Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Michael Kors Santorini makes it's summertime debut.

I have downsized and summerized my bag...
the weather has been so cool and dreary that I have not felt at all like wearing shorts or tank tops let alone putting away my dark coloured bag.
The sun is shining and it is warm today...25 celsius!
I have swapped to a lighter straw tote.
Michael Kors Santorini 

I like the way it looks sitting on the teak table, next to the iron candle holders and beeswax candles.
Shaded by the Market Umbrella...
glistening brass details; studs...turnlock and the braided leather handles contrast with the raffia weave of the bag.
Michael you've got a lot going on here!
You make a great centerpiece...

Small buy mighty

I like details and well designed and crafted bags....
I love bags,
and I love shoes... 
if you come here often you already know that about me!

There's just one thing about this bag...
my cat loves to scratch wicker, straw, seagrass and baskets 
so I need to keep this away from her or it will be a ratty tatty mess!

I can pop it in here at the end of the season to store it safely.
This bag is large enough for my cat...but I don't think she is savvy enough to untie the cord.

I think she'd rather hang out with my shoes than the bags.

Semi retired Tory Burch...
stored away for another day.

I found a few tidbits of info and care tips here.


  1. You bought just the right bag for yourself. Congratulations. The bag is calling out and loud your name. Gorgeous! I´m so delighted that you bought yourself a decent summer bag, not one of those 13 in a dozen ones :))

  2. love the new bag, very crisp and chic x

  3. metscan-thank you, I only need one basic summer bag...for a dressy evening I would carry my vintage eelskin clutch.

    FF- I appreciate your comment...I hold you in such high esteem.

  4. Great MK bag Hostess and I love your Tory Burch too!!


  5. hi leslie,

    love the bag, i think it's perfect for you and the bungalow.


  6. Jeanne-These are the newest of my handbag collection...and it will be no surprise if another one joins the gang in the fall!

    Janet-I could put a plastic liner inside add a vase and put some roses in it...well maybe that's going a wee bit too off the deep end! I am not, try as I might, be as funny as Blighty!

  7. I have a few favourite Michael Kors pieces.
    I should do a blog post on the Hermes shirt that Michael Kors copied.
    I was so astounded, buying the MK on a day after the H! I returned both, the finishing and fabric was so exact.
    I was so stunned I took photos to send to Hermes.

  8. I meant to say buying the MK, the very next day after the Hermes.