Friday, February 22, 2019

Fitted jeans...

One item in my wardrobe that I love are a decent fitting pair of jeans.
I have a pair of boot cut NYDJ in the closet as the skinny pair that I owned developed a hole and I have not been able to bring myself to wear ripped jeans...

I have tried but they just don't "feel right" on me.
Do you wear ripped jeans?

I wonder if my Mother's style affects my inability to wear ripped jeans?
She taught me so many things about how we present ourselves to the world...
"her voice" and advice is still very much with me.

Black UP pants and Tilley top
Verve Ami knitted vest
Clark Chelsea boots

The fit is great and I love the ankle length with the slit detail at the bottom.
Can just imagine these with my red ballet flats!
The best part, besides the fit, was the cost, they were SO inexpensive!
Less than $40

A quick bite at Starbucks before heading to the club to play bridge.
We had a new player come and join us yesterday.
Its a fun group of people with varied levels of bridge skills.
We enjoy each others company and are a very congenial group.

We break for tea mid afternoon
the topic of conversation ranges from 
art, travel, current events and local politics.

Besides reading and walking, 
playing bridge and taking classes at the community centre 
are wonderful perks of retirement.

We have grape hyacinths blooming in the garden!
Spring cannot be too far off...
there is snow falling in the higher elevations today.
Its raining here which makes it much easier to get out and about.

A snowy snapshot from the archives.

Daffodils are just so cheerful.
Sunny yellow blooms always put a smile on my face!

Raindrops do not dampen my spirit when there are flowers in the garden.

Hope that you are well and in good spirits.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

I must close for now as I am meeting a friend for a rainy walk and a light lunch.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, February 18, 2019

Checking in...

My time on the computer has dwindled of late...
there are more things keeping me busy that require my attention.

In advance of our trip to Italy 
I enrolled in a class at the local community centre.
Italian for travellers.

The language is beautiful...
it has a very melodic sound
spoken with such passion.

Learning a new language at my age is proving to be a challenge!
The teacher, 
who is from Rome,
gives us lots of homework and much of it requires memorization.

I am really enjoying the sessions
 have met many wonderful people 
who are also planning a trip to Italy.

The snow kept me indoors more than I would have liked...
I love to walk every day.

The fresh air clears out any cobwebs and energizes.
I discovered that noticing and savouring the beauty of nature has a positive effect on my mental well being.

So I suffered a bit with cabin fever...
which prompted me to clean out cupboards and drawers.
Many bags are heading off to the charity shop,

The snow is melting!
The roads are clear and only a few patches of snow linger in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Walking has resumed!

I'm reading a great book...
have you read it?

What are you reading?
Do you have any favourite books to share?

My hair is greyer these days...
its longer and some days is curlier than others.
I've stopped washing it every day as grey hair tends to be dry.

My skin has been extra dry...
think it must be the cold weather.
I have been slathering on serums, moisturizers, body lotion and hand cream.

Are you on Instagram?

She lives in Paris and has an amazing shop called Crimson.
She is a style icon.
I plan to visit her shop when I go to Paris.

Many mature women are reinventing themselves...
the confidence, joy and passion that they share 
is positively invigorating...

Times up! 
Must close the laptop 
 I am meeting friend for a walk.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Our snow event has become known as
"Snow~ mageddon!

The Humble Bungalow Garden
is covered in snow!

Looks like a Winter wonderland.

Iced tea anyone?

That's my husbands' car under that blanket of white!

Our red chairs look quite comfy with their thick white cushions.

I've been spending most of these snow days indoors.
Knitting, reading, sipping tea, and making hot soups and curries.

The front steps are swept clear of snow
 the sidewalk gets shovelled...
we have been keeping the fire in our fireplace going 
as it really takes the chill off.

Our single paned windows let in so much cold air...
sitting next to a window one can feel a chilly draught!

My husband has been busy.
He's kept up with the supply of kindling and wood.
Walking back and forth to and from his office downtown.
Many of the staff are unable to get into town to work.
Schools, UVIC, Camosun College and the Naval base at Esquimalt are all closed.

Buses are delayed or not running...
roads are icy and covered with snow
its pretty to look at but is proving difficult "getting around."

It is still snowing 
we are expected to get another 5 inches today...
more predicted for the rest of the week and into the next one.

Stay safe and cozy.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Snow and soups...

It's COLD!
Not as cold as our neighbours back east or southeast of us...

The temperatures are quickly dipping and the forecast is calling for more snow...
tomorrow and throughout next week!

            When its really cold I like to serve a hearty meal of homemade soup.

I discovered this book at the library while perusing the soup cookbooks...
the authors suggest that drinking bone broth has many health benefits.
I have tried bone broth at restaurants and love the flavour.
So I figured I might try making it at home.

Many of the recipes in this book suggest using a crock pot.
You cook the bones with a mirepoix of veggies, and several quarts of water
 for 12-24 hours on the low setting of the crock pot.
( I used a large slow cooker)
You can use beef, pork, turkey or chicken bones.
(No salt is added during the cooking process)

The bones are removed and cooled
( I picked the meat off the bones and set them aside for my soup)

strain the rest of the ingredients
cool on the countertop
putting it into the fridge
the broth can be used in soups or heated up as a drink

it can also be frozen 
in quart mason sealer jars
(fill only 3/4 full)

Ready for the freezer.

Hearty beef and vegetable soup
simmering on the stove.
Smells delicious!

I used the meat from the soup bones, the mirepoix and added a bit of pepper.

When it snows here...
there is very little in the way of snow removal equipment
so if we get a big dump of snow 
getting around town is quite the challenge.

Snow is really beautiful to look at...
so pure
 it muffles any noise 
a white blanket that covers us

kids love it

So much fun
making snowmen
snow angels

I remember 
when I was a child 
 a snowfall was so exciting.

Almost 64 years ago 
I was born on a snowday.

My father had to shovel the driveway, 
which was on a slant, 
before he could get the car out.

My mother was quite worried that she would not make it to the hospital
before giving birth to me.

They made it in time and for many years (in March) 
it snowed on my birthday.

Is it cold where you live?
Do you have snow?

What do you like to cook when the mercury drops?
Do you make a big pot of soup or stew?
Perhaps you bake bread or buns?

Do you have a favourite recipe that you can share?

Stay warm and cozy!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Thank you to Eileen Fisher for creating timeless fashion choices...

Eileen Fisher designs and makes lovely clothes...
her ethical practises of reusing fabrics and recycling ring true.

In addition to her seasonal pieces she offers a "basic group of clothing" in a couple of key colours and styles...
they are mix and match classics that make getting dressed so simple.

Recently I purchased a couple of her pieces...
with my fall travel wardrobe in mind.

I bought slim ponte knit black smart and comfy.

You may remember that I already own a basic pair in black rayon which are quite dressy. I also have the black tank top which is perfect for layering.

(For summer I have the white linen tank and linen V neck sweater)

Before I found this jacket
I was really frustrated...

For several hours I tried on numerous trench coats
various jackets 
 not one hit it out of the park for me.

I am a curvy short woman 
so I need to be careful of extra details 
and the shape of a coat or jacket must be slimming.

Here's the new EF jacket...
this looked good on 
the colour is a nice change.

This jacket has room for a vest or sweater underneath
which will make it a great choice for travel.

While we are on the subject of layering...
I found a great vest.

Eileen Fisher cozy vest in black.
So my carry on is taking shape...

I have a bamboo dress and a knit skirt.
Will add a couple of tops
a sweater
 one or two scarves
which should round out my minimal travel wardrobe.

Do you like Eileen Fisher clothes?
Perhaps you have a favourite designer?
 Or do you have a company who makes clothes that you love to wear?

The closet is looking much more organized too...

I have sorted and hung things in colour groupings;

they were in sections;

The colour idea helps me reach for things that pair well together.
Plus with a really small wardrobe i
fewer choices to distract my focus
it simplifies getting dresssed.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~