Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Anniversary of our wedding day from July 20, 1974

July 20, 1974
47 years ago...

We were so young 
but we knew that we were in love 
ready to spend our lives together
as husband and wife.

I have kept my wedding dress, veil and blue garter.
Maybe Isla will want to play "dress up" and wear it someday?

We went out for dinner with our friends on Sunday evening to celebrate.
We went to the Snug at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel and we were waited on by Mom's favourite server.
I had a glass of the wine that Mom always ordered.

If it is not too hot we will sit on the deck and have a cocktail.
I will make my husband his favourite spaghetti dinner and a simple salad.

The sun is shining down on The Humble Bungalow Garden.

on the north side of the bungalow we have a slate patio
that is surrounded by a riot of hydrangeas, 
Limelight and Angelina mixed in with hostas and lady's mantle.

We spent the better part of the weekend in the garden getting caught up on the weeding and the deadheading of the roses.

It feels a little bit cooler today as there is a breeze...
an exterminator is coming by this afternoon to deal with a large wasp nest.

We are planning to buy a new TV and get an upgrade on our viewing subscriptions.

There are so many options and channels that it feels quite daunting trying to decide what to order...

Do you have any suggestions on particularly good channels?

Will close with this pretty sunflower grown from the seeds that dear reader Rosemarie sent to me in memory of my mom.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Holidaze at Quarterdeck Cottage

The lazy daze of summer...

Simple meals

Gazing at the Bees collecting pollen from the flowers 
can hold the attention of a sweet girl.

 a bright bold yellow flower.

Buzzing Busy Bees...
bees on almost every bloom.

We had the grandchildren here for a week and it has flown by so fast.
They left on the ferry on Friday...
I will miss their happy laughter and energy.

Simple daisies
blooming at the side of the road.

Love these humble beauties...
there is something so classic about these blooms.
I like to pick a few and pop them in a jam jar.

Behold the beauty of this gorgeous Dahlia!

Mom grew dahlias when we lived in Oak Bay.
Her garden was quite lovely and she spent many hours every week tending to the perennial beds.

She had a dedicated section for her beloved Dahlias.
Some of the flowers were as big a dinner plates.

When dahlia season was at its' peak 
mom would pack a variety of dahlias to bring inside the house.
There would be vases in almost every room.

Oh those were the days...

We've got my sister and her husband coming to the cottage today for a visit so I will close for now.

Hope that your summer is ticking along nicely.
Stay safe.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mellow Yellow...OOTD

Italian Linen Dress 

Loose and cool 
an easy way to dress for summer.

Added interest...near the hem.

Ready for a wee gathering at a friend's home.
Appetizers and bubbly!

Amanda Blu flip flops

Keeping hydrated in the intense heat wave that we had is important.

Lots of fluids and ice...
I made several jugs of homemade lemonade which we sipped throughout the days.

It is slightly cooler now and for that I am grateful.
So are the parched roses and plants in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

Julia Child Rose
David Austin Variety

We purchased this buttery yellow beauty this Spring and planted it it a pot.
Love the bold shade and the fragrance is delightful.

I had a reader send me an email that she could no longer comment on my blog and I am not at all sure why that is happening?

Feedburner has expired on Blogger so subscribers will no longer receive automatic emails when new posts are published. 
Please use Bloglovin as it still offers this service.

Please send me an email if you are having difficulty leaving a note.
I have moderation turned on 
so I need to approve the comments before they are published.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summertime Blues...

Himalayan Blue Poppy 
snapshot from my latest visit to Butchart Gardens.

These poppies are so pretty but are not all that easy to grow.
I had some about 10 years ago and they lasted for a few seasons and then they disappeared.
I have toyed with the idea of buying the seed packet from Butcharts and trying my hand at growing them again.

Old Navy Boyfriend Jean Jacket.
Very soft
and super comfy to wear.

Purchased in the store at 30% off the regular price.

It is very versatile and I love it with my white Tees and jeans.
(with pearls)
I added this scarf from France.

This scarf was in a subscription box from My Stylish French Country Home.
I think they sell them in their online store. 

There are a few rips which gives the denim character...
I wear this with my blue and white striped Talbots linen skirt.
My black UPP capris. and black lace top...
I popped it over a black dress
and can imagine that this will become a workhorse in my wardrobe.

We received our second vaccinations this morning and I am very pleased that we were able to get the second shot.

There is a sense of calm now as we move toward opening up things here in Victoria.
Dining inside is permitted, as are movie theatres and plays.

Looking forward to being more social.
Seeing our family and more friends.

How are things going where you live?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, June 10, 2021

My Stylish French Country Box...

My Stylish French Country Boxes are always
Beautifully wrapped...a joy to receive.

I look forward to opening them so much.

Satin ribbon and tissue paper.

The box is filled with pampering treats and the brochure
guide elaborates on each item in the box. 

Standard sized pillow slip in a cheery floral fabric.

Vintage Limoges flowered cup and saucer
Imai brooch from Paris
Mademoiselle Saint Germain Serum from Versailles
Kusmi tea blends
Madeleines by Marlette
Cozy alpaca socks from Bleuforet

Am eager to try this new serum.

Roses in gold

Love the socks so cozy and soft.
Time to brew a pot of tea and sip it out of the darling floral cup 
and indulge in a madeleine...or two!

If you would like to treat yourself to one of these exquisite boxes 
click on the link here to order one.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, May 30, 2021

OOTD, cocktails and Beautiful Blooms...


White rose on John Paul ll
Pure white blooms are very elegant...
they remind me of Coco Chanel's simple white gardenias.

I have been so distracted by Donna Leon's mystery books of late...
I am reserving them at the public library and are reading my way through 
her series with Guido Brunetti.

I highly recommend her books.

So this post will be a wee one and once I hit publish
I'll be back in my chair in the living room with my nose in her book.


I wore a Cut Loose crinkly tunic top with black capri tights.
An artisan necklace

Josef Siebel red ballet flats
Vintage wicker Ann Taylor bag.

We met up with friends On Friday evening in the sunshine.

Cocktails on the patio at The Snug at The Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

So wonderful getting together with friends.

It has been many months since we were permitted to go out to eat with friends.
The vaccinations and our recent "circuit breaker" that was set by our provincial health officer has helped reduce the number of active Covid cases and the rules are once again eased...

This week while I was
walking in the Cook Street Village
 I popped into Mercedes Lane.

A large shop with oodles of fun clothes...many are beautiful Italian linens.

The skort is by UPP and The dress is made in Turkey by Sassy.

I had not planned to buy anything I went in merely to peruse their stock.
Slightly risky because you never know what you'll find.

Spanish Lavender
potted in an urn out front of The Humble Bungalow.
The bees just love this plant.
I like the feathery "hat" atop of the blooms.

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Friday, May 21, 2021

Abkhazi a jewel of a garden...created by Prince and Princess Abkhazi.


Abkhazi Garden is an oasis of beauty.
It is full of rhododendrons and azaleas which are full of blooms in April and May.

This magical place was created by Prince and Princess Abkhazi.
It's a hidden gem here in Victoria.

The profusion of peachy pink blooms on this azalea are incredibly fragrant.

The shed was built when the royal couple were beginning the garden in 1946.
 It used for tool storage and picnics.

You can read more about the history in the book 
A Curious Life: The Biography of Princess Peggy Abkhazi by Catherine Gordon.

From here there is a fabulous view of the curving lawns under the vast Garry Oaks.

You can see the house that they built on the left
this is now a gift shop and tea room.

We sat on the patio in the sunshine.
The tea room has 3 teas on the menu, this is Elevenses.
It was the smallest of the three but it was plenty of food.

There are two resident turtles 
one was swimming and the other one was sunning itself on the rocks.

This driftwood cat is a newly installed art piece from a local Fairfield artist who specializes in creating woody creatures.

We enjoyed our walk, the tasty tea and the incredibly beautiful flowers.
I felt like I was transported away on a lovely holiday.

Parks, local gardens, and the seaside, are such a tonic in these unusual times.

Hope that you are staying safe and taking care of yourself.

~Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tulip mania courtesy of Butchart Gardens...

I've been busy here in The Humble Bungalow with little time spent on the computer.
So posting here on the blog has been rather spartan. 
I am sharing a lush group of tulips 
seen on my recent walk at Butchart Gardens.
I hope you will enjoy seeing the pictures.

Tulips are in full bloom at Butchart Gardens.

Pretty in pink...

Pink on Pink
Tulips and masses of pink forget-me-nots.

A striking combination of colour.

Frilly feathery fringed tulips.

Close up

A painterly mixture of tulips.

We wandered through the gardens and enjoyed the bold colourful planted beds.

Many others, like us, masked up and delighted in the beauty of the gardens.

We sat outside after our walk and had a cold drink and a wee bite of lunch.

It felt like we were on holiday.

Hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~