Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Stop Blending In" or Accessorizing the scarf on Easter weekend.

How are you warming up your wardrobe for Spring and Summer?
Have you embraced the new focus on the Bright Shades that are popping up in every shop?

The black, white and grey gal that I am is taking baby steps adding colour and doing it very prudently...
I do not follow trends per se but I do not want to look like I have "given up" either.
So I walk a fine line...a line which I am sure that many of us almost 60's walk.

What I choose to wear is a reflection of who I am, what I consider to be an honest representation of my tastes and socio economic class, the middle class, conservative, and becoming more mindful of consumerism and frugality.
There is an inner struggle going on, a voice that me,
when on the other hand the level head says you do not "need" it.

Do you want it?
Do you need it?
Will it last for many seasons?
Is it something that will give you pleasure every time you put it on?
Is it well made?
Does it flatter?

All these thoughts co-mingling together as I stand admiring a simple scarf...
A scarf, I know! How silly!
I hesitate as the clerk comes over and gushes about these scarves and the wonderful colours that they come in...
she has 3 of them already and loves hers. I move on...
circling the department and come back,
not once but twice.

Mr. HB mentions that he likes the green and blue together.
Really honey? That definitely sounds like encouragement.
That casual observation might nudge me just a little.
I put the scarf up to my face, yes the colours work...
tha fabric is dreamy, soft and wispy.
It's not too expensive...
it's versatile and pretty.
It would perk up my greys and blacks.

Nordstrom's scarf
a wispy dreamy scarf
a little bit of soft colour to light up my wardrobe.

I'm thinking now that I will need to pull out my ethnic silver and turquoise earrings
they now have a partner!

ah yes!

maybe NOT!



Haggis anyone? 

Vintage Bakelite ~ when I'm feeling artsy.

Hosting out of town guests...
maybe strangers in a strange land?

an after 5 soiree...

walking the dogs...
NO! I have two cats.

date night...

afternoon tea with Mother

This scarf is so versatile!
I am imagining all the outfits that I can wear it with so it's a wise and prudent purchase.

Storing a scarf when not in use is minimal.
Our wee Humble Bungalow has teeny tiny cupboards 
so I always need to consider that when I buy something...
where will it be stored when not in use?

Do you think before you buy something?

I had fun with this post and I hope it might have made you smile.

On the news front...
Jumping for JOY!
a new grand baby is on the way!

Happy Easter!

~ ~ ~
A Very Happy Hostess!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

French Breton shirt...OOTD and thoughts for the day.

Seems like every magazine I pick up and leaf through is showing off French Breton shirts.
Stripes and prints are the current buzz.

Don't they look crisp and easy?
I like this French style, it's rather timeless and somewhat iconic.

Banana Republic had one that I purchased and it is a bit snug around my tummy and derriere but I bought it anyway. I thought to myself here's the motivation I need to amp up my pace and increase my walking.
In the meantime I will pair it with a jacket.

Banana Republic ~ Hermes

An anonymous commenter recently mentioned that I should go to the dermatologist and have my mole removed.
It has been with me forever and should it change significantly in size or look like it was cancer I would go asap.
In the meantime you will see me here full figured flaws and all.

Blogging and posting pictures of myself is a dodgy business!
I've had emails from people criticizing all manner of things.
I do know "these things" as I live in this body everyday.
I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be
I am not an expert 
nor am I a fashionista
I am simply a woman nudging 60 with a voice and a desire to write.
I am having fun with this blog or I would not bother to post as often as I do.
I hope that you get something out of it in return.

Red flats
black leggings
Breton top

You can see just how plump I am
it's difficult to hide in these OOTD shots.
I am not really trying to hide 
just trying to make the best of what I have been given 
until such time that I totally dedicate myself to slimming down.

I am on a journey and one that is a challenging.
One that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

This blog has helped me face up and confront my personal issues.
Following in the footsteps of other bloggers 
who have been successful in transforming their lives has been such an inspiration and so unexpected.
The network of online friends has been rather over whelming
the support that is out there
the emails
the comments...

Thank you for reading my Humble Blog.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Springing forth with colour...OOTD and a health report.

Spring is showing off in the yellow daffodils, purple crocus, red tulips and the blue hyacinths...
everywhere I look I see VIBRANT BRILLIANT COLOUR.
It is so startling after the grey skies of winter that my head turns to notice every bud and bloom.

This store's display
 caught my attention
and I stopped to look closer
to examine the details of each piece.
How cheerful and energetic it makes me feel.

As seen on the street in Seattle
mette might recognize some of the Marimekko prints.

Color or "Colour"
 is getting lots of press this season.
~ ~ ~
(Colour is how well spell it here in Canada)

Who knew there were blue trees in Seattle?

I'd call this cobalt blue...
it certainly makes a statement.

~ ~ ~

 Silly I know...

"Walking outfit"
I have two of these hoodies one in Glacier Blue and this Chartreuse Green
and I have been living in these "performance" active wear pants from Lands End!
They are so comfy...

I have been side lined with Vertigo all weekend and it continues 
my doctor thinks is Benign Postural Vertigo...
 I am taking some medicine, the same one that astronauts take for their trips to outer space!

So for now it's slow mo days in The Humble Bungalow
no walks allowed until it passes.
"Too risky"
 the hazards of falling are not worth it.

(I reluctantly have to agree)

I have lots of new magazines to browse

 a funny book to start
this really does sound entertaining!

What colours are you wearing this season and are you feeling bold in your choice of colour?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Hostess gets a makeover at Bobbi Brown...

Bobbi Brown is well known and respected when it comes to making the best of make up.
Not over doing it, but using a lighter hand to accent and emphasize your best features.

When Mr. HB and I were in Seattle on holiday I did something completely out of my comfort zone.
I sat at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom's and had a make over!
It was very early so thankfully the store was not too crowded.
"No unnecessary attention please and thank you!"

After watching the Lisa Eldridge videos I realized that I could use some help.
Choosing the shades that are complimentary to my skin tone is something that I have always struggled a bit with
also I knew that I needed a base colour on my face to cover my ruddiness from rosacea and yet I still wanted to add a healthy glow. The cosmetician was helpful and was able to achieve what I was looking for in a very short time.

My morning routine has got to be easy...

A trio of products and a foundation brush.
Porcelain Luminous Moisturizing Foundation
Fresh Melon Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks 
Antigua Illuminating Bronzing Powder

I am happy with the products how easy they are to work with and how the end result looks natural.
If you have never had a makeover do try one
they are free and you can take home samples
having someone impartial give you advice is much easier than you might think!

If you like the products after trying them then go back to the cosmetic counter and buy them.
I wore the foundation for a day before I decided it was right for me.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a little time out of your busy day.
Have you tried anything new lately?

I've got my nose buried in a new book by an author that I have just discovered...
she has penned a dozen books!

Thanks to Julian Fellowes 
writer of Downton Abbey and Gosford Park...

His comment on the front cover made the sale and I am enjoying it
 it feels a bit like I just stepped inside a home like the one in Downton Abbey but with different characters.

What are you reading?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Seattle and Vancouver Loot Shoot...

I bought very little on our recent trip as we focused on seeing the sights and walking ~ walking ~ walking!

I needed a new case for my IPhone 4 and the selection was quite thin on the ground.
Seems like the IPhone 5 is the new kid in town so I hunted high and low for a case for mine and was fortunate enough to find one of two Kate Spade dotty ones left at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver.
Kate Spade does do some fun designs...
I browsed her shop in Seattle and could have gotten into a LOT of trouble had I not been focused on what I need and not what tempts!

An Eileen Fisher top
found at Nordstrom's Rack
the main store's clearance centre.

metal beading makes this simple style more interesting

Leather Ballet flats to replace my worn ones
Mee Too 
comfy ~ like walking on pillows!

New walking shoes in a brushed gold shade
Born ~ comfort and a little dazzle.

Classic striped French inspired top from Banana Republic.

H and M 
tank tops white and one black and white in a very discreet pattern
perfect for layering with all my other pieces.
 I think H and M is for the young and young at heart.
Good value on these basics that's why I scooped them up...
I actually bought two white ones.
Stains happen, 
well they do to me 
and sadly often I cannot remove them.

I have one more post on my loot and that will follow shortly as I am having a bit of fun with it.
Be back soon...
enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seattle snapshots...Chihuly, Tom Douglas and Pike Place Market.

Whew what a busy getaway!
Mr. HB and I walked for hours every day that we were away and enjoyed seeing the sights.
Oh and yes there was some shopping!
I am up to my neck buried in laundry right now I'll get that done and then post a "loot shoot."
Thank goodness for the large capacity LG machines.

The Space Needle reflected in the blue sphere.

I highly recommend taking the time to visit this amazing place.
You'll never think of glass in the same way again!

You can get an idea of how vast this glass sculpture is when you look at the figures at the bottom left.
It's quite staggering to stand beside this and gaze up.

This glass scene fills an entire room.
Vibrant colour and interesting textures and shapes...

The Glass House

Outside in the Chihuly Gardens

The plantings accent the colours and textures of the glassworks.

The greyed wood and the blues and mauves compliment each other
and the chartreuse blooms add even more depth and interest.

Red stands out against the black Mondo grass at the base.

A perfect to time your visit would be around dusk 
so that the lights inside placed inside the glass sculptures would be enchanting.

We rode the 50 year old monorail which has stood the test of time
it is the easiset and fastest way to get to the Space Needle, Chihuly Gardens and The EMI Music Experience.
The Music Experience is inside an interesting building by architect Frank Gehry.

view from the monorail platform

it's a huge space and so artfully designed

We decided against riding the wheel on the waterfront 
the weather was grey and rainy, the winds were gusting
neither of us felt like swaying in the breeze or looking at the skyline through a wet rainy glass dome.

The Savour Seattle food tour was fabulous and rated one of the top 10 tours in the US
now I understand why...
The knowledgable, friendly and entertaining guides 
a behind the scenes look at the Market
 tasty samples 
personally greeting vendors on the 2 hour walking tour of Pike Place Market.

We dined at some amazing restaurants 
we researched them on Trip Advisor and booked ahead through Open Table.

 Dahlia Lounge was one great spot!
Top Chef Tom Douglas owns many great places to eat in Seattle.

Amuse bouche
a wee bite to wake up the taste buds.

Tom is famous for his signature crab cakes 
I make a tasty crab cake so I wanted to see just how good they were.
they were served on a bed of wilted mustard greens which were sauteed in garlic!

Mr. HB had oysters in mignonette sauce, pot stickers and steamed clams.
he had to try their famous coconut cream pie
I had one teensy taste...

Tom and his wife were sitting in the booth next to us enjoying dinner...
he must be a very busy chef and to see him relaxing in one of his own restaurants was a bonus
check out all Tom's amazing venues.

We had a fabulous time in Seattle
stay tuned for some shopping highlights in the next post...

Hope that your week is off to a great start!