Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday ~ Food, fragrance, and fiction....

Wednesday afternoon...
2 squares of Belgium chocolate 
Lapsang Souchong tea
a delightful magazine Victoria with a favourite French focus.

Mother's Paragon cup and saucer, now mine, and her sweet wee sterling basket.

A bittersweet day
 as we handed the keys to mom's former condo over to the new owners...
the end of an era.

I took the afternoon "off" and cocooned at home.
It was wise to stay home as there were a few moments when I teared up.
Mom was a strong believer in stoicism and she bore all her trials with grace and dignity.

She never "aired her dirty laundry" in public and advised us to do the same.
I am doing quite well under the circumstances...
am taking one day at a time
taking life slow
going to Yoga 
appreciating beauty where it pops up
giving thanks...

Home grown asparagus 
harvested from The Humble Bungalow Garden.
Steamed lightly and served with a dollop of mayonnaise.
Sweet and tasty.

It is two years since I was in Paris
nibbling fresh white asparagus dipped in mayonnaise.
Its hard to believe that it has been so long since that dream trip.

Chartreuse green Euphorbia putting on a stellar show in the garden.
I like to think of these as flowers but I believe they are considered bracts.

A pretty little mix of perennials stand out against a weathered tree trunk.

The Demitasse Garden Centre has a wide assortment of plants.
They are located not too far from the home where I grew up and I love to pop by and wander along the aisles 
perusing their stock for something new and different.
Many of our Humble Bungalow plants were purchased from this special nursery.

Soup for lunch after plant shopping...
this is a popular spot for local landscapers and trades people to grab a bite of lunch.

Cleaned out my closet and pared down my wardrobe even more...
who knew it was possible that I could find more things to consign?

I am making room for a few new things that I have on my wish list.

Bought a pink ball for the grandchildren to play with in the garden 
and on the boat.
Have you heard of the Big Love Balls?
They have quite a following on Instagram.

New fragrance from France.
I ordered the reasonably priced sample pack of testers from Sylvaine Delacourte awhile back 
and after wearing them for a few weeks I finally decided which one I like best.

a beautiful atomizer
with a spray bottle inside and a spare one to use after the original is empty.

Current read...
picked up from the wee library 
outside author Laura Bradbury's home in Oak Bay.

"Beach Combers Library"
when I am finished the book I will return it and drop of another one to share with the readers in that neighbourhood.

Public art on Oak Bay Avenue...

Time for me to close for now and get our dinner.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

OOTD and some new bits and bobs.

Selfie of my OOTD

Cut Loose top
 Zella skinny pants
Jessica Simpson flats

I've been wearing comfy clothes more frequently since Mother passed away.
I crave comfort in all the areas where I have control.
Clothing is one area where I abhor discomfort...

I could not resist this classic Saint James raincoat.
It is lightweight and a very comfortable and sensible choice for our April showers.

I am smitten with this line of garments designed in France.
Their Breton striped tops are wonderful and they make some fabulous sweaters and coats...
You may remember that I bought their navy and white striped brolly 
a few weeks ago.

I spy a new gadget in the Humble Bungalow...

this wee machine makes quick work of pills 
found on cashmere and wool sweaters
it is fast and easy to use.
I give it two thumbs up!

a soft scented candle recently found its way into my shopping basket
I love roses and our garden roses are still at least a month away from blooming
so I found a way to imbue the home with the scent of roses...
cheating a bit, I know,  but that's fine by me!

The spiky ball that we use at Yoga is now working overtime to help me at home.
It is amazing how this wee thing can loosen up hips and rid shoulders of tension.

It works really well on the balls of the feet too...
just go easy until you get used to the sensations!

In other news...
the view from here is dramatic.
The driveway has shrunk and our fence has too. 

We consider ourselves kind and decent neighbours...
so we have allowed a portion of our fence to be removed 
some of the driveway has been "loaned" 
to the developers 
to allow them to excavate with ease at the property line.

Deep holes have been fenced off so that no one falls into the pit!

Looking out the window you can see the site which is ready for construction to commence.

Which we have been told will be any day now...

On the past post I asked for books suggestions 
I was most surprised as you went above and beyond my expectations.
Thank you!

Hope that your week is ticking along nicely.
Cheerio from The Humble Bungalow.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Books and comfort food...

On a grey day last week I took my book to a local cafe and sat at a table near the window.
I ordered a pot of tea and a hearty bowl of soup.
There were scads of people lunching and chatting yet I felt quite sheltered by the noise in my little corner by the window.

Kate Morton's book "The Lake House" has so many twists and turns that I cannot figure out the mystery that she has so cleverly crafted.

I have been lunching on soup quite a bit as I find it such a comforting meal.
Simple, hot, tasty and nutritious.

I've noticed a lot of dandelions on the boulevards that line the streets nearby...
many lawns are dotted with the yellow flowers that are considered by many as noxious weeds.

We have a gadget for pulling these long rooted weeds out of the lawn.
The taproots can be 8-10 inches and if you don't get the root in its entirety it will grow back with a vengeance!

I received a lovely gift from a local author.
Thank you for the book Lise-Lotte!

has written a book about 
her GreenHouse
the gift her Mother gave to her while she was in Hospice.

Her Mother was an avid gardener and was happy pottering about in her "glasshouse" in her garden by the sea.
The greenhouse was a gift from her husband many years ago...

Lise -Lotte, friends and family dismantled the glasshouse and moved it carefully 
before reassembling it in her back yard...and by all accounts it was a challenge!

(Lise-Lotte's Mother, like my own Mother, wore Chanel No. 5)

Greenhouse Hygge
The House of My Growing Dreams

Lise-Lotte popped in a packet of Earl Grey Tea 
 several of her beautiful art cards
and so I put the kettle on and brewed some tea while I read her book.

Lise- Lotte has used many beautiful snapshots of her garden and greenhouse
in the book...

Lise-Lotte has written a lovely tribute to her Mother
shared with us her vision for the greenhouse 
how it will play a new role in her garden.

Lise-Lotte uses it for entertaining 
as well as growing and propagating flowers 
and vegetables.

The author is able to pop out and sit in her greenhouse 
all year long
sipping a cup of tea or a glass of wine.
It is a quiet refuge, a place for reflection and contemplation.

Having recently lost my own Mother 
I can understand why Lise-Lotte likes to spend so much time in her Mother's greenhouse.

I feel that she, like me, is looking for moments 
when we can be close to,  remember and honour our Mothers.

If you are in the Victoria area you can find Lise-Lotte's book at:
 Ivy's on Oak Bay Avenue, 
Tanners in Sidney on Beacon Avenue, 
Thorn and Thistle Flower Merchants on Bowker Avenue
Russell Nursery on Wain Road

Southlands Nursery In Vancouver also carry the book.

I received this book as a gift and in no way am I being reimbursed by the author
all opinions are mine.

More lunchtime comfort soup...
this one, a creamy tomato basil bisque
with a side of salad and a baguette slice.

I am looking for some new book titles and know many of you are avid readers.
What are you currently reading or which books are on your wish list?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Yoga and Grief...

I am not at all surprised, at my age,
that there are still many things that I can learn...
or perhaps relearn
what I had thought I already knew.

In the quiet moments of reflection
sitting still

to absorb

new and healthy habits.

I do not hesitate or tarry
the desire to act is strong.
The rewards great...

Yoga has re-entered my life...
it has been a wonderful tool to help work through the grief.

Several women from the over 50 Yoga class have recently lost their Mothers.
I over heard them mention that have been also dealing with estate duties and is easy to strike up conversation and compare notes and share tips.

Physical flexibility is slowly returning
stalled by recent events
is coming back.

Sleep has been deeper and more restorative.

Yoga practice
"with intention"
spills over and permeates the daily round.

The benefits are well worth the time spent at the studio.

Feeling more energy with fewer aches and pains has been a welcome change.
One that has pleasantly surprised me.

Looking at life with positivity and Joy...

fewer tears
renewed faith

Letting go...

Maintaining peace and perspective in times of turmoil...
staying calm when all around you
life is noisy and speeding by at a rapid frenzy.

Breathing deeply and being totally aware 
living in the moment.

Being mindful of how stress can rob the body of its resilience.
You are at risk of getting sick in body, mind and spirit.

The regular practice of Yoga  
has re-energized and restored a sense of balance
in life
refreshed my lagging spirit.

is helping me through this journey of grieving.

While grief is not predictable
when it does show up 
I am better equipped to ride the emotional waves
allowing myself to feel the moments 
then move on...

The Humble Bungalow Blog
has been taking a back seat to real life.

Writing and publishing posts has been sporadic...
not much excitement to report

while life here has been routine...
some may even say dull
but that is exactly what I crave and need right now.

I hope you'll stay tuned...

 Spring is unfolding its beautiful wings
our humble bungalow garden is awakening
flowers are blooming
scents are wafting in the yard
birds are singing and building nests
the sun is shining
we sit and wait
for something to capture our attention 
something worthy of sharing.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In the Pink...

These pretty pink Gerbera Daisies were under $5 at the market 
at that price it took very little convincing
 so I brought them home.

They last about a week in our bungalow and they add so much cheer.
Flowers really do elevate my spirits and are a wonderful way to add an element of beauty to our home.

Speaking of cheer we celebrated Easter with a wee gathering.
Brunch with the 3 littles and their parents.
Easter bags filled with stickers, chocolate bunnies, eggs and a small toy.

On the menu:
Strawberry and spinach salad
fruit salad
scrambled eggs
cottage cheese
smoked salmon cream cheese spread
cheese scones
orange juice 

Then it was off to the park and the spare lot for some running around
 time to ride on the merry go round  
(we all got dizzy)
slide and swings.

I had to empty my shoes of all the sand when I got home!

I purchased some new walking shoes recently...
Jungla and Merrell Vibram
Two different styles...
one casual and one slightly dressier.
Both were half price and my old walking shoes were in a sad and sorry state.

The Magnolias are blooming in our neighbourhood.
We have a white one but many of the neighbours have Magnolias in pink.

Ours is young and only a few feet tall but is putting on a lovely display.
I do so love a pure white flower...
Pink is the colour that has been standing out for me this Easter weekend.

Pink Lewisia plant new from the garden centre.
Mr. HB purchased tomato plants and cucumbers and they were planted.
We enjoyed our first harvest of asparagus from the Humble Bungalow Garden and it was tasty and oh so tender.

Love these pretty sweet blooms.

Started this fabulous book on the weekend...
almost 600 pages and I have read about 200 pages so far.

It is calling my name and the tea has steeped so I will close for now.

Thank you for stopping by the Humble Bungalow.
Hope your week is off to a great start...