Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adapting a recipe...and Dabbling in paint

Catering to a crowd of calorie conscious women is tricky.
It necessitates offering smaller sizes so as to allow for sampling of a variety of foods and ultimately reduces waste.

How to do this?
Adapt recipes and their cooking times.

For an afternoon tea introducing a new baby...
I think it's easiest to keep things relaxed and simple...
Two teachers have newborns and the staff are putting together a group shower in the Library.

We are serving small scones with jam and clotted cream, a fruit platter, small sandwiches, a veggie tray and decorated mini cupcakes.
A variety of teas, black, green, herbal and milk, lemon wedges, sugar and honey.
It's always a good idea to have a large pitcher of water with sliced lemons on the table as well.

Place everything on a table laid with a pretty tablecloth...don't forget the flowers...they needn't be expensive just a cheery bunch in a simple vase.
You'll also need plates, cups and saucers and some pretty napkins...

Scones in miniature...

Best of Best of Bridge Cookbook
Cranberry Scone Recipe
I substituted blueberries for the cranberries...

Generously floured counter

I used a small jar as the "cutter" because all my others were too large
necessity is the mother of invention!

I had to use 2 pizza pans as well
so many scones so few cookie sheets!

Golden and ready to serve
I watched the oven very carefully so as not to burn these
instead of the 15-20 minutes that the recipe stated
I only needed 10 minutes.

I have packed them up in a large Tupperware container and they are good to go.

After all this baking I made a pot of Chai Tea
which is new to me and I love it.
I like it with milk and one sugar cube
I do not use sugar in other teas
just this one.

I decided to play around with paint...
dabble if you will.

I have felt the urge ever since my girlfriend D. bought the Poppie painting...
just a little nudge was all it took
and so it goes...

Pepper was so funny when I was painting
She was leaping around, scratching and exploring all the corners
"my studio"
which is also 
"Pepper's Room"
she was a great companion!

I enjoyed her antics
she is such a great kitten
Pets really make a difference
do you agree?

I am also curious...
what hobbies do you engage in?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

White Wednesday...

Something rather experi- mental...prepare gets silly!

I have seen quite a few blogs with themes of white
which happen to fall on Wednesdays...
maybe you have seen them too?
They are of few words...mostly images of whites.

white spring hyacinths

Hamilton, the King of Irons

white roses in a matte white Weller vase

J. Peterman white Tee
about to be flattened and smoothed by Hamilton the King of all Irons

beachwalk blooms

Moonsnail and oyster shells

Fish bone washed up by the tide

Romneya coulteri

Smilacena racemosa

white tulips

Meissen platter

Humble Bungalow bathroom floor
Clawfoot leg sporting Last Season's Nickel

So what do you think
about my stab at White Wednesday
a not so serious post?
 always room for improvement...
(isn't that why WhiteOut was invented?)

Hope you have a great day :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Homecoming is sweet...
all that is familiar and cozy awaits...

Our getaway was filled with mostly sunny skies
and was completely relaxing...
Mr. HB works very hard and puts in long hours... so to be able to take him away
for some well deserved rest is such a gift.

I hope that you can get a sense of the peace, quiet and serenity of this magical place.

Sunny tulips 

The rustic cabin...
was our home away from home for 5 days.

we spent time in the evenings 
cozy and warmed
by the fire

Rocking chairs
arts and crafts style

private sun drenched deck 
with a hot tub
red comfy chairs
which looked out across the sea

 crashing and pounding of the surf 
was heard all day and night
it lulled us to sleep
perhaps it was the fresh salt air and the beach walks

The Beach House 
with firepit
ample seating
and a great view beyond...


mossy rocks

  sandy playtime

rocky outcroppings

enormous mussels


who could resist that face?
this little Miss stole a cookie from the Steller's Jay
and she hung around quite awhile hoping for more!

Steller's Jay
eating a westcoast trail cookie

bright blue feathers

looking south to Washington State

foamy seas

 a lovely sunset

Stepping away from it all to nourish and rebalance
meant no phones or internet
no demands
 time to reflect

beach combing
 listening to the waves
padding about in boots
blown by the wind
drawing in the sand
searching for stones
thoughts meander and wander
  natural beauty
offers up many gifts...

Hostess style


shades of green
with one rogue mauve pebble

something to remind me
of a holiday spent 
in a place of rugged beauty...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stop, Look and Listen....

A few weeks ago I entered a blog giveaway...
Adrienne of  The Rich Life on a Budget  generously offered gifts from Luxuria.
I find it hard to believe, but my name was chosen randomly!

The ring that Adrienne gave away is from Vanessa at Luxuria
please do pop on over and look at all her sparkly Bling!

Good things come in small packages!
I love the grossgrain ribbon bow 
and look it's in my favourite colours
black and white!

Adrienne has her own blogger cards
a nice touch...

As is her habit
Pepper had to supervise

She is licking the tissue paper
the tip of her tongue is just visible if you look ever so close.

Playtime continues...

The ring fits perfectly 
and in case you are interested the colour is Fume
it is multi faceted and really sparkles 
I am also planning to use it as a scarf ring
because of it's size 
it makes a statement and will not be lost in a scarf.

I am thrilled!
Thank you Adrienne 

Pepper loves the bow
she's got her paw firmly planted
and she doesn't want me taking it from her
I'll let her play with it to her hearts content.

Yesterday I meandered in the garden 
in the sunshine with my camera...

enjoyed a morning walkabout with her camera
she has roses blooming
it will be several months before ours will even hint at flowering.

King Alfred daffodils

succulents have taken over the bird bath
this is what I call a happy accident


I love these but have forgotten the names!

another variety unknown

English primroses 

English Country Living 
a springtime theme
I'll be sipping tea while perusing this luxe magazine.

Spring-ing into
In Style UK
can't wait to see what they are forecasting...

I will be offline
for the next few days...

I plan to
 read some books

 watch some DVD's

live simply

listen to the sounds of the birds
look at details - absorb beauty
breathe in the fresh air
 eat simple wholesome food
ponder and reflect

Take care,