Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wispy wool by Tilo

Do you like to keep your neck warm?
GRRR  I feel positively beastly when I am cold.
I admit that I am miserable and grumpy when my feet, hands and neck are chilled.

If you've been following my blog for awhile you'll know I do love Hermes silk twill scarves but they do not keep me cozy when the temperature dips.
Wool or cashmere needs to be on the job.

Recently I purchased a whisper soft 100% wool scarf which is made on a loom, and is colour and wash dyed.
Each scarf is slightly different and the patterns and fabrics are stunning
made by the company Tilo.

you can wrap this twice for sumptuous comfort
or leave it long and loose


grey and black 
a great combo

~ ~ ~

Probably the best hostess recipe book that I own
 reliable and delicious 
it makes "entertaining"easy.

Printed here for 

The dip got rave reviews!
(and it's a cinch to make)

Hope that your week is off to a great start.
Stay Warm and Be well.
 ~ ~ ~

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shower snaps...

The baby shower was last weekend and I have been so busy with out of town family visiting that I've had very little time to sit down at the computer and blog.

Darling daughter and I blew up some dotty balloons 
then she tied them to the railing out front of the Humble Bungalow.
Maps had been given to all those invited but this was a quick clue as to which house they were coming to.

I raided Miss Isla's toy basket and spelled Baby in blue and green blocks.

I bought some paper plates for the appetizers
(diaper pins for the table!)
I rarely use paper but this wee pram pattern caught my eye.
I love prams, especially vintage ones.

We had mimosa's in champagne flutes to start.
Equal amounts of fresh orange juice and bubbly.
I used Cooks for economy
when mixing these cocktails it's more about the fizz and bubbles 
 the juice is the big pop of flavour here.

Tea and coffee served on the built in buffet.
(I pushed the family photos to the back to make room!)

(photo by J)

I love all white china
it makes mixing patterns a breeze.

(photo by J)

Assorted cheeses, dried apricots and dates.
3 kinds of crackers
sundried tomato basil dip from The Best of Best of Bridge cookbook
vegetables and dilly dip
deviled eggs

(photo by J)

I like to use cheeses that are different and label them accordingly.

home made chocolate torte with strawberries

(photo by J)

(photo by J)

(photo by J)

Lovely daughter has a friend Emily who is a talented graphic designer 
 the two of them made a banner for the shower.
You can see more of Em's work here.
Emmett's Mom will be able to keep this for his room or it may come out for future birthday celebrations.

I wish I had had one of these for my children when they were young.
I love the idea.

We did play a few shower games...
a Baby word scramble 
a necklace game
each guest upon arrival was given a gaudy plastic dollar store string of beads
whenever you said the word baby you have to give up your necklace to who ever heard you say it.
There were two winners in the end and fortunately I had wrapped three gifts.

It's been years since I've hosted a shower
 I don't think I could have pulled it off without help from my clever daughter.
Thanks darling!
~ ~ ~
Some of the photos used here are the property of darling daughter 
I have indicated those by adding her initial "J".

Friday, October 26, 2012

Orange and black...OOTD

It's a cold blustery October afternoon.

Halloween is on the horizon
and with no wee ones in the house I do not fuss much with the decor.
It's a shameful lack of energy that is behind my lack luster efforts.
Look at this
lazy nod to the season 
a lonely orange pumpkin sits
waiting by the door of The Humble Bungalow.

Janet has spruced up a pumpkin with paint and sparkles
she got the idea from another blog.

We have a set of pumpkin lights that we will string in the window
and yellow danger do not cross tapes.
That's about it.

looking rather witchy
 black garments abound...

Ralph Lauren pants
Stuart Weitzman black patent leather shoes with velvet bows 
black with white spidery patterned top ?
(it had an irritating tag that chafed my neck so it was cut out immediately)

How about an orange feather boa 
or a scarf?
I need a punch of orange for our school black and orange day.

Some staff members go all out and dress up
with holiday themed earrings, necklaces, 
ties that light up
orange nail polish
over the top make up
and while it works for them it just doesn't feel like me.

I do not want to be seen as a poor sport but I have never really taken to dressing up
my style is much more sedate
boring perhaps, conservative definitely!

Yet I do need something and I am on the hunt for just the right orange accent...
any ideas?

Tish Jett has a fabulous orange tote on her blog today which is quite tempting.

I'm not sure that I have ever owned any orange garment
unless one counts that smattering of orange on my Lanvin scarf
(you can see it on the sidebar of my blog)

I am planning to hit the stores this weekend
what would you suggest?

~ ~ ~

Have a delicious weekend...
I think there will be some chocolate on the menu here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post 714 or another abstract tangental post.

We have been super busy here in The Humble Bungalow, between listening to the rain gushing through the down spouts we have hosted a baby shower and have been enjoying the visit from Mr. HB's family from up in the Kootenay area of BC.

There has been a minimum of opportunity to blog!
It's funny how I got into a regular routine of blogging. It happened quite seamlessly once I caught the blogging bug...and it has still not waned.
I've noticed quite a few of the blogs that started up when I did have gone the way of the dodo.
Many are blogging less and I wonder if we all get to the point where we have said it all or have very little else to say...
I feel a bit like a proverbial blabber mouth!
I can see by my stats that there are many people out there who read my babble....
and I am curious just what it is that brings people back.

If you have an opinion on this perhaps you'll feel comfortable enough to leave me a comment.

My recent "running errands OOTD"
I know I know
you may be shaking your head right now.
I am wearing LuLulemon Yoga pants
they are so very comfortable and I felt if I wore them with my ballet flats that they might look a bit dressier.

The Fashion Police will certainly cite me for this infraction.
I also wore red Chanel lipstick and donned my scarf....
does that count?
Do I sound like I am pleading my case?
Maybe I am just trying to justify this choice to myself!

This scarf is so simple to tie
if you've never worn a scarf 
cut your teeth on one like this.

Do you like these Simple books?
I have a few of them and they are fun to peruse.
I do see more inspiring details each time I flip through the pages.
One thing I have learned is that accessories are the best way to add a personal touch.

In these fluctuating and uncertain economic times 
I think it's prudent to have a basic lean functional wardrobe.
One that makes you feel great, looks good and flatters, one that does not completely deplete your bank account, and one that is classic enough to withstand a personal economic downturn.
(heaven forbid that should happen but we do need to be mindful and not stick our heads in the sand)

Look the sun made a brief encouraging appearance
and it was as if the sun had been shining all day long.

It takes very little to brighten my day.

What bright spots have made a showing in your day?

Be Well
~ ~ ~ 

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Rainy Monday afternoon post ~ random thoughts.

L'Occitane Almond Milk Cream smells delicious and is so full of moisturizing properties...
I highly recommend it as it delivers on it's promise to soothe and hydrate dry skin.
The L'Occitane Shea Butter is fabulous too, especially the hand and foot creams.
Have you ever tried their range of products?
They have a fabulous website and now there is a shop located downtown in our city.
It's a sensory treat to walk in and sample their wares and the knowledgeable staff are ready to assist.

It comes in a convenient size and lasts quite a long time.
A little goes a long way.

The jar is quite attractive so there's no need to hide it away.
I keep it on my bedside table to remind me to use it.

Organic Angelica Water and Essential Oil
Eye Roll On
(Patent Pending)
Suitable for sensitive eyes.
For the delicate skin around the eyes.
~ ~ ~ 
On the box it states that with use it will 
~ reduce the appearance of fine lines by 18% ~
~ reduce puffiness by 11% ~
~ reduce dark circles by 12% ~

I'm hoping that this will perform as well as the box suggests.
The skin around my eyes is starting to look more crepe-y
and I have some puffiness when I wake up in the morning.

~ ~ ~ 

I've got lots of random thoughts and a rather disjointed blog post today...
perhaps it's because I had a super busy weekend of preparing and hosting the baby shower.
Which I will post about on another day...

Foliage is standing in for flowers today.
I may not have mentioned this but Chester thinks flowers are to play with and will not leave them alone.
So far every arrangement has been "de-arranged."

Here he is helping me do the laundry, ready to pounce.
If he's not in the laundry basket 
he's on top of the clothes.
I think he's more like a dog than a cat as he follows me everywhere
and Pepper is never far behind!
~ ~ ~ 

New book
some easy reading
The book is rather like a clutch purse.

I do enjoy Candace Bushnell's style.
I loved "One Fifth Avenue" and "Four Blondes."

Last year I read the "Carrie Diaries"...
these books are what I consider to be  "mental snack food"
a light entertaining read
nothing that requires too much energy...
pure entertainment.

It's what I need and crave after a busy day at work.
(and a freshly brewed pot of tea.)

I've got my tea, the cat is on my lap
I  can hear the rain coursing through the down spouts.
It's a wet day today...
It's warm and dry in my wee Humble Bungalow
I am feeling grateful for a roof over my head and food in the fridge.
~ ~ ~ 
Our local community food banks are having difficult keeping their shelves stocked.
At school we are having a food drive.
It was suggested that each student donate one can of food 
with over 500 students enrolled in our school that would be a substantial boost to help.

I think many families will bring more than one can...
it's the least we can do.

Hope you are snug safe and warm.

~ ~ ~ 

Friday, October 19, 2012

50 Shades of Grey....

The book 50 Shades of Grey has caused quite a stir!
In recent conversations it seems to divide many readers who have read it.

I must confess that I have not read it and will probably not read it.
Have you read it?
What are your opinions on the book?

I have been greying things up quite a bit in the past year or so...
perhaps it's the cat and the kitten that have influenced my passion for grey.

Saks Fifth Avenue
thrifted when I went shopping with Sheila from the fashion blog Ephemera

long vest by Orange
purchased at Christmas time when I was shopping for others!

basic tank by Bobi
a reliable sturdy layering piece
purchased in the summertime 
on the Avenue after lunching with Mother and my sister.

Faux Fur by Gelco
a fall in~VEST~ment piece
I wear this every week at least once
it's fabulous and cozy.

The new kid on the block
a soft grey cashmere from Lands End

It's what I am wearing today.

I suppose my version would read
5 Shades of Grey!

Have you got an exciting weekend planned?

I am hosting a baby shower for a co worker who is on maternity leave
have a bunch of ladies coming over to our Humble Bungalow for food and fun
and we'll all get to meet the new baby!

I'm enlisting the help of lovely daughter who is going to help me decorate for the shower.
She's got some clever ideas as she's been helping a friend this summer who runs a wedding planning service
and can make me a banner and add a dash of fun.

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pins, pans and perfume....

Life around here is nothing too out of the ordinary.
It's ticking along with a more regular rhythm
we are not complacent
just catching our breath
after some recent family medical issues which finds us breathing deeper with our pulses are slowing down.

The Fall weather has arrived with a vengeance
bringing with it gusty gale force winds and the trees are shedding their leaves swiftly.
The old furnace is rumbling as it chugs out warm blasts of air.

Sunday dinners will mostly be roasted and they will certainly be comfort food,
in the sublime form of prime rib of beef, free range organic chickens and the occasional ham.
(vegetarians and vegans look away)

Turkey is reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I do love a great roasting pan.
Luckily / fortunately for me Mr. HB believes in good tools...
so it was last Sunday that found me unwrapping a vast box bearing...

a sturdy roasting pan
"All Clad"
stainless that will accommodate a turkey, chicken, rib roast or a large lasagna
this will be in use on a regular basis in The Humble Bungalow Kitchen.
Thanks Honey!

I have been wearing my vintage pins lately...
if nothing else they start a conversation...

Baroque pearl
circa 1920
a gift from lovely daughter
I LOVE this one
it's simple and sparkly
and goes with most everything I own.

Gilmour tunic top
Lands End leggings
Hush Puppies leather boots
"Orange" vest

please accept my apologies as
I look tired
I have been busy de-cluttering the downstairs 
as well as being a social butterfly...
I know I have been burning the candle at both ends
( I have made a reservation at the spa...)

a new discovery...

"Passionate Night"
pillow spray
I have never heard of this before and I love this scent.
It is available in a candle or this spray
sadly no perfume...
if it were I'd be buying up a few bottles as the scent is lovely
and I did slumber deep with this scent wafting up from my pillow.

I cheated and spritzed some on my vest this morning so I could enjoy the subtle scent throughout my day.

It's subtle, kind of musky with notes from the Orient.

What perfume do you wear?
Have you worn this for a long time or is it new for you?
Do you like to keep your scent a secret?

~ ~ ~ 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The cats are ruling the roost...

Chester our youngest cat has taken to climbing in a big way.
He has been leaping up on top of our kitchen cabinets and walking along the plate rails.

We have taken to clapping loudly to discourage this behaviour when we are home but when we are away he'll be free to climb to his heart's content.


Rescued in the nick of time...

I've got to find a new place for these jars, somewhere safe.
I think I'll display them in my glass fronted cupboards in The Humble Bungalow Kitchen.

I blame it on the birds...
they are flitting about flying and chirping outside these windows.
Chester can see them and being a hunter he'd love to catch them.
He's up on the ledges swatting at the glass, mewing and chirruping.

I know our lives have been enriched by this little fellow
so I am happy to store a few breakables away until this phase passes...
if it ever does!

Pepper and Chester are racing about The Humble Bungalow right now.
It's a game they love to play and good exercise.
I wait until they're tired out before straightening the area rugs that have flown in their wake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I'm going to embrace random acts of kindness as my focus this week 
I'll see what things I can do to make a difference
or just make someone smile
(perhaps you'll join me)

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

And the beet goes on...

Beets are best served fresh and we have enjoyed our garden's bounty this summer.
Sweet and delicious served simply with butter, a grind of pepper and a few crystals of sea salt.

With the weather finally slinking into fall
the fog, the damp and the rain...
It seemed like a good time to pull out the rest of our beets and do something with them.

red beets

yellow beets

Pickled beets
a real treat
which we'll enjoy over the winter.

Do you remember Sonny and Cher?

They look so young and in love in this video clip.

Can you see the massive spider's web that has been woven outside our living room window?
It's so intricate.
No sign of the spider though...
I've noticed many webs strung and woven in the garden recently.
Which makes me wonder where these spiders have been all summer long.

When I looked at this web I thought I'd recently seen this design up close.
Then I remembered that I have a pottery bowl by potter Terry Ryals.

celadon green

look closer

The pattern looks rather weblike
perhaps he was inspired by a spider's handiwork.

I don't know how he has achieved this effect
perhaps it's in the firing or a very specific kind of glaze.

All I know is that I do like the finished product.
You can find his works locally in galleries and on Salt Spring Island.

I love to browse galleries for unique gifts for friends and family.
And on a rare occasion I find a treasure that comes home with me!

~ ~ ~

Hope you are having fun and enjoying your day.