Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chris Craft Cruising....more Snippits and Tidbits

These cheerful burgees hang from the rafters in the Marina Pavilion
from near and far...

I blogged from here...
there was a power outlet and the WiFi signal was strong.

I walked about head up high, and looked at every burgee...
was quite a dizzying experience...

Check out this great Chris Craft
James has lovingly restored this vintage vessel.

There is a kinship among boaters
it doesn't matter if you have the largest yacht or the smallest tender
there is a commonality of spirit and a keeness to share and assist.
There's an ease on the dock
greetings and meetings of strangers
a casual calm
the melting away of tensions
it's as it should be

My wee bit of garden onboard keeps my green thumb content.

I am mad about Basil!
I use it in many recipes and absolutley LOVE the scent.

Morning routines are followed...
Coffee is the first order of business

It starts slowly 
after a good nights sleep in the V berth

I sleep so soundly onboard
cozy and snug
the gentle ocean action calms and lulls
getting up can be difficult!

Breakfast is simple
sauteed onions, potatoes, tomatoes and scrambled eggs
one pot wonder-ful!

The galley crockery
vintage restaurant ware
I call this the wave pattern...

are you feeling the waves?

Speaking of water...
I have been staying hydrated with lemonade
homemade simply with fresh lemons water and a wee bit of sugar
lapping it up...

Pottery Bowl from Orcas Island, Washington
from a previous cruise

Will be moored back at the Humble Bungalow for awhile
tending to weeds
deadheading roses
preparing for the next adventure on the high seas...


  1. You're right about the wonderful boater community. Your Chris Craft is lovely, both inside and out!

  2. So wonderful. There is nothing like a boat for that feeling of freedom and release.

  3. I agree with Deja and LPC. If you survive out there on the sea together, no wonder your marriage has lasted so long. How long is the sailing season over there?

  4. Dear hostess of the humble bungalow, so I learned a new word from you: "burgees". I remember the time when I was a little child and my parents went with us to Italy, very adventurous then, because we were always touched by the Italians in wonder because we had very blonde hair, almost white, and they had not had many tourists then - and we were going with a tent - and from every camping place my parents brought "burgees" - in the end it were quite a lot!
    I share your passion for basil - it smells absolutely adorable - and I found out that in the perfume "Roma" by Laura Biagotti there is a strong underlying of basil - mmmh! Have a beautiful holiday! Britta

  5. hi leslie,

    i'll say it again. JEALOUS!


  6. Deja Pseu-It's easy to keep clean too!

    LPC-Your adventures on the water in Sweden sound divine.. a spot of exquisite beauty.

    metscan- We are fair weather boaters so I'd say May to mid September.

    Britta- A perfume based on basil sounds crisp and clean...I'll look into "Roma" and thank you for that tidbit of info.

    The Gardener's Cottage- I am not intending to evoke those feelings Janet!

    I did have supreme envy when you and your husband took off to the desert for your anniversary last spring and stayed in that swanky resort.