Thursday, July 8, 2010

I blog from here....

This is where I sit to write my blog posts.
I am at the kitchen table beside the north facing window of the Humble Bungalow.
I have seen other bloggers who have captured the images of where they sit to write their posts.
Mine seems very pedestrian and utilitarian.
It suits me to a "T"

I peer out at the garden and listen to the birds.
There is a nest in the eave above the window, a birdbath below.

The pink rose is Gertrude Jeykll, the foamy chartruese green is Lady's Mantle.
I love the combination of roses and Lady's Mantle, if truth be told, I prefer it to baby's breath.

This wee vintage vase is made of glass which has turned to a soft blushing amethyst colour.
I found it in a thrift shop for $2.00
It's a very simple space

I am curious, where do you sit to blog?


  1. Dear Hostess, I also have a Gertrude Jekyll rose - they smell so lovely (and I like Gertrudes books on gardening - so stern!); and combine them too with Lady's Mantle (they have so beautiful leaves - soft lime colour) I will make a photograph of my writing place soon. I'm happy that you stay on my garden blog!

  2. I sit in two places in the house. When I write for a long period of time.... I sit at the dining table. I over look the garden and bird the bird life. My blog writing is done in the den where the laptop sits on a large leather ottoman. I think it really matters where we write. It has to be our space! Lovely blog as usual, hope you are enjoying your snazzy Chris Craft! Susan :)

  3. How lovely!

    I tend to blog from our den, where the computer lives and where I hang out with my son after work. I also sometimes sit at the kitchen table with the laptop.

  4. Dare I even answer this question? Well, ok. I blog lying lazy on my bed up stairs. After all I have a laptop, so why not? Sometimes I get sleepy and make spelling mistakes. That is a sign to put my Mac to sleep.

  5. Beautiful. I sit on my sofa:). And look out the back window at hydrangeas in bloom.

  6. hi leslie,

    i love that lamp. it is gorgeous. i did a post about this awhile back. i tend to sit at my wicker table in the lr/dr. but at the moment i'm in bed. i guess it depends on my mood!


  7. Britta- It seems that we grow a lot of the same plants! Do you have Jude the Obscure Rose? If you don't, maybe find one so you can sniff the perfume...I can almost guarantee you'll want it!

    Susan- We have the CC all ready to go...we've been preoccupied with grandbabies and repairing our sundeck...thankfully the weather has finally perked up!

    Deja Pseu- Nice that you "hang out" with your son...that just makes me feel so good to hear another Mom who cherishes time with her family.

    metscan- I have a laptop too...maybe I should blog from bed...that sounds pretty decadent! You do things with such style. I make many typos too...because I try to type faster than my aged fingers want to move.

    LPC-I remeber that you mentioned the sofa...and the hydrangeas, they must be lovely...I have never had any luck cutting them and bringing them inside, they wilt within a day.

    Janet- The lamp is a consignment shop find...not old, but fits in with the darker wood decor, and most important it sheds some light on things as my eyesight is not 20/20 anymore.

    You and metscan are blogging from bed...a Cyberspace PJ Party!

  8. I'm new to your blog, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! This picture is beautiful and I pull such a sense of peace and calmness from it.

  9. I used to sit at my desk, until I lost my internet signal. Now I sit beside the cage that houses my Quaker parrot, in the family room.
    There's nothing that puts you in your place; than hearing yourself, mimicked by a bird. lol.