Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunny daze, a diversion and...domestics.

I am on my 4th load of laundry and my second cup of coffee and have to get the house ready for our guests. Our friends are going to be in town and staying here for 5 days as Mr. M is on course and Mrs. M is accompanying him. She will be visiting friends, shopping and joining me on a trip to the spa for a pedicure so we will be toe worthy when we lunch and dine around the town.

It's a lovely sunny day out there in the Bungalow Garden! I felt compelled to go out and capture some of the cheerfullness that awaits discovery. (I did need a diversion)
I love these yellow blooms!


Yellow David Austin rose whose name escapes me at the moment!

Montana reubens clematis
the most prolific and vigorous clematis that I know.

California poppy

Solomon's Seal

Smilicena racemosa a fruity fragrant shade tolerant perennial

love the leaf formation

Dwarf iris, imported from San Francisco, via a superior plantswoman, a former teacher who travelled extensively to acquire the new and exotic!

Euphorbia, new to the garden, I love the varigated foliage
White shower curtain

White towels, a Bungalow staple.

Why does soap crack... anyone know?
I guess I'll be swapping this out for a fresh self respecting hostess wants her guests to see this!

A scented candle a birthday gift from a dear friend...who is currently in the South of France.
For friends near and far I wish you all a fabulous weekend!
Hugs from the Hostess.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Humble Bungalow is Blooming in Shades of Blue

Anenome bloom
delicate petals
and shades of blue
My BFF brought over a lovely bouquet of Blue anenomes
that was last week when we had our simple supper and watched the Hockey game.
They are fresh, vibrant and full of cheer.
I buy one or two of these use them indoors and then cut them back and plant in the garden. 
They are hardy and produce lovely blooms year after year.
Medalta pot
Necklace designed and crafted by the Hostess

Joni Mitchell is one of my all time favourites
will live in my heart forever.
Blue prints of the Bungalow
circa 1912-1913

Blue and White Porcelain Bowl
Harumi Ota
Lumiere de Paris

Grape hyacinths
plucked from the Bungalow garden

The tea says Grey but it's actually peppered with Blue!
delicious BTW!

Liberty of London tote

Aveda hair helpers and assorted oils

DKNY Blue jeans and FCUK ballerina flats
Bretonne Blue and White T
Saint James Navy Blue Sweater

Check out why I am

Would you consider devoting a post to showing us your true colours?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Americano's and French novels....

I took my car in for servicing today and had some time to browse downtown...I found an new coffee press gizmo...The Aero Press. My BFF bought one and raved about it and I know it's got to be great as she has excellent taste, she's first class all the way!
Brew the coffee atop a sturdy mug, 
press gently and then add more hot water to the mug and voila you have an Americano. 
(makes 1 - 4 cups)

This is the sturdiest mug I own

I also went to a used book shop and found these books.

Veronique Vienne

sounds like fun

I like this so far....

ooh la la...

Isn't she chic?
This photo was tucked in the book and fell out when I got home.

Nice boots
she could be a blogger!

I loved Chocolat 
and now there are more adventures of Vianne

 There's a mug full of coffee and a book calling my name...
I am carving out some "me time"...
Au revoir.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Darkness at the edge of town....5 hours to be exact!

Yesterday It was a very windy afternoon gusting upwards to 90 kph...and we lost our power...for the first time in a few years which lasted for 5 hours forcing us to be resourceful and creative.

I had tea lights and tapers and fortunately some kitchen matches.

Mr. HB is handy with an axe...

and he can build a great fire!
I was wearing my Eddie Bauer down jacket for a few hours...and wooly socks too!

I have the vintage phone that is good when the power fails...and good because...we ordered in..

A pizza for dinner

and while we waited we had a cocktail!
We played Trivial Pursuit on Mr. HB's IPhone (he won!)

We had a flashlight that we could crank, a radio too, but it only had a few stations and not the ones we like to tune in to.
we need to get ourselves disaster ready!

I have cornered the market on candles
we have a Honda generator
a propane BBQ
bottled water
several flashlights
a medical kit

and we live in an active earthquake zone so we should be able to be self sufficient for a minimum of 3 days...

Are you prepared?

I think that we are so much better prepared when we are on the boat, we need to be as our lives depend on why do I think we can be less prepared when we are in our Bungalow in the city?

This might just be a wake up call!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bungalow Hostess is a winner!

Goodness me...I got the call that said I was the lucky winner of an item that I had bid on at the Cancer fundraiser...I had nearly forgotten that I had placed a bid!
I went to pick up and pay for my win.
It is even better than I originally thought...Look it's 2 pendants in one...a transformer of sorts!
This was the side displayed when I placed my bid.
I like the deep grooves and it makes me think of outer space!

This side is a surprise!
This looks like a wooly sheep to me!

  I am familar with the designer Guy(Gilles)Vidal, he is a French Canadian from Montreal Quebec. I am familiar with his creations and have seen many in antique and collectible malls and shops.

He was a popular modernist designer from the 1960's and 1970's. His work is currently very sought after and can be found on internet.

I am wondering what I will wear this has an edgy vibe.
First idea is a white T and jeans...
I'll have to play around with it
 and which side will I choose to wear?

What would you choose?