Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tweaking skin with help from the DR.

I have been using the Dr. Hauschka line for several years now and have been happy with the products until recently. My skin has been getting much drier (which is to be expected post menopause) and has started to flake in spots. I have professional facials every 3 months, not maybe as often as suggested but money does not grow on trees in the Humble Bungalow garden.

I had an appointment with the representative from Dr. Hauschka, and got some new information on caring for mature skin. In fact, they have recently launched some new products to address the aging population. Hooray!
I am going to replace my current intensive treatment 05 and rose cream daytime and use the regenerating serum under the regenerating day cream.
At night I am going to use the serum after cleansing.
I timed this very well as the 2 products that I normally use and are replacing were within drops of being finished.
I received 20% off today and some freebies for scheduling a consultation.
Check out these great samples.

I should also mention that I am taking BioSil Skin and Bones by Lorna Vanderhaeghe. I take this internally to boost the production of collagen and help with my osteopinia. tastes bad but I mix it with a small amount of water and drink fast!

I will try the new products for a few weeks before commenting on the results.
In the meantime I am drinking more water...taking my vitamins and evening primrose oil.

I went for a brisk walk in the sunshine today and it energized me.
Flowers blooming, bees buzzing, blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Blue and white hyacinths for the bathroom... 
their fragrance is sweet and intoxicating...
 I breathe!

Homework for the Hostess

Post 55, pondering aging and beauty...continued.
 Questions have arisen, answers are being seeked.

The illuminating comments from lovely followers, (of which I am ever so grateful!) have been read and reread.
 I have decided to further explore areas and topics of which I know very little.

I have been so busy being a wife, mom, gardener, domestic engineer, librarian, friend, hostess that I have not spent much time on my grooming or wardrobe.
(It has been a simple routine with simple safe garments.)
In fact, I am coming late to this party!
I am discovering that this area interests me more than I would have imagined.
I do wonder why...I am not "full of myself", do not go out with the sole purpose of getting noticed, that would be uncomfortable for me.

I ran errands the other day and I got noticed, or maybe my clothing did! was a revelation to me...
I didn't mind the attention!

I wore my Simon Chang, Boucher pin, pearl chocker, dark denim jeans, new antiqued gold loafers, a simple tank, bag; Tory Burch. (Tory and Simon are made for each other!)
I felt good in what I was wearing...I even glimpsed my reflection in a store window and it made me smile!
What's up with that?

I have been perusing these books and drinking copious amounts of tea. 
Dayle Haddon has a site which is worth a visit, see for yourself.

I have an appointment with a skin care representative for a consultation this afternoon.
I want to hear from the expert what aging skin requires...besides a good diet, sleep and lots of water.

I am very casual today...I am in my fave DKNY worn denim jeans rolled up, black ballerina flats, a crisp white Talbots shirt sleeves and collar rolled up, shirt tales out, pearl choker and the requisite diamonds.
Not seeking attention, seeking comfort.

Seeking answers...the study continues...
will report back on progress.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I almost forgot, pardon me were requested.

Debra K and Linda Lundstrom

Self portrait, sort of...

I need a longer mirror!

A couple of quick pics...the jacket as requested.

It is a small Bungalow...and Mr.HB is at the Firm.
It's just me and my camera...
I even put on my glasses.

No worries.
Use your imagination

I watched a film that made me weep....The Blind Side.
Sandra Bullock was amazing...
Humour me here...please.

I think that there are more amazing women whose stories could and should be told.
Maybe you know one of them?
Maybe you are one of them?

Space challenge 2010

I wonder how many women have homes with space and storage challenges.
I know gals who have walk in closets with built in drawers and shelving...some are bigger than my bedroom!
I live in a bungalow built in 1913 when I imagine women had maybe 2 or 3 "house dresses" and a Sunday Best outfit for church, weddings, and funerals.

I have more clothing than the imagined woman of 1913 who might have lived here, a woman who like myself would reside in a Humble Bungalow.
Humble in size, hence cost and living on a relatively humble income.

I have quickly and not very artfully snapped a few pictures to give you a visual here.
Behind the curtain....

The left hand side, my longer clothing, including coats and jackets.

Right hand side shorter clothing.
In the middle 2 shelves for sweaters

Baskets of shoes

Wardrobe clothes storage downstairs

Out of season and dressy clothes.

As you can see my space for garments is very small. 
I find it a challenge but really it is a great exercise in minimalist wardrobing.
I have the new Stickley cabinet which holds my lingerie, some jewelry, tank tops and scarves. 
I blogged about this awhile ago, see earlier post.
I keep my colour palette to neutrals and of course black, white and greys for the basics.
and with a few exceptions I add colours and textures through accessories.

When I shop I ask myself; 
Do I need this? 
Does it work with most of my current clothing?
Does it look like it will date or is it a classic?
Do I love it?
Is it well made?
Does it fit me and is it flattering?
Do I have room for it?

I almost forgot...I have a plastic bin under my bed for my cashmere sweaters...once the moths ate an entire Banana Republic cable knit scarf in only 2 months....
and it was my favourite chartreuse green :(

I hope that you can see these photos as my Blogger has been incredibly persnickety today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet Sunday and the multi-tasking Hostess

Lovely sunny day here in the Bungalow garden, the fence crew have a day off to rest.
I wandered about on a zigzag weed patrol...lots of things are popping up, hints of hostas and peony's, and a lovely yellow lily is in flower!
Fence construction zone

Look how close the lily is to the post and hole that the crew had to goodness they must be so careful where they set their feet!

Dainty violets

Euphorbia in a pot

Chartreuse euphorbia

What I am reading now...
"mental snack food" an easy peasy romp into the ridiculous!

The washing machine is spinning, the self clean oven is smoking me out as I am well into the first hour of the 2 hour clean...I have candles burning and will need to bring in the bug guns after it has finished...Mr. Lamp Berger.

I have chopped the ingredients for Osso Bucco...dinner is not roast beef tonight.

I am adding mushrooms to this recipe as I have several pounds to use up and Mr. HB loves mushrooms.

Trusty garlic gadget works like a charm

Beef shanks, a very frugal choice, 4 for under $10.

 Mr. HB orders Osso Bucco frequently when we got out to dine... usually costs $24...experimenting here in the Humble Bungalow tonight and he will be able to do an honest taste test.
He has requested mashed potatoes also and peas.

My fave Le Creuset pot sees action so often here in the Bungalow, I'd be lost without it!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pondering beauty and aging...and looking for direction!

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty.
Life shapes the face you have at thirty.
But at fifty you get the face you deserve. Coco Chanel

Images of youth and beauty have been weaving in and out of my consciousness of late.
I recently celebrated my 55th birthday, and I have been reading blogs on skincare, fashion and beauty in all it's forms. I call this research!
I have really never spent much time pondering beauty or aging, but now I am alert to these two concepts...these may be fleeting thoughts...they may linger, they might flee...time will tell.

What is beauty
One definition I found : The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.

Aging is defined as The organic process of growing older and showing the effects of increasing age.

How does one age gracefully and with style?
What does age appropriate translate to with regard to fashion and make up?
Are there rules, guidelines, or secrets?

I feel that I will need to work harder, longer and spend more time and money on my fitness and beauty routines as I navigate this new territory...I am hoping that I find my way....I get "lost" so easily!

What is your sense of direction like?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wearable art....Debra Chambers and Linda Lundstrom Canadian designers.

Debra Chambers necklace

Each piece that Debra designs is one of a kind, you'll have the pleasure of wearing something that no one else will be wearing.
The pieces are beautifully crafted to add texture, colour and interest.
They speak to me and I feel arty and bohemian wearing them!
Her more delicate creations are very sophisticated and feminine.

I have a great jacket that I am planning to wear with this necklace.

Another well known Canadian designer.

Deconstruction zone!

A riot of textural detail.

Back detail.

Front accents.

Same tonal palette, shredded accents, texture and whimsy...I do love this Chanel!

Don't you just love wearing artistically designed items?
Maybe you design your own?
Do you have a favourite designer?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blues, Tea, and a yard full of cedar...

Grape Hyacinths from the Bungalow garden.

I am bringing beauty inside as the outside is a disaster!

The garden is a mess right is a construction zone...we are getting a new fence.

The old fence is grey and rotting...

This is where Mr. HB usually parks his Beamer.

This is the front yard, my small patch of lawn is dwarfed by the cedar panels.
The crew are great, they are working 9-4 and making great progress.

When the fence has been erected I will go out and tidy up anything that might be amiss.
I am ever so grateful that they are working now before all my plants grow huge and bloom.

The crew has departed and it's tea time for the Hostess.
I find a cup of tea incredibly restorative. Just the simple act of boiling the kettle, warming the pot, steeping the tea leaves and then the best part...sitting for a few minutes, reflecting on the events of the day, a time for a quiet moment, giving thanks in appreciation and gratitude.

Classic Lady Grey Tea, I am sipping some as I blog this afternoon.

Look there are bits of blue in the tea!
They are cornflowers.
The ingredients are black tea, orange peel, lemon peel citrus flavour and cornflowers.

You really cannot go wrong with tea from Twinings, they are a British institution, and they have the honour of being appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11.

A good English brew needs a proper cup and saucer...the bone china holds the heat longer and the tea does taste better.
Some prefer a squeeze of lemon, some like honey, some like milk, and others it's simply black.
I do MIF...for those of you not familiar with that translates to milk in first.

Builder's tea is also popular, see for yourself...Builder's Tea

When you need some quiet or restoration what do you do?
Where do you find solace?
I find that rituals, offer comfort.
A hot bath, a sweet chocolate, a phone call from a good friend.
Just as donning certain "comfy garments" like cashmere, silk, or a soft worn's a gift indeed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As you requested, scarf tying tutorial.

Oh how much fun is this a lesson plan on the blog!
I tie my scarf so "absent mindedly" by rote, that I had to break it down in parts.

I hope that it is easy to follow and truth be told practice makes perfect, so do your homework and no there will not be a test and you will not be graded on your results...self evaluation will be your measure of success.

I hope that these inages help to demonstrate the simple tie. This works with long scarves and generally the thinner ones. I have done this with a thick cashmere Club Monaco one and it is very cozy but quite warm as there is so much volume!

Drape scarf over your neck and let ends hang in front, grab the other side.

Wrap around your neck once loosely

Open up the loop so there is room to pull the other side through the opening

Place your hand through the loop and grab the scarf on the opposite side

Pull through the loop

and voila, the tie!

The internet has videos of scarf tying, YouTube for one. 
I didn't spend much time looking up the tie I use because I do not know it's name!
Maybe someone does know what it is called...please leave a comment and or a link if you do know and we'll all be the wiser.

I know there are various styles of learners; audial, visual and experiencial so other than hearing me I hope that I have addressed the basics and those of you who wanted instructions are happy with the results.