Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cat condolences...and postal packages from near and far.

Look what came in the post !
It's a surprise from fellow blogger metscan
she lives in Finland

This pamplet shows where all the artists, shops, hotels and bistros are located
it looks like a grand destination for shopping

mette knows fine design and great art
she is a bit of an experienced and savvy shopper herself!
She wears Chanel and Elm, 
carries CC and YSL bags
wears artisan designed jewelry
 displays her ensembles elegantly on a cream scalloped throw

I'll be toting this carry bag around the Market
if you see me
stop and chat!

look at this ceramic dish
it's handmade by Sarita Koirukosti
(I hope I spelled her name correctly mette)

Thank you for your thoughtful note and gifts mette
you have brought immense sunshine into my day
and my heart feels full.

Mette is warm and gracious 
has refined taste and style
we share the love of animals
she has dogs and horses
 I had a Golden Retriever named Rufus
 and recently said goodbye to my beloved cat Stickley

I received another package in the mail...

Our vet sent us a card and a pawprint
in memory of Stickley

My BFF gave me this card 
the cat looks like Stickley

I am so grateful for the support and kind words

I am going to go to the SPCA
 in a couple of weeks
and find a cat who needs a home.

I'll introduce you when the time comes!


  1. Dear Hostess, It is always so distressing when a pet dies but how thoughtful of your vet to send the personalised card.

    But, what excitement to receive so many goodies in the post. Your Finnish friend is indeed generous and clearly has an artistis eye. I am sure that both you and she cut extremely elegant figures in your shopping trips around town.

  2. Hostess: I´m blushing again. You are all too generous with your words. Thank you so much! What a wonderful gift from your vet, really a "one of the kind "!!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I love his pawprint with the nail pin holes too. Our 17 year old cat died in January and I agreed to wait to adopt until after Christmas. Every day it's a struggle not to drive out to the SPCA. I really don't think I'll last that long. Rest in sweet peace Stickley. My black and white cat Rosie will show him around and make him feel welcome.

  4. hi leslie,

    i'm going over to check out metscan's blog. i see her comment all the time and now i'm going to introduce myself to such a sweet person who sent you these lovely items. i hope using them will always make you think of stickley.

    also, i'm so happy that you've met fiona of how to be chic. she is so lovely and i know you two will get along so well. you are both so sweet and thoughtful. i just love blogging, it's like a giant dinner party where everyone is so nice!


  5. I just had a thought, please forgive my faux pa (or faux paw) if Stickley was a girl.

  6. I am so very sorry about the loss of your beloved Stickley. What lovely and thoughtful blogger friends you have. I too love the pawprint. Very sweet.

  7. Edith Hope-I am touched that the vet would think of sending this gift.

    metscan-I say what I feel, thank you!

    Fiona- I'll watch for your new arrival!
    The SPCA is a great place to find a new pet, when you are ready they are waiting for you!
    BTW Stickley was a female cat but her name was masculine!

    The gardener's cottage-A dinner party what fun!
    I love Fiona's blog, and I think I found her through yours.

  8. LaBelette Rouge-I love the pawprint and never would have thought of it myself. Thank you for your thoughts...

  9. I am so glad that some lucky cat will be liberated from the SPCA.

  10. Northmoon- It's a win win...there are so many wonderful pets waiting for homes...if I had a larger home I might opt for more!