Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gadget I resisted but now embrace...'s functional.
I never knew what I was missing until I got hold of one myself.
It completetly transformed my cooking
of rice...
I had resisted..
Hostess of very few gadgets and kitchen aides
I employ sharp knives
cutting boards
 Kitchenaid, Le Creuset pots and a cooker
Lovely daughter suggested this and I said pshaw...
I can cook this any day in a pot with no trouble whatsoever...

it's only a marketing ploy to part us from our money
little did I know...

on closer inspection...
and rice perfecto mundo every time
I can embrace change
add a gadget
I am a fan
and it was only $10 at a garage sale

We have been enjoying veggie stir frys
the Bungalow Garden is bountiful 
and I am happy to say
that I change my spots...
at least when it comes to modcons and rice cookers...
sometimes I feel that I am stubborn and resist change..

Blighty this one's for you...

I'm Really Not Just A Waitress 
Base/Top Coat and
Peru B Ruby

These toe thingamagigs hurt!

 a drum roll s'il vous plait...

A balancing act!

I want to share something that makes me smile every time I see it...
it's not new...
pure sweetness...
and if it doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will.


  1. Thanks dear Hostess, my lips curved up immediately! The rice cooker. Yes, I too have my doubts.. I still remember the bread machine from the way past years;)

  2. Funny, I was just this morning having thoughts about how if I were advising someone young, setting up a kitchen, I'd put rice cooker on the list. It's not just another gadget, as you says. And, in particular, I never had good brown rice until I had it cooked in a fancy, fuzzy logic rice cook with a special setting.

  3. Oh that video is a hoot!

    Can you make brown rice in the rice cooker? I usually use my veggie steamer but I think it's giving up the ghost, and I've been pondering whether to get another steamer or a rice cooker.

  4. I have the same rice cooker and I find the bottom of the rice gets a bit burnt if I dont stir it from time to time so be forwarned!

  5. Oh Hostess! You have not been reading my blog! I've posted a lot on rice cookers (and am working on an ebook with my son that features rice cookers for college students). Tomorrow, I will be posting a cookbook review--see our OTHER blog

    I have become a total convert to the rice cooker life.

    PS Yes, you can do brown rice. And polenta. And oatmeal. And so on.

  6. I have hear people swear by rice cookers. I am all for anything that makes life easier and gives me more time to play :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful week Hostess!

    Jeanne :)

  7. I love it!

    Hostess, you can't go wrong with a rice cooker. ALso, if you have leftovers to eat with your rice, simply place them in a heat proof bowl and put on top of the rice that is just about cooked. It's amazing how quickly this reheats food. That's a slightly undomestic hint from my mum....

    SSG xxx

  8. metscan-I do love this new cooker! Never had the bread maker...just a great bakery nearby!

    LPC-I could use you basic bridal kitchen set up!

    Deja Pseu-Brown rice cooks well and it's healthier!

    Suburban princess- I only make what we need and cook it just before far no scorched or brown rice...thanks for the tip...I'll keep an eye open.

    Frugal scholar-I actually have been reading your blog...but it was my lovely daughter who convinced me to take the plunge.

    Jeanne-I find they clean up way faster too...I am planning to have a great indeed deserve one as well.

    SSG-Your mum sounds very clever...and a savvy domestic too!

  9. My sister-in-law swears by her rice cooker. I've always thought it was dumb. After hearing all this... I think I might give it a try :)