Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burts Bees...baths and grandbabies.

My hands get much abuse on a daily basis...
washing the dishes, shelving books in the school library,
gardening, painting, and all things domestic.

Over the years I have employed many a hand cream that promised to deliver but disappointed.
I seek out the most natural additive free products to minimize the toxic load
good news...I have finally found a winner!

It has transformed my dry chapped hands...
and the winner is...

I want my hands to be soft and gentle when I cuddle Isla...

As you may know lovely grandaughter Isla has entered our lives and she is divine.
She is 6 weeks old and I spent the morning with her...
it was pure bliss....
my heart feels full.

When I was there she had a bath and it turns out she LOVES the water!
she took immense delight in the warmth of the water,
her face took on a look of peace and serenity
(grammy likes to soak in the tub too)
She smiled and cooed and kicked her feet...
she's totally cuddleicious.

I love everything about her...
I tickled her fingers and toes...
rocked her gently,
told her how beautiful she is...
and how lucky she is to have such great parents

Her skin is absolute perfection...
pale soft and blemish free...
that fabulous fresh new skin.

I am so happy that lovely DIL invited me on this fabulous playdate.
It's hard for me to find the right words to describe the feelings of joy...
it's humbling, it's wonderful, it's the best ever.
I am over the moon and cannot get enough Isla Time.

Just thinking of her makes me smile.


  1. Such a beautiful post Hostess, with gorgeous words about your grand-daughter (love her name!).

    I too use hand cream all the time and look forward to trying out Burts Bees. It's hideously expensive here in New Zealand but that's what testers were invented for. Yay!

  2. Oh my, you telling us all this would make me so envious, but strangely I am not. You deserve this!

  3. Dear Hostess, I am delighted that you are having such enjoyment from the arrival of your new grand-daughter, Isla, who sounds to be an absolute treasure. May there be lots of fun times ahead.

  4. hi leslie,

    this is the best! enjoy!!!


  5. What a lovely post, your grand daughter sounds gorgeous! and thanks for tip about Burt Bees! Bx

  6. Oh to have a grandma like you for my boys. They would love you! A religious cult has kept one side away for 15 years and the other side... well they're just not interested. You cherish that little darling grand daughter of yours... sounds like you are already besotted! A-M xx

  7. So very happy for you Hostess - Isla (such a gorgeous name) sounds absolutely ADORABLE - how lucky you are... x