Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simon Chang and Chanel, may I introduce you to the Hostess!

Oh don't you love going shopping when you find something wonderful?
I HAD to buy this Chanel-esque jacket by Simon Chang. I mean, it gave me a thrill when I put it on, it felt elegant and could stand on it's own. The loose threads at the collar soften and flatter, the fabric is soft and does not cling to my ample bosum and it skims my curves without looking baggy. It does all this and yet does not look too "Mumsy" (translate DOWDY, for those who may not be familiar with that terminology!) It  will go with everything from jeans, black pencil skirt, black trousers, and some of my black LBD's.

I like the neutral golds and creams, I can dress this up or down. I am thinking pearls, of course!
Maybe my newer mocha tank by ca va de soi, or my standard white T and black denim jeans.

My Furla Carmen leather bag will be a great partner with this jacket.

I am planning on wearing this to the theatre with my Mother. We have seasons tickets and I find dressing up essential when accompanying Mom. (command peformance, if you get my drift!) She dresses up even to stay home, and at 82, has an amazing fashion sense. I fear that this gene was not passed down to me, but rather skipped a generation and my lovely daughter was the recipient of said gene. My fashion genetics lean more to casual, simple, white and lots of black, Hermes scarves (color!)  and my fave JEANS!
I wear diamonds and pearls with jeans and white T's; they are not jeans for gardening or painting nor are they $$$ Jeans. DKNY, GAP, LIZ and a few other generic jeans.

Looking at this image don't you think Simon deserves a better hanger?


  1. That jacket deserves a gorgeous hardwood hanger. Maybe something in cherry or perhaps an elegant cedar.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely jacket!!!

  2. You can even take it to Palm Springs and wear with white jeans on a cool night...plus mocha tank...plus long gold chains...plus white sandals for the true desert look). Love it.

  3. La Belette Rouge- I will hang Simon on a wood hanger, I have some in my wardrobe.
    LPC-Palm Springs would definitely suit Simon! White jeans on me, not so much! I haven't been to Rancho Mirage since my inlaws sold their home down there...but my sister and her man have just acquired a townhouse and are down there as I write supervising the redecorating!
    So you never know! I could shop El Paseo!