Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Red Lipstick ~ a bright pop of colour

I have been meaning to post this new lipstick for awhile 
I just haven't gotten around to it until today.

I went in search of a new lipstick and asked the helpful clerk in the cosmetics department at the local Pharmasave.

The gals are so good with colour...
they save me oodles of time and I don't waste money on lipsticks that don't work with my complexion.

Italian Lipstick by Miss Pupa
made in Milano.

A lovely shade of red that is very emollient.

Definitely a pop of colour.
The red shade makes me feel happy.
(it goes with my red ballet flats!)
which is a WIN WIN

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~ 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sublime weather and an OOTD

Rhubarb Spritzer

The weather has been sublime...
sunny and warm and a gentle breeze.
I've been wearing straw hats and sunglasses on my walks.

Last Saturday Mr. HB and I went out to lunch and sat on a waterfront patio.
I had a pink gin with elderflower, citrus and rhubarb syrup.
It was so delicious and refreshing.
I ordered a Weight Watcher friendly salad with arugula, grapefruit and beets.


I wore a black cool Cut Loose top with capri tights and my red ballet flats.
I popped on this fun artisan designed necklace that I purchased several years ago...
I just wish that I could remember the name of the artist.

After lunch
we relaxed on our deck.

Chester kept us company.
He and Pepper are "indoor" cats but we allow them to come out on the deck when we are able to supervise them so that they do not escape!

This book is so atmospheric...

it is set in 1580 and Maggie O'Farrell captures the scenes with a deft insight.
I am savouring the chapters, reading slower, so that I can immerse myself in the era.
Although I am not finished the book...
I can highly recommend it to you.

Auriculas in a small pot on the porch...
I love these pretty little plants.

Counting Weight Watcher Points 
has helped me lose 13.5 pounds since mid January.
Walking 5 km a day and frequently getting 10,000 steps
makes me feel so much better about my health.

I am stronger and can see the results of the weight loss.
I am by no means slim, but I do feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Hope that you are feeling good.
Perhaps you've been one of the lucky ones and have had your vaccination.

What's new with you?
Please leave a comment if you have the time or the inclination.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Escape to the Cottage


We escaped to the cottage for a few idyllic days.
The weather was mostly warm and sunny albeit a bit breezy.

The first night it rained late in the day 
we had a perfectly lovely stroll around the complex after dinner.
I spied this beautiful fuchsia magnolia bloom with luminous raindrops.

We love seeing this boat go out to sail.
The owner must love sailing 
 we see him set sail almost every time we are at the cottage.

We spend a lot of time reading and walking.
I read The Bookshop of Yesterdays
Some Women 
The Keeper of Lost Things

I absolutely LOVED The Keeper of Lost Things.
Ruth Hogan also has written another book called
The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes
which I immediately ordered from my favourite bookshop Ivy's.

Found Son of a  Trickster by Eden Robinson 
in a little free library box on South Pender.
It's my next book...

We enjoy beachcombing here on Pender.

I spied a lovely red spotted scrap which I thought was a scarf or a rag...
turns out it is kelp and it is so beautiful!

I received a note today that Feedburner is being discontinued 
so the Follow Me Widget that sends an email of every post to you directly 
will no longer work.

You can follow my blog on Bloglovin if you so desire.

Hope that you are well and staying safe.
We are experiencing a third wave of Covid cases here.
My husband and I will have our first shots before the end of the month.
In the meantime we are wearing our masks, washing our hands a lot and only seeing people outdoors.

Thank you for popping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Roasted Tomato Pasta Sauce and a few tidbits from the weekend...

Sayward Beach 

We packed a wicker picnic basket with some sandwiches and fruit
popped in our water bottles 
got in our car and drove out to Sayward Beach.
The sand was warm and soft
there was a gentle breeze blowing, blue skies and sunshine.

There were only a handful of people there...
  it didn't take us long to find a quiet spot to eat.

So soothing....
listening to the waves as they crashed along the shore
 the cries of the gulls
the warmth of the sun
the ripples on the sea

a lovely lunch and a perfect spot to bring the grandchildren
which we will do when we are allowed to gather safely again.

I bought two new David Austin roses on Easter weekend.
Imogen and Boscobel

We planted them in large black pots
placed them inside the new deer fence
on the gravel.

Our Star Magnolia is in bloom.

Roasted tomatoes and garlic are ready for a pasta dish.

Tomato Sauce

Saute: 1 diced onion, 2 ribs of celery sliced thinly, 1 red pepper diced
 in olive oil until softened.
Add:  the roasted tomatoes and garlic
1 can of San Marzano tomatoes
1 tsp. red pepper flakes (or more if you like it spicy)
2 tsp. dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Simmer for about an hour.
Cook dried or fresh pasta, drain and add sauce
 Top with a fresh grating of reggiano parmigiano 


My "to be read" Book Stack.
What are you reading?

I've been reading less as I am walking more.
Walking is a healthy habit that many people have recently embraced especially because it is a safe activity during Covid.
Many wear masks now when walking as some of the parks are busy and crowded...
I try to walk in quieter areas.

We are experiencing an uptick in the number of covid cases...
the 3rd wave has hit Canada.
Vaccinations are ongoing and we should be eligible for our shots in a few weeks.

It has been a tough year for all of us.
I am so looking forward to moving on and seeing friends and family safely.

How are things going where you live?

Hope that your week is off to a great start.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~