Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anniversary and roses...

Here we are a few years back 
snapped out front of the Humble Bungalow
just before we went out for our anniversay dinner.

Jude the Obscure
Rose, most fabulous

Metscan, materfamilias and myself are all celebrating our 36th year of marriage this year.
I commented on mette's blog about some thoughts of marriage and wonder how it is that we have managed to be a couple for so long.

I met Mr. HB when I was 15...I'm 55 now.
There must be a great deal of luck involved
I know that we have changed and morphed into the people we are today
as we were starry eyed lovers innocent  and green when we walked down the aisle of that church so many years ago.
We went from our family homes into the arms of each other
partners in life, for life
and that was the unwritten attitude that I embraced
I never ever thought that marriage would be hard work
(I was surprised, a little, I was so naive)
I never imagined that we would divorce
I don't know why 
I just felt that we would be together forever
maybe just that abiding belief was enough

 life and events have shaped us and made us grow closer 
we have adapted
we have had differences
there have been times when I wanted to walk away
but somehow
we have worked out the kinks
so far
one never can sit back and take it for granted

Many of these anniversaries have been celebrated with a romantic dinner.
We celebrated this year, with lovely daughter and we watched The Batchelorette!
She cooked her delicious Thai curry with chicken and rice...a bottle of bubbly made an appearance and soon disappeared!

at the risk of sounding sappy...
I do feel very blessed
I am grateful

What things are important for a long and happy marriage?
I feel they must be different for every couple
what rings true for you?
Please share your thoughts


  1. hi leslie,

    happy anniversay and what a lovely post.

    we met when we were 17 and against all odds we married and knew it was forever. my friends always ask how we've done it through thick and thin all these years (30) and the only thing i can come up with is that i know in my heart that there is no one that can love me like he does. he just does it for me. period.


    ps ~ btw he says the same about me too!

  2. What a lovely post, Hostess.

    So true what you have written. Those of us still a little green behind the ears in the marriage stakes can be inspired by you and Mr Hostess.

    Thank you for your valuable insights and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

    SSG xxx

  3. Many congratulations to you and to Mr HB and I loved your thoughts about a long marriage over at Metscan blog spot too - inspirational. Every good wish to you. x

  4. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  5. Let me too express my warm congratulations to You and Your husband! 36 years is a long time.. I don´t know how my marriage has lasted as long as yours. Sure, there have been really difficult times, times when we have hated each other, but the anger has not lasted for a long time ever. I guess my answer is, that we have grown up side by side.

  6. Yay! Congratulations!

    We married older, and have been married for only 10 years, but I understand your feelings that made things work - I can't imagine why we'd ever divorce or have things not work. I know that it happens, but we endure the hard times and believe that we won't let the worst happen to "us."

    Congratulations again on 36 years.

  7. Janet- It sounds to me like you two are soulmates as well as spouses.

    SSG-A little green is good, who wants to be a "know it all"

    Metscan-"growing up side by side" it has it's advantages...

    Artful lawyer-You sound very committed to your marriage of 10 are not far behind us! Congrats.

  8. I am sure your celebration was a happy one, and I wish you many, many more.

    Like Metscan, I think my husband and I "grew up side by side" -- we met when I was nineteen and he was twenty and have been together for more than half our lives now. I think knowing we have each other's best interests at heart probably had a great deal to do with why we're so happy together. But why we still can't stand to be apart, I can't explain.

    I wear my husband's great-grandmother's engagement ring. She and her husband were married for 63 years. I consider it my talisman.

  9. Dear Janet, congratulation for your happy anniversary!And many, many happy years!
    My ingredientss for a happy marriage: not to take the other for granted/ see each other as individuals/ grant each other space - but be close, too/ be thankful / be interested/ be respectful/ love each other.
    We have been married for so long (well, not being quite 21 then, my parents had to consent by law) - that I don't tell the exact amount of years, because to often I saw the mind-age-calculators working :-) Britta

  10. Congratulations! So you were even younger than I was when you married, and you've nonetheless managed 36 years. I do think luck has a great deal to do with it -- I can hardly attribute too much wisdom to myself as that young bride long ago. But a family-wide commitment to marriage on both sides, much patience, compromise, hard work, abundant good will, and a sense of humour, again on both sides, have been important as well. I suspect this is the case for you as well. All the best for many more years together.

  11. Staircase Witch-Welcome!
    You were the same age as I was when we got married and I love that you have a family ring!
    I am following your blog now.

    Britta-Thank you for the wishes...and your insights.... "mind age calculations" sounds interesting!
    .Janet is a visitor from the Gardener's Cottage...

    materfamilias-The family aspect is huge really...compromise too...and laughter...I agree.
    Great thoughts and congratulatory wishes to you and pater!

  12. Actually, doing the arithmetic--I think I was two years older than you when we actually got married--we waited just until we'd finished college. But he proposed to me six weeks after we met, and that was that. I have never, ever, loved anyone else, and I never will.

    (And welcome to my blog!)

  13. Happy Anniversary Leslie! I first met my husband when I was 16. He lived next door to my family.
    I was 40 when we married (my first, his third), 13 years ago.

    I always said I would only marry once, and once is enough! LOL.

    But seriously, marriage is like gardening; you have to constantly tend to it. I always try to nip things in the bud. I do get the odd burr on my a$$, and thorn in my side; but my garden grows pretty well by sprinkling a bit of horse sh*t, and beaming a lot of sunshine, before it gets too prickly.

    I'm just trying to catch up, and I'm sorry to hear about Stickley. I'm sure you catch yourself looking for him, a hundred times a day.

    I hope a kindred spirit, bungalow cat, will soon capture your heart.

  14. Oops, we've only been married 12 years, it just seems like 13. lol.