchup and learned that Heinz pulled out of Canada and laid off all the employees.
French's stepped up and has started making ketchup as well as their classic mustard.
I like the idea of keeping Canadians working and buying local.
(you can read the story here)

My car was in the shop again...
this time not as a result of vandalism but wear and tear.
My 2001 Volvo Estate is a high maintenance gal.
I have to keep her running as I cannot afford a new car right now.
The comfort that this car offers suits me and I do love Volvo's for their safety features.
I have owned 2 Volvo's prior to this one and I would opt for another one in the future.

While the car was being serviced I went shopping...

I bought this beautiful rhinestone brooch for resale at Vanity Fair Antiques.
Darling daughter and I rent a shelf in a case where we sell a few things.
Mostly jewelry and a few other bits and bobs.

Scottish citrine Hallmarked silver pin
Glasgow 1956

If I can figure out how to launch an Etsy shop I might try my hand at selling online.
It is fun to go browsing for treasures and beautiful things.

These Mexican silver earrings are for my personal use.
Since I got my hair cropped I am wearing bigger earrings.
You can see the reflection of me taking this photograph!

I stopped for a healthy lunch at The Grindstone Cafe.
Their salads are tasty and they make a great tortilla soup.

So that's about all for now...

Hope your week is off to a great start.
Be Well and Be Kind.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Getting my Happy On!

Spring has Sprung!

The pretty pink flowers are bursting forth from the trees that line the boulevards and streets of our city.
Their sweet subtle fragrance wafts as one saunters along 
slowly savouring the scent.

This is just another example of "getting my happy on."
I look everyday for something that makes me happy.
I rarely have to look too far...
on dark days I have to invent my own happy.
Those are days when I brew a pot of imported tea in a special cup and saucer
or soak in a tub of scented bath salts.
There are many many ways to make the most of a "not so great" day.

Change is afoot...

I got my hair cropped
it has got to be wash and wear until I can hold a blow dryer again.
There is good news!

                                                            The RMT is a miracle worker!
She worked on my upper back and shoulder for an hour this week.
There was tenderness while she was giving me my treatment and a few hours after but when I woke up the next morning I could move my arm more and I felt less pain.

I made an easy dinner that was so tasty I thought you might like to try it...
busy days beg for simple suppers

I boiled up turnips, spuds and carrots until they were soft.
Then mashed them up set aside to keep warm.
In a cast iron fry pan I sauteed onions until they were soft.
Added a bit of butter and popped in some super skinny pork chops.
Cooked until no longer pink and popped in a few tablespoons of Bonne Maman Apricot Jam.
Reduce the heat and let the flavours mingle before serving.

Hope you like the recipe.

I bought a Tribal Turquoise necklace from an Etsy shop.
I had been looking on Pinterest and pinning gorgeous examples and found a smaller scale one which I thought would look pretty peeking out from the collar of my new to me crisp white shirt.
It was sold to me unpolished and I am thinking that it will stay that way.
I also have a soft faded Gap light wash denim jacket which it would pair well with my white jeans for summer.

I prefer authentic jewelry over most costume pieces.
I have a few items that are cheap and cheerful.
One cannot always justify the expense of fine gems.
There are day to day living expenses...
and one does need to be mindful of the budget!

I do love vintage and hand crafted pieces that are interesting, unusual and make a statement.

So that is about all that is new here in The Humble Bungalow.
Thank you for popping by for a wee visit and a catch up.
Have a Fabulous Weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fabulous Finds

Darling daughter has an incredible gift for finding things...
she recently found me a couple of fabulous finds.

On Instagram she is known as thingfinder and she has an Etsy shop thethingfinders.

She works hard at finding things...
regularly frequenting the shops and antique dealers in town.
Her knowledge of jewelry, antiques and collectibles is vast...
I am in awe of her skills.

She knows a bargain and here are two of her latest finds
which she sold to me for a song.

Vintage leather Fossil bag in mint condition.

Cross Body bags are the only bags for me now
as I am not supposed to carry heavy handbags anymore.
"Doctor's orders"

A leather wallet, also in mint condition,
please look closer...

Kate Spade

gold lettering
immaculate even stitching
soft supple leather

polka dots

a quality piece in every way

lots of compartments 
plenty of room for money and cards

looks great with pearls

 a classic watch

or a silk scarf...

These two leather pieces will be so useful.

There is ample room in my closet now as I recently consigned all my big bags.
I took a bag of clothes that "I fell out of love with" to the charity shop.
There's a piece of vintage Navajo turquoise en route to my house from a dealer in the States.
I plan to wear it with my thrifted crisp white shirt and faded blue jean jacket 
for Spring and Summer.
Can hardly wait for it to arrive!

Garance has a list of her favourite things in this gem of a book.
I hope you plan to read it if you have not yet done so...
she is a breath of fresh air.

Have you happened upon any Fabulous Finds?

Monday, February 22, 2016

OOTD dinner out with the family

This past weekend we took our family our for dinner to celebrate our son's 35th birthday.
The grand children were on their best behaviour and the food was was nice to go out.

I wore my grey pearls and vintage Nine West embellished cardigan over a black tank top and velvet pants.
The sweater was a recent purchase from VV Boutique, a large thrift shop in Victoria.

Velvet pants and my ancient Amalfi patent leather shoes.
My idea of one notch up from casual.
Comfy to wear with the children yet dressy enough to go out for dinner.

My meal was tasty and rich.
 I savoured the garlic whipped mound of mashed potatoes!
Sometimes one just MUST splurge.

The next week will involve some healthy lunches.
A simple wrap spread with a couple of tablespoons of hummus and loaded with fresh veggies.

I love this kind of lunch...
the softness of the wrap and the crispy crunch of the veggies
and the bonus is that the hummus is full of protein.

One of the benefits of blogging are the comments and the emails received behind the scenes.
Thank you for your kind words of support and taking time to relate your personal stories.
There is a large community of women out there 
who care for each other 
are not afraid of sharing.

I am grateful and humbled.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Smashing time...

Frozen shoulder has made life a bit frustrating for the Hostess of The Humble Bungalow...
my range of motion is limited and so typing and knitting have been virtually curtailed.

I have been meaning to sit down and write a post but I have had a series of appointments and a few mishaps that have kept me hopping.

Someone decided to take their anger out on my windshield.

It was a smashing day all around...

it reminds me of that song
"if I had a hammer I'd hammer in the morning I'd hammer in the evening..."

I met friends for lunch and parked in an open lot close by the restaurant and when I returned I was actually gobsmacked by what I saw...
and I still wonder 
It seems to me to be a senseless act of vandalism.

But let's move on shall we?

I did want to brighten your day by showing you some of the beautiful orchids from The Victoria Orchid Society Show.

I am still enjoying The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton...
it has been a godsend having a novel to take my mind off of my troubles and to give me something to focus on as I wait in the medical offices.

I really wish I could be knitting...

at least I can still play bridge 
(whom I adore)
is the 94 year old bridge player 
who continues to inspire me
 had fabulous cards this week...we were "on fire" 
we bid and made a small slam!

I am so grateful for the small joys and simple things in life.

Have yourself a fabulous weekend!
Be Well and Be Kind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

From Here to Infinity...scarf tie and a "frozen" shoulder.

I have received a few emails asking about how I wear my scarves...
it sounds like some of you are feeling like you want to embrace the habit and others are just plain frustrated.
All scarves are not created equal...there are stiff ones, soft silky ones, woolly bulky ones and then there are those easy infinity scarves.

Infinity scarves put simply are the easiest scarves to wear.
They require very little fuss are a quick way to add a splash of colour to your basic outfit.

They also make great gifts, and as a scarf lover I welcome them into my wardrobe.

Here is a quick and easy way to tie a longer infinity is the way that I wear mine.

Place the scarf around your neck.
I am using the bed as it is easier to show the technique.
Pull at the ends so the bulk of the scarf drapes a bit.

Cross over in front of neck

Cross over again

loop the lower circular opening back over the head 

shift the scarf around 
(until you have achieved the desired effect)

the feature twist could be off to one side

or centre it in the middle

You may even prefer it to rest atop the shoulder...
it is a simple tie that you can adapt to other scarves too.

If you have a large silk square you can tie two ends together to form an infinity scarf and proceed as above.

I hope that this answers your questions and that you'll have fun wearing your Infinity scarves and perhaps you'll have fun wearing some of the other options and learning new techniques on how to tie them.

Hermes has scarf tying cards and there are many many great tutorials on You Tube.
You can spend hours learning new ways to tie this simple accessory.
The important thing is to have fun.
Throw one on and forget it.
Be confident...

Before you know it
you will be giving lessons to your friends!

The view of Cedar Hill Golf Course yesterday afternoon...
so blue and no filter was used...just my IPhone camera!

I have been sidelined with a shoulder issue.
"Frozen shoulder" is the diagnosis and I am in a lot of pain and my range of motion is not great.
Physiotherapy, massage therapy and a series of X-Ray guided cortisone shots sound like they are in my future.
I am waiting for referrals to go between the medical specialists and am trying to be "patient!"
I am not good with pain and am not used to being "a patient."
So if my posts are sporadic you will know why...
You can see snippets of my days on my Instagram page...
click on the hydrangeas on the sidebar for the link.

I am currently reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.

It is an engaging story...full of layers and lots of detail.
Many people had difficulty trying to get through the book and from what I gather it is not to every one's taste.
I am on page 150 and so far have not felt like it is a slog.
Will let you know what I think when I finish the is 822 pages so it might take me awhile!

Be Well and Be Kind.