Monday, July 19, 2010

Flea Market Finds...on a wee island.

I went for a walk to stretch my sea legs and discovered an Island Flea Market...
I had my bottled water, camera, cellphone, wallet and carrier bag...

They are in very rough shape but have a certain age...on the back they are old wood
  HLS 1834 is written in pencil...
I will research them when we get back to port.

Swedish pottery
with sterling inlay.

A fish!
I am a Pisces and so it feels right to have scooped this vase.

I wonder if this is Swedish Air Lines?

Signed Cuyler
I like the organic feel and loose hand of this sketch.

This glass vase is very heavy and I was attracted to the pine cones and leaves.
I think it might fit well in the Bungalow decor.
As a gardener I feel that a variety of vases are a necessity
 I bring in fresh flowers and create bouquets 
on a regular basis.

It surprises me to find such interesting items in the most unexpected of places.


  1. You certainly found some unique/interesting items! I find some of the best "souvenirs" in unexpected places!

  2. Did you buy all these? And in the meanwhile, I am collecting stuff to sell on one more flea market trip next Sunday. I have already been twice downtown this week. Yes, I was very tempted, but managed to hold my horses. Last week, when I sold something I had, to an antique store, I realized that money does not come easily for them either. Actually I felt some sympathy.

  3. I love the old gentlemen! How lucky to find such great prints/paintings.

  4. Your pieces speak of age and mystery. They will look lovely in your home, or perhaps they are intended as gifts?

  5. metscan-I did indeed buy all thinking of selling them if they prove to be of any monetary value!

    la maison LaFortune-The old fellow does look interesting.

    Duchesse- If they are of any value I will part with the mette, I like to sell things to finance other desirable and extravagant items.

  6. I googled SAL in Swedish sites. It is shipping, the Swedish-American-Line