Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sale-away... Cargo... Shoes...

I went to the shops today...
I was in a mood to browse
I did more than browse
I bought
the prices were attractive
40% off these...
Beachy and Boaty
not beautiful


good for gripping
and not slipping 
when it's wet

 because a girl can never have too many black shoes
tip toe-ing in ballerinas

butter soft leather with a padded shoe bed
happy feet!

and 50% off these...

Faded blue cargo pants
boat worthy

 Katherine Hepburn
wear these?
partnering up with these will be a variety of white tees
and possibly my Bretonne stripe

they look short in this image but they are actually ankle length!

If you cruise the sales, what beckons you first?
I am reeled in by the shoe department!
Hook, Line, and Sinker!

Happy Sale-ing!


  1. There is a lot of summer over your part of the world still unexperienced, so I guess your buys get a lot of wear. Today I am taking the blouse back. Over here, a/w clothing is soon pouring in. I hope I can keep my head cool, and only shop in the three, I have mentioned before.

  2. LPC-The ballerinas are truly fab.

    metscan-Yes we have a month more summer here to go...I hope the sun will stick around awhile longer. We've had a warm July and it has been a welcome tonic.

  3. The first shoes, I thought, boating, before you mentioned it. Love the ballerina flats. I have a brown pair with pink ties I've yet to wear as much as I'm hoping to in the future. The capris look great for boating or gardening. I just love shoes and fashion.

  4. You're so brave wCaring shoes with round toes. I had to give them up when I was ten. capris length pants, make my short, fat old legs, look shorte, and fatter. lol