Wednesday, July 31, 2019

I am 64...

Wearing all black...
a bamboo tunic top
with black capri leggings.

Longer hair which is straighter than before
the silver is now more than just tinsel...

It surprises me when I walk past a mirror
I see my mother, 
the resemblance is uncanny.

A few pounds have crept on this past year and am trying to come to terms with it.

Do I accept it and move on or return to the disciplined point counting regime of WW?

The battle of the bulge is a real challenge.

The desire or the energy to go to the gym is not there.
Sweating reminds me of those uncomfortable hot flashes and is so annoying...

Walking is enjoyable and the Fit Bit is a great motivator.

But enough about me already...

How are you doing?

What is new?

This ceramic Buddha head was in a garden basket 
we won at the grand children's year end school fundraiser.

I don't think its meant for the garden.
Too fragile and thin...

I'm considering putting it out on the boulevard for free.
I can't quite find the right spot for it here in The Humble Bungalow.

Perhaps someone else will love it and give it a special place in their home.

The book I am currently reading is quite interesting.

It was in the wee little free library across the street.
I'll be passing it on to a friend after I finish it.

How is your summer going?
What are you reading?

~ Be Kind and Be Well ~

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Slow start to Sunday morning...

Romneya Coulteri

the paper like petals are so thin and wispy
almost like butterfly wings
they flutter in the gentle breeze

The renovations are still underway...
I am staying at home while the crews are on site.

I am missing my walks and the freedom to come and go as I please.

The painters have finished priming the woodwork.
 The drywall crew will be here on Tuesday.

When we are finished and I have purchased the bedding and we have set it all up I will share the pictures with you but it may be toward the end of August before that happens.

In the meantime,
I am keeping busy by reading, gardening, knitting and cooking.
Cleaning out a drawer here and there, doing laundry, and blogging.

We helped our son move this weekend.
His new house is an older home in good condition with a beautiful garden.
It is on a dead end street with a park at the end.
Families with young children as neighbours.
Hope that our grandchildren will meet some playmates on the street.

The back yard is fenced and very private.
Trees line the perimeter and there are some roses, hostas and day lilies.
A lovely patio is right off the kitchen.

William Shakespeare Rose
David Austin

Soft velvety petals set in deep frilly cups.
Fragrant and a hardy repeat bloomer.

One bloom can float in a clear glass bowl and make a bold statement.

I finished reading
Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout.

She has a genuine gift
a keen eye for detail
like a talented artist she paints her story and characters with incredible depth.

This is a haunting novel, about a family who grew up in poverty
in a small rural town in America.

The children who
endured a childhood filled with fear and disappointment
due partly because of their dysfunctional parents 
are adults now and looking back.

 This book follows the characters from 
My Name is Lucy Barton. 

I am almost finished it and am having difficulty putting it down!

Knitted cotton dish cloths are a quick project.
I can easily make one in a day...
if I wanted to sit more 
I could make two.

Its a beautiful sunny morning here and quite warm.
Think I will go out and hand water the garden before it gets too hot.

Until next time,

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Simply white...Home, garden and clothing.

Fluffy White Hydrangeas

Romneya coulteri

Thick white towels
Marigold the Mouse appreciates their softness.

White vintage ironstone platter
homemade rose scented bath salts
Avene thermal water
 (hot flash relief!)

Customize your bath salts with essential oils.
 I usually opt for lavender or rose.

Eileen Fisher 
I admire her philosophy and thinking when it comes to a minimal wardrobe.

Fresh out of the package.
I purchased a pair of jeans and a black cotton gauzy top at the EF shop on South Granville in Vancouver and I really wanted a white one too.
They didn't have one in stock but they could order one from the Toronto store 
with free delivery too!

 I jumped at the chance and it just arrived on the doorstep.
I'll need to give it a quick iron before wearing it 
but then it will be ready for the "mix and match ups"
it gets rotated in my basic black and white wardrobe.

Lands' End Towels
They are plush cotton and last a long time.
Great value and when on sale very affordable.

Natural accents
like this piece of coral 
add a touch of texture and they feel serene and calm.

The light from the window illuminates the pairing.

Beautiful white roses juxtaposed against this old rock wall.

A bar of soap set upon in a simple white soap dish.

White is a calm colour but it can make a BOLD statement.

One of my favourite bloggers
please pop by and check out her beautiful posts
she's so beautiful and her posts are inspiring.

Until next time...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Monday, July 22, 2019

Alaska Cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam ~ What I packed and arriving in Vancouver

Relaxing on a Sea Day in comfortable surroundings.
The views are spectacular, the weather is warm and the seas are calm.

I packed carefully for the trip.
My wardrobe is basically black with white and grey accents.

What I packed:

Eileen Fisher :
black pants
tank top
linen jacket
black vest

black bamboo dress and long knit jacket

black textured skirt
St. John black knit top with silver sparkles

Gilmour white dress with black polka dots

2 white linen tops
Saint James white and black striped V neck top
white scarf /shawl 

David Cline grey print shirt 
 I wore it under my vest and again open as a layering piece with a tank and pants

Nanette Lepore white linen knit sweater

bathing suit and cover up
( I never used them as the pools were full of kids splashing and having fun!)

Hat gloves umbrella
Lands' End down jacket

Saint James raincoat

Columbia light rain jacket

underwear and bras

A souvenir purchase

I'll wear this on our boat!

We brought the grandchildren some colour changing Tee shirts
with Alaska animals on the front.

Views to the North Shore of Vancouver.

The Port of Vancouver

A beautiful day to walk around the seafront in Vancouver.

Salvador Dali sculpture 

We met up with Brian's sister and her granddaughter and walked about before going out for lunch and dinner.
They had an early flight Sunday...
we slept in 
on our way to the ferries 
I popped into the South Granville Eileen Fisher 
I purchased a black sleeveless top and some new jeans.

It's back to reality now...

We have many wonderful memories of this cruise and I would recommend this particular trip to anyone interested in experiencing 
the natural beauty of BC and Alaska.
Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam was a particularly luxurious ship.

I hope that you have enjoyed this series of posts on the trip.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Alaska Cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam ~ Ketchikan and the towel creatures!

Colourful houses dot the shoreline in Ketchikan Alaska.
The sign welcoming us to town claims that Ketchikan 
is the "Salmon Capital of the World."

We arrived in port greeted by a misty rain.
We wandered the streets and stopped for a delicious bowl of crab bisque.
There are many historic buildings.
 Murals refer to rich history of Japanese and Filipino cultures.
The red light district of heritage houses built on stilts in a creek 
are now occupied by shops.

The town was very busy as there were 5 large cruise ships in port.

I had heard about the towels creatures that the stewards would be making for us.






There was a towel folding class on one of the sea days!
We did not attend.

So many options to consider when on board 
especially on Sea Days.
Mah Jong, Bridge, Bingo, Casino, Live theatre, Music venue, Computer classes, 
Pools, Spa, America's Test Kitchen, Movies, Lectures, and more.

The last cruise post is on the blog now...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Alaska Cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam Skagway and Glacier Bay

Helicopters and seaplanes were waiting to take people up for tours.
There was a 8 hour train trip to The Yukon which was super popular.
We opted to walk around Skagway, visit the museums and explore the old town.

Vintage Train with snow removal equipment on the front.

The Gold Rush played a major role in the formation of these towns.

We stopped here for a cocktail...
there were tours of "the red light rooms" upstairs!

I love the driftwood on this building.

First Nations mask

Corrington Private Museum pieces

Trading beads

Love the signage.

After Skagway we made our way to Glacier Bay.
The glaciers were my favourite part of the cruise.
The water was turquoise...
these next photos speak for themselves.

We saw a few pleasure boats on our way to the Glaciers.
Permits are required to enter this area as it is a protected UNESCO park.

I will be back soon with more of the cruise highlights so watch for the next post.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~