Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robed chinoiserie style...Saturday morning and I am not dressed yet!

What does your bathrobe look like?

Channeling Chinoiserie Chic
(I know...get over yourself Hostess!)
I feel vampy
it's my summer weight robe
so silky
feels like liquid against my skin
The sleeves are wide and can be a hazard when cooking in the kitchen
which I have a bad habit of doing before getting dressed
I get carried away so easily

I do not own slippers
 so I pad around the house barefoot
in the cold of winter
 I don socks

What kind of slippers do you favour?
are they dainty marabou frou frou style
or chunky warm sheepskin mules?

it's all in the details


Fire breathing dragon emblazoned on a black background
just doesn't exude rest and relaxation 
I keep the dragon well hidden
he has my back

I saw 3 different designs when I last visited Chinatown
they retailed for $80
Wine, Blue and Green variations
I hummed and hawed
this one is eons old and showing signs of wear
but it's very cozy
and cool
so I turned and walked away
there'll be another robe
when this one is in tatters
which could be sooner than later.


  1. Dear Hostess, What a delight to fall across your most attractive, fun, and interesting weblog [I have delved back into past postings] which I have discovered via dear Britta of 'Gardening in High Heels'.

    Now, as for dressing gowns. I fear I have nothing approaching the elegance and style of yours, having to content myself with a rather plain, very serviceable, woollen number of the kind most probably worn by boys at a Preparatory School [although I was never in one] in the 1950s. I am now inspired to be in the shops as they open first thing on Monday morning! As for slippers, I have none, preferring bare feet.

    I was intrigued to read of your interest in the Arts and Crafts Movement as my latest posting describes a visit made very recently to Charleston in East Sussex, the home of the Bloomsbury Set.

    I am signing myself as a 'Follower' in order not to miss out on future postings.

  2. Oh Hostess, you in this robe: S--y ! I only own the sauna robe. Your´s is so elegant! I walk barefoot or with stockings inside. I don´t feel at home, if I wear shoes inside ( only on party times ). Odd, but true.

  3. You are infinitely more elegant than I. I wear pyjama bottoms and a tee to wander around in the morning, and sheepskin mules. I admire your sense of morning adventure.

  4. Edith Hope- Your blog is a gardeners delight! I have been reading all your posts...happy to say I have become a follower!

    Metscan-I feel the same way about putting shoes on inside only for entertaining! LOL

    LPC-Your attire sounds very cozy...I find it interesting that we empty nesters wander around at leisure in the mornings...such a luxury!