Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bungalow Hostess is now a Boat Hostess!

I have traded the Bungalow for a Boat for a few days of rest and relaxation....

View from starboard...



We are putting some nautical miles between home and where we are going.
It feels energizing and there's a sense of optimism that comes with the freedom of our relaxed boat pace.

I pack light..
after all it's a small boat....
35 feet and when they built her in 1957 she was meant to be a day boat.
In the marina there are many US boats
  one as far away as Santa Barbara, California
We are the only Classic Wooden vessel at this time,
most are what we call Gin Palaces...
large Fiberglass yachts with flying bridges and all the bells and whistles...
and frequently a distinguished gentleman with a very attractive
 "trophy wife"

Our V berth has bunks...we sleep side by side, it's very cozy.
There's a hatch above with screening for fresh air
or star watching at night.

Without all the ambient city light you can really see the Milky Way and thousands of twinkling stars.

My chair...I am the Admiral...doesn't that sound important?
my duties are..
 hands on galley slave, chief cook and bottle washer
my job is to keep the boat ship shape!
I married the Captain and he does the navigating...
I took the Power Squadron Course
 so I now have a license to be...

My teensy weensy galley...
it's very retro...mostly original
 with the exception of safety upgrades and a few modcons.
(I adore a hot shower so we installed a water heater!)
2 burner stove top, marine fridge below.
BBQ on deck and I have managed to turn out dinners for up to 10.
I keep everything very simple.
fresh in season food
with an alfresco theme.

I acquired this interesting piece of pottery several years ago at one of the Island markets
it was made by a local island artist
I love the ocean feel...
I bring boat plants and flowers to keep my green thumb happy.
The basil elevated fresh heirloom tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar.
The lavender smells fresh and keeps for a long time.

I must be book is calling to me.
The American Au Pair by Marjorie Leet Ford
I do not want to put it down.

Hope that you have a good book on the go...
it's a holiday through words.


  1. hi leslie,

    i don't think i've ever been this envious of one of your posts. or anyones for that matter. your boat is divine. my husband would die to have it. and i love your little galley. i bet you turn out some amazing meals in that tiny space. and i love that you bring flowers. love, love, love. plus i was born in 1957!


  2. have a lovely boat trip Hostess, I have been catching up on your last few posts, I am sorry about your cat, hope the trip lifts your spirits and re-energises you Bx

  3. Enjoy the sea air and have a great trip! I love that you have wi-fi on your boat!

  4. how heavenly! Have a marvelous time.

  5. I love it! Especially the flowers in the galley.

    Have a wonderful time at sea.

    SSG xxx

  6. How exciting! You have a beautiful and a very personal boat. I simply know nothing about the nautical pleasures, but I enjoy your pictures and posts onboard immensely.

  7. Beautiful boat! My parents are very active in our local Power Squadron chapter, and we all find it relaxing to merely sit on the boat and watch the marina life go by (if that is all you can do in a day). I think they have your chair on their boat as well, and I recall it is very comfy.

  8. That looks like a wonderful get-away! Bon voyage!

  9. Mr.HB's laptop has a dodgy battery so I'll be brief and thank you all for your holiday wishes and comments.

    Janet- It sounds to me like you and your husband would enjoy a boat/cruise holiday...there are charter options, some skippered and others for thought.

  10. Have a beautiful holiday on your boat - it sounds gorgeous and smells of adventure! I wish you well! Britta

  11. Have a restorative trip! Your boat is a magical world of its own. Without invading your privacy, I she named for you?

  12. Ha, My father loathed gin palaces!