Saturday, May 30, 2020

My Cup Runneth Over...with thanks and gratitude.

Hey Jude!
David Austin Rose Jude the Obscure
 a favourite rose in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram 
will probably have seen the latest addition in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
It sits in the "work area" of the garden where we keep big bins of potting soil, the stakes, wheelbarrow and our bin filled with firewood.

My clever husband made this potting table.

I had shown him one I liked on Pinterest 
which was simply two sawhorses with and plank on top. 
 This deluxe table with shelves is what he designed and built!

I am VERY pleased and happy with this beautiful table!

I had fun getting things out of the shed and I made a trip to a vintage shop in The Cook Street Village called Kay's Korner.
With shop keeper Karin helping
we gathered together some charming pieces that will add ambiance.

The old broken pitchfork and shears that I have kept 
for whimsical garden accent pieces are finally getting used!

The shovel will be great for potting and repotting plants.

Karin sold me this cute chair which I spray painted black to go with the metal bistro table that I have had for several years.
It sits on the small north facing patio 
 in a "garden room" 
of hydrangeas, roses, lady's mantle, dwarf apple trees and hostas.

There was a knock on the front door as I sat reading my book 
 lo and behold it was Karin...
She brought me a gift!

Karin is a very talented artist and she makes cheerful whimsical greeting cards.
She made this sign for me to hang above my new potting table...
I knew she was one in a million and this just proved it!

David Austin's Graham Thomas Rose
the former "star of the work area"
the potting table has taken that new title!!

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend activies...

There is a light rain falling here
we've been reading our books
spaghetti sauce is simmering on the stove top
birds are singing cheerfully outside the windows.

At this very moment feeling content and calm...

feelings are fleeting and temporary 
 golden moments like these are a welcome respite from the 
horrific events that continue to occur in our world.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Poppy plants...pondering during the pandemic

Our first Poppy of the season!
Yesterday afternoon we sat in the back garden with our long time friends
sipping a cider and nibbling some fresh cooked asparagus with mayonnaise dip.

They brought their own beverages and chairs and we sat safely apart.

I pointed out this tall poppy plant that had grown in an unusual spot
right beside the shed door...
This morning one of the seed pods opened up to this fabulous flower!

I plan to save the seeds when the poppy dries and sprinkle them in the garden for more plants next year.

Japanese themed Garden at Butchart Gardens.

Four friends met up and we walked along the paths of the gardens 
 absolutely beautiful
so quiet this Friday.

Love the lush green mossy patches in this shady spot.

Blue Poppies are very challenging to grow.
They are so delicate almost as light as a whisper of crepe paper.

Blue Poppy seeds are sold at the Gift Shop.
 I grew blue poppies for several years before they vanished from the garden.

This formal garden area looks perfect for an Edwardian Film...
can you envision ladies and gents in period style clothing sauntering around on the grass?

Engaged in a game of croquet?

Sipping champagne from crystal flutes 
or perhaps an afternoon tea 
with vintage wicker chairs and tables
 fine bone china 
 tasty tea sandwiches and cakes...

 A gal can dream...

I am dreaming of these pleasures rather more often in these days of confinement.

Lusting after a more "normal" way of life.
Freedom and safety that we accepted and honestly, I think we took for granted.

Who could have predicted this world pandemic?

I suppose scientists knew it would happen sometime but I had not thought it would be in my lifetime.

Did you? 

What are you missing most?

Have you expanded your "bubble" to include family and friends?

What are the first things that you want to do 
when we get the "all clear" to open up some of the shops and services?

Enjoy your week and stay safe.

 ~Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Skincare, roses and books...

Pavement Series Rose
very fragrant with treacherous thorn studded stems.

While in isolation during Covid 19 
I have changed my daily make up routine.
Andalou 1000 Roses CC cream for sensitive skin. 

I like the soft dewy finish and the glow that I get while wearing this cream.
The added sunscreen protects me while I am out walking or playing in the garden.

Also new is the 1000 Roses body lotion by Andalou 
after my morning shower and love the light rose scent.

Flowers from our son's garden.

Focusing on Skin care from the inside out...

Roasting colourful vegetable for my lunches.
Upping my intake of healthy food 
by eating more vegetables and drinking lots of water.

Our heart in the window in honour of the frontline workers.

Reading during Covid has been a big part of my daily routine.

I have discovered so many new authors...

I love this book so much!
Am going to try and find Gill Paul's other books.
With our local library closed I will need to buy them. 

Climbing Royal Sunset Rose
a winning rose
stunning apricot orange shade 
a deep rich fragrance
lots of blooms
 repeat blooming throughout the summer season.

How are you doing?
With the restrictions easing are you out shopping in stores?
Dining out?
Going to the hairdresser?

Do you feel safe as we step out into the "new normal?"

I have a mask which I plan to wear on occasion especially when social distancing is not possible.

I am looking forward to meeting with my stylist for a trim 
when the salon reopens next month.

Stay safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Join me for a tour of Beautiful Butchart Gardens...

This week three of us met up on a sunny afternoon for a lovely walk
at Victoria's iconic Butchart Gardens.

We drove in our own cars and were directed to park in the bus parking lot, then proceeded through to a dedicated entrance and were informed of the strict instructions on social distancing.

We were told of the modified safety way walking, one bathroom building open, the coffee shop open for take out and there was a gelato stand in the Italian Garden.

Tulip mania!

Thousands of tulips were in bloom throughout the gardens.

Clever camouflage 
 beds were underplanted using filler plants. 

blue, white and pinks
accented various shades of the tulip varieties.


The Sunken Garden

Droopy apricot tulips

Azalea with an intoxicating and heady fragrance.
Could be the Rothschild variety.

Frilly edged tulips

Iris in a brilliant and bold blue.

Three Sturgeon Fountain with Osteospermums.

also lining the edges of the water feature in the Italian Garden.

Cheerful pansy faces in a planter.

The walk was absolutely divine!
We plan to go each week and see the garden as it changes through the summer season.

Hope that there will be other local gardens opening up soon.
I plan to share lots of garden images from our wee plot and the larger open gardens of Victoria.

Hope that you enjoyed the garden tour!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, May 11, 2020


Feeling love...
possibly more intense in these precarious times that we are living in.

a brightly painted heart rock on my beach walk last week

Intense Blue Skies at McNeill Bay in Oak Bay.

This is the beach where I spent my childhood..
we lived 2 blocks from the beach and we loved exploring the seashore.

I found some pretty sea glass on my walk.

Feeling so grateful for the smallest of things each day...

 European Wall Lizard
one of many living in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

 ~ Muguet des Bois ~

a heavy heady fragrance
pure white elegance.

Mother's Day

Remembering my dear Mom today  
I think of her everyday
but miss her more on these "special" days.

Mother's Day garden visit
with gifts from darling daughter and her sweet husband.
Tokens of love.

Garden visit with our son.

Flowers...a handmade card made with love.

Warm weather over the weekend...
we broke two weather records for high temperatures!

Cats are content snoozing on our bed.

Yummy dinner of chicken baked potatoes 
freshly harvested asparagus which is growing in our garden.

Mount Baker as seen from Island View Beach.
A wee bit blurry...
 a magnificent sight to see.

So many things to see
to appreciate 
to love.

Hope that you are finding some bright spots in your daily round.

Our eyes can embrace the beauty that surrounds us all...

take a few moments breathe in the fresh air
in awe of Mother Nature and all her glory
stay calm
be well.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~