Thursday, July 8, 2010

I was not even looking for this, it found me!

The temperature has gotten very HOT, 30 plus...
I think we must be having summer weather!

I had a bunch of things to get done outside the Bungalow today...
I have an air conditioned car but I prefer to open the sun roof and the windows and feel the breeze.
If I was an equestrian like my sister or metscan I might choose to ride...metta has exceptionally good taste...she has horses, dogs, and a home and estate in Finland which will make you come back every single I

I am wearing black Eddie Bauer shorts, my legs are so pale...
(I fear this must be a fashion No No)
and a white Eddie Bauer cotton sleeveless "Stand Alone Top"
(this is what  LPC at Privilege has called them lately)
I have on my old black Clarks sandals and my MK Santorini bag.

I powered through my list and had some time to car was parked in the shade and I was on a very trendy street lined with small specialty shops.
I embrace the small shops and shop much more fun and such interesting wares.
I  browse frequently but I do not always buy.
I make it a habit to strike up a conversation and comment on what I like and it has been to my advantage as the owners know my taste and they have called me when something comes in that they feel I might like.

I wandered into my favourite country themed furnishing is very small, crowded and oozes charm.
The owner buys shabby distressed pieces and vintage accessories and I find that her taste and mine are alike.

I bought my country cupboard from her shop...I blogged about it awhile back.
You might remember I put the "unsightly" book collection in it closed the doors!

Today she had several garden urns which were old and heavy.
They spoke to me, but they were quite costly, so I looked away....
and spied this....

An enamel tin...totally useful, humble and deserving of a place in the Bungalow kitchen.
It is something that I could "hide my bread and bagels in!
Funny how seeing a loaf of bread in a plastic bag with a plastic bread tie can make me wince but it does...

I so much prefer to see the lovely homemade loaf of bread standing on end atop a pine bread board...
I read a lot of Country Living UK so that's where i am coming from.
oops I forgot to capitalize my "i"
I am going to leave it that way in honour of my friend Janet
...that's something she does,
and it's her blog birthday!
Go visit and wish her the best...
she has 70 Roses!

Anyhow I have gone sideways...and I am not usually so abstract tangental!
It must be the heat.
No worries, I am sipping homemade lemonade to rehydrate.

This enamel charmer is made in England, 
it has some chips to the lid but I feel that they add to the ambiance of the piece.

I wasn't even looking for this, it found me!

BTW Blighty rocks the bogosphere...see for yourself.
She is a great friend of the Fabulous Faux Fuchsia...she is very fashion savvy.

and I adore Deja Pseu...she knows what is hot and what is NOT!

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to visit so many blogs...
all different and very personal
each one has a distinctive quality....

I was not even looking for a new blog but it found me!

I have omitted many of the blogs that I follow 24/7...
see my sidebar I go and see them every day...
I comment and visit often...
you could too!


  1. Oh, I just love that bread tin!! And yes I agree that the chips must give it a little extra charm!
    Hope you had the chance to wet your toes a little today, it was awfully unbearable here. It is a little after 1:30am now and the temperature is reading 34 Celsius with the humidex if you can imagine! My daughter's little Turtle pool was my only relief today-LOL!

  2. ohhhh what a find! I love it.

  3. Fabulous find! I am always keeping an eye out for pieces like that!

  4. hi leslie,

    thanks for the mention. i love it. get it.

    love the bread tin, those are very popular here too. we read a lot of the same blogs so i know what you mean about talent.


  5. Hostess: You are SO kind with your words. Thank you SO much! Btw., I too have a Bread box. It is in very good company. Guess where? At our stable kitchen. It is great for storing dried bread, I give our horses.
    I used to have the can in the house, but the English BREAD word started to disturb me. I have seen newly made ones, having the Swedish word BRÖD on them, but I´m still waiting for the Finnish, LEIPÄ. Then I could consider buying one.

  6. You are very sweet to support other bloggers like this. And, I adore your breadbox...classic.

  7. LPC-I am having such fun making connections with other bloggers. it has become routine, checking in and seeing what comments are made and what's new and exciting. I wonder how I could have lingered so long over the newspaper before blogging!

  8. Hi Leslie, I've been amazed by the people and things I've discovered on blogs.

    My own blogs are very self serving; entertaining to mainly myself, friends and family, so I appreciate any new friends I've made through blogging.

    I just re opened my extremely self centered purse blog, after having many requests. lol.


  9. Donna- Hook me up to the purse bog ...I am off and running!

  10. Dear Hostess, think the computer just ate my comment, just wanted to say thanks for mentioning me and love your new bread bin, love your blog, you and the other blogladies are so inspiring, Bx

  11. Fab. bread bin Hostess! Thought it was English as soon as I saw the pic that you posted. Enjoy your weekend! x

  12. I'm in agreement with everyone, I love it. You've inspired envy in me.

  13. Blighty-I love the script and the fact that it could be in the magazine...Country Living UK! Love your blog lots, xo

    Semi Expat-I wonder who used this tine before me..maybe it lived in an English cottage!

    Victoria-Delighted that you like it...maybe one will come your way when you least expect it!