Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ines de la Fressange's Little Diaries ~ French Chic

Ines de la Fressange is the penultimate French Femme...
she looks fabulous and she makes dressing look effortless, tres chic.

Roger Vivier's site hosts "Ines's Little Diaries" and I would be remiss if I did not share the link with you...
look here!

This link is worth a viewing too...

Have a fabulous day and don't forget the French Scent giveaway.
If you are a follower please leave me a comment about what makes you feel chic.

Bon Chance!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

French Fragrance from Grasse, a giveaway!

I recently wandered into my favourite shop and was smitten by the fresh crisp scent of Verbena.
There were soaps, scents and lotions in this line from Durance.
I bought one for myself and I thought it might be time to thank all my followers and host a giveaway
so I bought a second bottle for one of you.
Time to give back a little to you because your wonderful comments encourage me to keep blogging.

Eau de Toilette Verbena
The Verbena scented composition is lemony and green. 
It has been made by the perfumers of Durance in the pure tradition of Grasse.
100ml ~ 3.3fl.oz

If you'd like to enter 
you need to be a follower of The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow Blog
and I'd love to know what makes you feel chic.

I'll keep this open until September 4th
I'll draw a name on the 5th and come back and see if it's yours!

I'll need an email with your mailing address at that time so I can pop it in the post.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about what makes you feel chic!
~ ~ ~

Monday, August 27, 2012

Rose Bouquet...

The garden roses are still blooming, nurtured and encouraged by regular dead heading.
I've been toiling outdoors for the past few days, trimming the ragged edges of the lawn, dead heading the spent flowers and pulling weeds. It's a fine way to get some exercise, bending, stretching and reaching.
I have taken to wearing my Lululemon Yoga gear as it seems to afford the most freedom. Lululemon make a great hairband which I recently picked up at the local store. It's a wide band of cloth lined with some slip proof strips which keep my bob out of my eyes...something which used to annoy me no end.

Climbing Royal Sunset in glorious apricot
below the frothy subtle yellow petals of Jude the Obscure
and in fuchsia The McCartney rose. 

They look so pretty atop the Stickley lingerie chest.

One of my favourite vessels for flowers 
is this Finnish icy crystal vase circa 1970's.

Did you know that roses last longer if their stems are cut under water?
Use your sharpest knife or secateurs for a clean cut.
it has an angled guide which makes it easy.

I sleep soundly and deeper when I have been out in the garden most of the day.
It was a scorcher on Saturday and I had to pop a shirt on so my shoulders would not burn.

The heat was so intense that we were able to sit outside before dinner with not a hint of a breeze from the ocean.
In our area so close to the sea that is unusual.
We can count on one hand days and nights that are hot and still.

My thoughts wandered to a little island north 
and hoped that the weather would be perfect for mater's family 
on the occasion of their son's wedding.

Hope that your week is off to a great start...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vogue ~ The September Issue.

Vogue's September Issue is one I always buy.
It's chock full of the designer's Fall Forecast...
new trends, sumptuous wools, tweeds and autumn shades.

I took my issue on a wee jaunt to a local tea room and over a pot of tea I devoured the issue.

I nearly needed to order a second pot of tea as there is a lot packed into this issue.
What a bargain at $6.99

I spent a bit more on this Revlon tube of lippy
a new shade
called Pink Truffle.

I must re-watch Anna Wintour in the documentary The September Issue.
I love her signature necklaces 
how she is perfectly coiffed and clothed 
she comes across as a power house of an editor
a force to be reckoned with...

New for Fall
a nubby tweedy sweater to cozy up in.
Cheap as Chips
because it's made of acrylic 
which was on sale in a local store 
that is going out of business to make way for the Target store that is coming to town.

I also scooped a white tank top
and a pair of dark denim Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans
I like how they fit and they come in Petite so I do not need to take them to the seamstress for hemming.

One outfit that retails for about $60
savvy enough to wear to school 
and more importantly all washable.

I'll be dressing this up with multiple strands of pearls.
I try to add luxe accessories when wearing something less expensive.
~ ~ ~
I'm off to don my gardening gloves and sunhat
and put on some gardening togs
there are weeds that need to be pulled and some serious dead heading to be done
the sun is shining and it's a glorious day in our neighbourhood.

Have a Fabulous weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faux Fur...

Mother and I went shopping together and I found a great piece for my wardrobe.
It's a bit of a departure from my usual choices, but with Mother cheering me on I thought why not?
It will be a warm layering piece that will fit quite nicely into my classic black, white, and grey basics.
The regular workhorses = dark bottoms and lighter toned tops.

this vest is so cozy

I'll be wearing this vest several times a week.
With my dark denim jeans, black wool trousers, black skirt.
I have a dressy pewter crinkle skirt that I will "dress down" by pairing it with this vest.

Faux fur has come a long way,

I still recall the days of Orlon pile!
I owned a teal faux fur coat in the 60's...
Looking back it was rather disgusting, but I did feel like I was quite the fashionista when I put it on over a micro mini skirt and my over the knee go go boots, which were white shiny patent leather! To top that look off I donned a white felt floppy hat from London! Oh those were the days!

I inherited a fur jacket from the 1940's which I only wear when it snows and the temperatures dip to the minus degrees.
Aunt Tirzah obviously had no problems wearing fur as they were all the rage when she was young, and she had quite the assortment of stoles, jackets and coats.

I see lots of tourists in town wearing fur coats and wonder if it is cultural or if it indicates a certain status or class.

Check out these faux fur vests on Polyvore there's quite a wide variety of styles and shades...
perhaps there is one for your fall wardrobe.

What is your opinion on fur in fashion? 
Would you wear or buy new or vintage fur?

After reviewing what I have written I realize that this is a rather disjointed post...
apologies for jumping about!
I'll press publish all the same as I have windows to wash and errands to run.

Hope you'll come back soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Menopause has taught me a lot about myself, who I am and what really matters most.
I understand how women can change completely, become radical feminists, channel energies to spearhead causes,
wear wild clothes, get tattooed, and become very outspoken.
I have done none of these, I changed in other ways...

I suppose "empowered" is a term that might be linked with this stage of life.
A sense of self confidence, a healthy dose of self esteem,
and a feeling of calm after the hormonal storm of menopause.

My menopausal years were fraught with hot flashes and mood swings,
that only cold showers and vast amounts of chocolate could quell!
Those turbulent years of uncertainly, weight gain and many sleepless nights are now a thing of the past.
I am grateful that I have emerged relatively unscathed.
I have learned a thing or two...

I started paying closer attention to the food that I was fueling my body with...
and put in a vegetable patch started eating more fruits and vegetables in bright shades of colour.

Always the one taking care of others I used to be "too busy" to take care of myself.
I was the classic woman volunteer that could never say "NO."
Perhaps you've heard the expression "If you want something done ask a busy person"
that was me...
I was on the board of too many committee's.

When fatigue set in I cried for no reason.
I was downright cranky.
I had to figure things out for myself and it took awhile...
Slowly I pulled back from my committee duties and became more selective so that I could maintain a balance.

I discovered Yoga and learned to breathe properly, deeply and mindfully.
Books on the subject were read and I gleaned information and strategies for well being.

I learned that I could not control everything in my life...
I could only control my response to what happened in my life.

After a few years
the fog lifted and I felt well again.

I had energy, and felt a vibrancy that I had forgotten and thought I'd lost.
Clarity and Joy returned.
It was as if a wind had blown the cobwebs away...
I felt truly happy, grateful, excited, and interested in simply living.

I discovered that I needed to be outdoors surrounded by nature.
Walking and gardening are the best ways I know of to get fresh air and some exercise.
Mother Nature is a great healer.

I took up painting
a hobby just for me.
A creative outlet that brings me joy.

My roses are my muse and my Bliss.
They feed my soul.

I developed my personal style.
Less is better and classics suit me.

I have always gravitated to white tops and tees and jeans.

Pearls have multiplied strand by strand.

(the newest ones)

I am smitten with more rather than less.

Things have changed,
my children have grown up and moved out and created lives of their own.
I've become a grandmother and adore the lovely Miss Isla.

There's more time now to rest and recharge, even though I still work outside the home.
I have de-cluttered mentally and domestically and continue to streamline living in The Humble Bungalow.

I found that I love wearing scarves
and once every so often I'll treat myself to a new Hermes Silk Twill
or if luck is on my side I might find a nice scarf at a Thrift or Consignment Shoppe.

I didn't frequent spas until I hit menopause and then something went "click"
I gave myself "permission" to indulge!

Once every few months I'll have a facial or a massage and during sandal season, monthly pedicures.
I'd rather have pretty toes than a haute couture gown or a new designer bag.

There's a Spa tucked away in the tony Cadboro Bay Village area called Bliss.
It's off the beaten path, but in every way exceeds my expectations.
I have been going there for the past few years, 
their great service, good value and reasonable prices keep me coming back.

I do love to be pampered on occasion, especially during times of stress.
A little TLC goes a long way.

Hope that your week is full to the brim of good things.
Don't forget to take the time to enjoy the little things....

What has menopause taught you about yourself?
Have you changed?
What strategies did you use to navigate your way?
If you had any advice to give younger women what might that be?
I'm interested...
perhaps you've got some ideas that can help some of our sisters on their journey.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by The Humble Bungalow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home sweet home...

Our holidays have come to an end and we are home safe and sound.
I am buried under a mountain of laundry and have lots of catching up to do...
the cats were really glad to see us.

Our house sitter did a great job keeping up with the watering of the garden and she was able to harvest some beets, swiss chard and zucchini.
The sweet peas are glorious...
I ran out with my secateurs and grabbed a handful.

bliss in a vase

water colour pastel shades

Chester has spent most of the afternoon on Mr. HB's lap.
He loves to find a sunny spot for his nap.

View from the cooktop through the window
Ball sealer jars on the ledge.

My BFF called me today to tell me a co worker had died tragically.
She was our age.
Her work mates are getting together tonight to support each other in their grief.
Monday morning in the office is going to be difficult.

My heart goes out to her family and all her friends...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ship Shape...a floating boating post.

The weather is HOT HOT HOT!
I am keeping my cool by wearing cotton frocks and I have donned a pair of shorts.
I just hope that The Fashion Police have taken the day off.
I am showing much more skin that I usually do and feel a bit vulnerable.

Grey mix of batik type pattern
loose and cool.

a water mister for a quick shot of cool

~ ~ ~

 now for a few snippets of life aboard ship

I love to coil our dock lines.

polished chrome scoops bring air in to cool the engines

our cozy V berth

screened "air conditioning" above
our personal sky light if you will

a view from the deck

We are moored at Poet's Cove Resort
pools, hot tubs, a pub, restaurant, cafe and a Spa
all here at our fingertips.

Mr. HB has been working his summer daytime job as The Crab Man
he brought in 3 for our dinner tonight
we'll sit and pick them leisurely while sipping a cold beverage
and I made a batch of "prawn sauce" which we love on all seafood.

Prawn Dip

1 cup mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp. grated fresh ginger
2-3 tsp. soy sauce
mix and chill ahead to allow flavours to blend.

Lovely daughter will be joining us tomorrow
we have lunch at a Gulf Island Vineyard planned
and there will be swimming
and perhaps a visit to the Spa!

Hope that you are keeping your cool.
Stay hydrated until next time.

Your Humble Hostess
reporting from our Chris Craft Constellation.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saving face on the high seas....

High maintenance beauty routines are not in the forefront aboard ship.
I relax and use less make up
and have given up blow drying my hair.

With a little help from Bumble and Bumble my holiday hair looks just fine.

Skin and sunshine are not the best of friends...over exposure is not advisable.
I recently learned that a very dear friend has had surgery to remove a malignant melanoma.
It's scary stuff and a wake up call for all of us. 
She is doing fine but now limits her time in the sun wears a hat and uses sunscreen everyday.

My skincare routine on board is the same as at home.
I use travel sizes of the Avene products and bring the Olay battery powered facial brush.
Everything is conveniently stored in my roll up cosmetic bag and hangs in the head for easy access.

Eminence Mineral Sunscreen 
a bit of lipgloss
some mascara
and I am ready.

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables gives me a sense of health
that balance out the "naughty salty snacks" that I have been eating.

My current read
is set in Australia
I've just started this novel
and feel transported to another place and another time...

Stay tuned...
I'll check in with you periodically as we move from marina to marina in the sunny Gulf Islands of BC.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Galley "creations" are common aboard our wee craft.

Lunch time rolls around and we are famished.
With the invigorating salt air we find ourselves nibbling between meals
munching naughty snacks and our meal time portions tend to be on the larger size...
I am sure that I will gain weight this holiday.

There's a pub up at the top of the dock which serves up fabulous fare
we enjoyed lunch there last weekend. 

I like to cook and doing so in my small galley gives me a sense of satisfaction.
I rustled up a ship board lunch using swiss chard, bacon and eggs...
(vegetarians look away)

fry up pieces of bacon

look in the fridge for some veggies
~ ~ ~ 
swiss chard from our Humble Bungalow Garden
corn sheared off the leftover cob that went uneaten
asparagus spears from the previous night's dinner

after removing the bacon
wilt the veggies 

boil water in a pot 
when boiling add a glug of vinegar so the eggs stay "together"
and poach some eggs

Plate the veggies
top with eggs and arrange the bacon
a hot salad lunch is served!

Mr. HB is out setting the crab traps
we've met up with some boating buddies and they have a sleek new boat
 we dined aboard their vessel last evening
they are off hiking 
they'll be joining us for drinks and appetizers tonight.

I am alone with a cup of coffee
and have done all my boat chores.

One of which was to polish all my bangles 
as they were so very tarnished
 I had no Twinkle aboard so I used toothpaste
it worked brilliantly!

We have been thinking about selling our boat
as we have not been using it very much the past few seasons.
But when we get out and relax aboard her it feels like we are meant to live this life.
We sleep so soundly and ship life is rather carefree...
maintaining a classic takes deep pockets and lots of elbow grease.
Moorage in the boathouse is very dear.
Looking ahead to retirement one wonders if owning a boat is an extravagance that is too expensive.

It 's too confusing to think about just now
so I am going to put these thoughts far away from my mind and live in the moment.

reflections of our boat in the ocean...

The sounds of a seaplane
the seals floating by
the call of the ravens
the gentle hum of the fridge as it cycles
the smell of hot coffee
the tick tock of the ship's clock
the creaking of the dock
the flapping of the burgee in the breeze
the gentle rocking from wake of boats passing by
the scent of lavender from the soap from my morning toilette

is all I need for right now.

Have a wonderful week!