Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes to wear for shopping....maybe in Finland!

Comfortable shoes
for extended periods of walking or shopping 
are a must for the Hostess

I like a bit of support
more than what these "spa disposable" flip flops offer!
I forgot my flip flops when I had my pedicure
I was grateful that I didn't have to leave barefoot!

I had to question myself as to why I forgot to bring mine...
it's disconcerting
I have become forgetful
and frankly it's scaring me...
let's shelve that thought and get on with the business at hand
(or foot)

I do not do sore feet well
no limping or blisters
I need a spring in my step

Josef knows how to pamper


shopping anyone?
I'm ready!

What will you be wearing for extended walking or shopping?


  1. Well, I know that I won´t wear new shoes. The shoes must be maybe a bit too large, if I have to wear them all day. They should have a moderate heel. The outer sole has to be non-slippery. I have noticed ( felt ) that it helps, if I can change my shoes during a promenade day.

  2. Metscan- I never thought of changing shoes...that's a great idea!

  3. I just bought myself a pair of Teva's while visiting Cannon Beach - they're not beautiful but they are very comfortable, perfect for our trip to Italy later this summer. I also got a nice pair of Born's which are a little dressier - but the prettiest of all are a pair of flat sandals embellished with big jewels and stones - they are lovely with a very plain long skirt our trousers. Oh how I love shoes!

  4. Those are so super cute!

  5. Pink Rose Cottage-I have seen Teva's and a friend of mine loves hers
    ...maybe you could post a picture of the ballet flats on your blog.

    Victoria-Ozarks Crescent Mural-Thank you, I thought they might be too clunky but have since changed my mind!