Saturday, June 29, 2013

The very first day of retirement...

Day  One
and a recap of the events yesterday.

I am officially retired as of today!
It's been a couple of months short of 25 years with the school district.

Packing up and saying goodbye to my colleagues was difficult...
but I am THRILLED to be able to start a new chapter.

Last day of work OOTD
I wore this soft white and grey hued Hermes scarf 

 my grey Lands End cashmere cardigan 
 Gap 1969 boyfriend jeans and black Mee Too ballet flats.

I got a chuckle when I noticed that Chester had posed in the photo...

if you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember that he hopped into the dryer 
when my back was turned and rode out a couple of spins when I turned the dryer on...
the noise and thumps were so loud I thought something was wrong with the brand new dryer
boy was he ever lucky!
I think that was one of his nine lives used up

Our BFF's met up with us last night and we went out on the town!
I used my my WW weekly Point Allowance and enjoyed a burger with yam bun!

We arrived early as there was a special event...
The Royal Canadian Scottish Regiment
pipe and drum band were playing outside the entrance
to a crowd of tourists and locals.

Aren't these stunning?
Waterglass Studios designed and created all the light fixtures

Intricate details and period lamps 
 historic architecture 
all blend together to create a warm ambiance.

loved these white foxtail blooms
set inside tall crystal cylinders

I am a fan of bevelled glass
this section of the pub is quite cozy and private.

This morning
I ran several errands
shopped for groceries
 did some laundry and ironing.

I headed out to French Vanilla for the latest edition of Jeanne d'Arc Living
 when I was browsing the shop I found some gorgeous linen tea towels!

Sheila has such a flair for all things French
her shop is a treat to visit.

These are thick and plush and feel soft at the same time.
I adore linen towels...

It is lovely and hot outside.
The weekend weather forecast is favourable...

Canada Day is being celebrated on July 1st...
there will be musical events and fireworks.

I hope you will be able to follow my Humble Bungalow Blog when Google Reader is disabled July 1st.
It should be an easy transition if you opt for Bloglovin
or you can follow me by email
or simply type in
into a search engine window and you should be able to keep in touch.

Thank you for popping by!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple scarf ~ Stuffed eggs ~ and an Orchid

This post is not an upbeat one so you may want to click away...

It's been one of those weeks...
without getting into too much detail
work has been very tedious
so much so that it has reaffirmed my decision to retire!

On a cold grey and rainy day this week I wore all black...
RW and Co. black leggings (in their 3rd year and they still look great)
a Gilmour tunic top that swamps me a bit
and my Echo summer weight scarf.

~ So simple ~

take a rectangular long scarf
wrap it around your neck with the ends at the back
bring them around to the front and loop them loosely over the front of the scarf
one side gets looped a second time so the ends are at different lengths.
How easy is that?

I loosen it so that it sits lower rather than higher
in the summer when it is not chilly I do not like my neck to be warm.

I made my stuffed eggs with low fat mayonnaise.
(WW Point count friendly = savings of 2 points per tablespoon)
I use curry powder, pepper, a spoonful of green relish, a dash of worchestershire sauce 
 mix with the cooked yolks
stuff the eggs and top with chives or parsley.

The egg dish has a large center and I am always trying to figure out a way of making it look pretty.
This time I laid down a bed of greens and put some fresh radishes on top.
Appies in a flash and this one is a frugal favourite.

I felt drained when I left work today
I have a scratchy throat
and am feeling sick
and it was WW weigh in day...
I am down .8 of a pound
for a total of 12.2 pounds lost since I started....

I knew that tonight I was feeling weak and oh so vulnerable...
I needed to go grocery shopping
I remained strong and did not succumb to chips or chocolates
instead I bought this...

an orchid

So pretty...

I do hope that your work week has been better than mine...
and if you stayed here and read my sad sack post
I promise that I will rally and rise up again and deliver better chit chat soon!

~ ~ ~

"This Too Shall Pass."

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salad daze...and Google Reader's demise.

Summertime is the season for freshly grown local produce...

the local markets are a riot of colour with freshly harvested vegetables on display.
I love looking at the baskets filled with bright red tomatoes and sunny yellow peppers
sprigs of green onions and ruffly heads of lettuce.

Simple glass jugs filled with country style flowers
and rubbing elbows with shoppers eager to get the pick of the crop

my eyes always wander to the market baskets that shoppers carry
looking to see what they have purchased and what I might have missed if I had been ther first!

"The early bird gets the worm."

Salads play a big part of our dinners from Spring until Fall.

Romaine lettuce is one of my favourites....
I dearly love a Caesar salad.

Since joining WW I have been unable to indulge in the rich and creamy clad romaine of my dreams...
way too many Points for all that dressing!
So I decided to compromise and create a lighter version that would allow me to still enjoy my favourite salad.

My new GE stove came with a griddle 
which is quite handy especially when one wants to grill something...

grilling lettuce elevates the flavour

it wilts a bit and has a delicious nutty flavour

I drizzled a wee bit of bottled low fat Caesar dressing on the warm romaine
(skipped the cheese and croutons)
enjoyed a small piece of chicken breast
which I marinated in a chipotle dressing
and some rice

A tasty dinner ~ Point Friendly
 after dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and headed outdoors in the sunshine for a walk.

The ocean was calm and flat like a mill pond...
a glorious evening scene.

 couples were sharing picnics on the beach
I noticed a bottle of wine and did not want to intrude on their moment
perhaps there was a proposal in the works
the mind does wander...

someone else was enjoying the calm sea on a lovely evening 
paddling has become a very popular sport here
apparently it is really good for the core muscles
and your balance improves.
The ocean is extremely cold in these parts so you do not want to fall in
this brave soul was wearing a swimsuit and looked dry!

I didn't walk as briskly as I usually do on my route
I soaked in all the beauty and stopped to take a few pictures and enjoy the views.

The Walk Meter App recorded the stats...
and I managed to walk 3.10 km in 43 minutes and burned 424 calories.
I love this APP!

~ ~ ~

I'd like to remind you that at the end of June Google Reader will cease to exist and any blogs that you might be following
including mine
will need to be followed by another method...
subscribe by email
or join Bloglovin like I did
I have found it so easy to transfer all the blogs to their site
I hope that you will continue to follow me on my path
the new chapter is about to begin...

Hope that your week is off to a great start.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"Tigara" ~ An Enchanting Garden

I would like to introduce you to a gorgeous garden.
This estate is located a stone's throw from the ocean in a tony area of Victoria.
It's location and the vast plot of land make for a stunning impression.
The arts and crafts home has been carefully restored and is imaculately maintained.

I want to focus on the garden which is constanty evolving the way most gardens the owners find new and exotic plants and refine the beds and borders. This garden is on the path of a herd of deer and has a resident bunny.
Lots of plants provide food for these creatures but with lush and dense plantings the casual observer rarely notices.
(the owners do!)

I hope that you enjoy these images...
can you imagine how much work this garden takes to keep it looking so pristine?
I know the owners well and they devote hundreds of hours tending to it...
a labour of love!

The front porch
and entryway
(designed by Mr. HB)

pergola with a climbing rose

look at the wicker furniture
~ ~ ~
perfect for relaxing and reading 
or just sitting and listening to the hum of the bees
as they buzz by 

the rose provides some dappled shade

taken from the upper window looking down on the rose

lush plantings

the granite masonry makes such a grand statement
I love the bulk of the stonework

rhodo's are favoured in this garden
and there are many varieties
some are over 20 feet tall!

pots with flowers spilling forth
found in many parts of the garden
add colour and interest

deer fencing surrounds an area where some plants are protected
rose growers do not appreciate deer nibbling all the blooms!

looking toward the ocean
lush green lawns
to the left a pond 
with carp and some goldfish
hiding among the lily pads and water Iris
those are the lucky ones that have not been eaten by the Great Blue Herons!

the garage

patio beside the garage
a hot spot that retains the heat
it has a very Mediterranean feel

a clever placement of a mirror
and some pretty flowers

more potted plants perk up the grey gravel drive
edged with granite

I got my finger in this picture!
the heritage tea house
covered with the rambler Kiftsgate 
which is just about to burst into full flower
weddings and parties have been held here.

the croquet lawn
has also been the setting for Marquis tents
last year's wedding 
the lawn was entirely covered by tents!

There are lots of opportunities to sit
 and admire the different parts of the garden

with a garden this vast one does need to sit
once in awhile and think 
even if it is to grab a mug of tea and a sandwich to fuel the body
so as to tackle the next task!

Have you enjoyed this visit to Tigara?

I hope that you will take the time to comment 
as I know the owners will be reading this blog and I am sure they would welcome your thoughts

Thank you S & P!