Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the times they are a seen by me.

Turmoil and transition Bungalow Style....
Family responsibilities...
and eldercare, bestowed upon by a legal document that was drawn up years a time when thoughts were as far from here as could ever be imagined.

Once upon a time, long ago and far away...Young spirited parents early retired, not "stinking rich" but comfortable, and happy, embarked on many adventures hard earned by years of hard work, toil and sacrifice.
Life was good...there were local spring and summer boating trips and holidays seeking warm winters, snowbirding to a sunny California desert where a home was purchased.
Great grandchildren were were taken, albums moments were sealed in the memory box for all time.
(I seek these out for comfort now)

Time passes and the little grey cottage by the sea becomes home base...the boat tethered to the dock in front, cruises are few and far between...and now beside, another boat is tied...a Classic Chris Craft.

The grey shingles pale and weather, the days grow dim...and the inhabitants grow old and frail...they press on with a stiff upper lip they go through the motions and resist any help or intervention.
Friends start to ask questions...a bit too comfort is shaken, my eyes open wide.
I do not do worry well, so I take action when the family is stuck.
I am not a blood relation...I married their son.
I go in and take charge, I hire, I fire and I get flack.
(I will live with this guilt but it doesn't weigh me down because I have their best interests at heart)

There is a  death and we are at the and minds deteriorate...
and you must act...
and act you will
as hard an act as ever could put one foot in front of the other and press on.

Act with a sound mind but with a shattered heart, a heart that has loved and remembers all the good times...a heart that wants more than can be possible...a heart that aches and breaks.

Details are not necessary...
I am clinging to the positive....
there is nothing else to be done...
accentuate the positive and minimize the negative.

We will survive...we must.
I am getting up tomorrow morning and placing one foot in front of the other and pressing on...with a stiff upper goes on...
I hope it does.....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toadstools, mushrooms, funghi alert!

If you go out in the woods today
you're sure of a big surprise...

I couldn't resist this!


look at these toadstools

bright orange

these mushrooms are poisonous...

I was able to determine their name by googling images
these are amanita muscaria

flat topped and spotty

like a space station 
beneath the shrubbery!

these images were captured a few blocks from the Bungalow
not in the woods or the forest
Never eat mushrooms from the wild unless you know for a fact that they are not toxic
every year people die from eating poisonous mushrooms.

Monday, September 27, 2010


My neighbour Diana has an orchid house
and she grows a wide variety of orchids year round.
A recently retired university professor,
 she has embraced orchid growing with an academic and scientific perspective.
Gauges, thermostats, heaters, fans, fertilizers
potting mediums, shade cloth, and on it goes.
She possesses a firm grasp on the Latin nomenclature
 of all things orchid.

The rest of her postage stamp garden is comprised of a few woody shrubs
some climbing clematis
her prolific and robust hydrangea bush

She lopped off numerous blooms as they were large and heavy
 bending the branches to the ground
 I just happened to be about
and gratefully accepted this bounty of blooms.

We are very fortunate to know our neighbours
we socialize on occasion
and keep watch when someone is away.

I have passed quite a few zucchinis over the fence between us this summer
it's so comfortable
sharing natures' bounty
with each other.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's in the box?

 What's in the Box?

 open the latch...

read  the directions...

shells in a jar

a reed diffuser
a bit of a splurge
what an interesting bit of background India!

Crabtree and Evelyn
India Hicks
has a variety of scented candles
perfumes, lotions
and soaps

The Bungalow Bathroom 
is delicately scented with a light tropical air
floral and fruity

as for the box...
what should I use this for?
it's too nice to discard..

(I don't have a pistol!)

I could use some ideas.

Friday, September 24, 2010

yellow blooms, a hasty planting...

a little burry image of my pudding bowl 
I planted these in a hurry
lots of things happening here
we have
a house guest
family obligations
we are dealing with a dysfunctional relative
there's one in every family!

         I thought that these were pansies
I do know
     they are sunny yellow
    and they add light to the grey rainy days
and I love blooming things

cheap and cheerful

they'll have a spot on the porch
on the black wicker table

I have taken all the cushions off and stored them for the winter

Fall is upon us...
summer is over

I feel like
pulling the covers up 
sipping hot tea

look what my houseguest brought for me!
from England

reading a good book

cocooning in my nightgown

I'm off to the serenity of my bedroom
sweet dreams to all...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Closet clean out and Recipe cards!

My closet is now ready for Fall and my work wardrobe is easily visible.
I have hung things in basic colour, white, grey, navy...
with a few prints and coloured garments to the side.

I had some items to donate to charity and a few that I felt might be candidates for the consignment shop.
The consignment shop is on a busy street and parking can be difficult but I found a spot with ease and while they looked over my garments I perused their stock. 
The staff are very well turned out and fashionably accessorized...the stock is neat, clean and attractively displayed. 
Most items are name brand designers and are in current styles...some are new with tags still attached...
I did not find anything to purchase and was not really engaged in looking, having just pared down and added a few new recently purchased pieces.

Nextdoor to the consignment shop is a vintage decor shop which has great stock.
I browse here often and need to steel myself from making purchases as there is ALWAYS at least one thing that calls my name...
It might be the artfully arranged groupings of items which are so sumptuous that I swoon!
The owner has a keen eye and she finds unique time worn pieces...some very country, others very fine.

I saw weathered oars, concrete garden urns, antique inlaid wood dressers, country jelly cupboards, painted French trays, silver bowls, ironstone crocks, biscuit tins, costume jewlery, hat stands, crystal chandeliers, floral printed china, rugs, mirrors of all shapes and sizes, oil paintings, and a large collection of garden gnomes!

I found these...and they spoke to me!
circa 1969

French Recipe Cards!

 a complete deck...

recipes in the French style of eating
circa 1969
not low fat
high flavour

French women don't get fat!
there is a book available
with that title...
after reading these cards
I would like to believe that
I have my doubts!

Duchesse at Passage des perles
recently commented on my blogpost 
referencing a book "French Women" by Marguerite 
where a 3 bite rule
is suggested

thank you
great advice Duchesse!

one dessert and forks for all diners at the table
equals French chic!

and now...
Bridge anyone?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lights, camera, action....

New lights in the Bungalow
I am so excited 
I will be able to see so much better!

Arts and crafts style fixture
custom crafted
by Waterglass Studios
 if you look closely
you'll see some holes...
ceiling patching and paint 
will be added onto the "honey do list"

my trusty camera
an oldie but a goodie

a Nordstrom's box
wait for it...

my boots arrived

they fit and 
they're super comfy
and the desired flat sole
for the sake of my feet

buckle up


the leather is pebbled like my Roots bag
soft and supple

we get buckets of rain here in the Pacific Northwest
 so boots are required
"Gum boots" or  Hunter's for gardening or beach walks
lined boots with traction for snow days
and these for
window shopping
work and play
antiquing and thrifting
and so much more...

I was very apprehensive about the sizing, shipping and quality
I am pleased and content.
 "generic fashion boots"
have a new home.

your service agents are so helpful
especially to a rookie like the Hostess
I heard no laughing
just efficient polite responses
which I do so appreciate
Thank you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lanvin and Park Avenue...interlopers in the Humble Bungalow!

When it comes to scarves 
I am wooed by Hermes and luxe silk
handrolled edges

 I can be persuaded to purchase other designers scarves
and here's an example

a foray into orange
with the safety net of navy and white

Park Avenue shirt
softest cotton
it is made for a man
but worn by a woman

the quality
is Luxe

I feel very comfortable wearing a man's shirt
I can wear it with the collar and cuffs turned up
and tucked into jeans
or layer it over a white tank
or loosely belted
dare I say

is there a certain look or style that makes you feel more confident ? my happy red shoes

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer's over but not according to Nelly!

A pleasant surprise greeted me when I popped out on the sundeck to take some images of the garden...
Nelly Moser clematis divine!

obviously she's happy here
as she's putting on another show

the raised veggie beds are still producing beets and swiss chard
the patio tomatoes have more to offer

here's the area we reclaimed as grass
for future familygames
we bought sod
 Kentucky Bluegrass
rolled it out 
instant lawn
a bit of a colour difference
 Mr. HB assures me this will eventually blend 
the rose and other plants were relocated
and some were put on the boulevard with the free plants sign

my neighbour across the street has Muscovey ducks
 besides eating sowbugs and slugs they have been eating her hostas 
she took all the hostas that I could supply
I suggested that she skip a step
instead of planting them....
give them straight to the ducks
(she raised her eye but did not look amused)

I needed mascara
I do not like my lashes naked and pale
so I purchased

infused with sap moss
a greener choice
a gardener can appreciate this product
I love the formulation
easy to apply
separates lashes 
and they look thick without globby hitch-hikers

my salon's esthetician informed me that the new rose based mascara will be the penultimate mascara
 available Spring 2011
I've already marked my calendar.

Bungalow indoor kitchen sill garden
phalaenopsis orchid
 Lamp Berger
my favourite way to scent the home

I've completely forgotten this hardy plants name
It blooms forever...

dinner is simmering on the stove
tonight a simple supper
clam chowder
a one pot wonder
perfect for Fall

what did you do this weekend?
what are you planning to do this coming week?