Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Dinner, New Years Day, birds, rainbows and de-decorating the tree, before reading my novel!

To ring in the New Year we enjoyed a delicious dinner and evening with very dear friends.

On the menu:
Cocktails - Gin and tonic for the ladies and single malt Scotch for the gentlemen
French Brie, English carmelized onion cheddar cheese, Rustic crackers, pickled onions, dried apricots, and tapenaude.
Feta cubes, basil leaves, grape tomatoes stacked on a toothpick with balsamic reduction dip.

Sandhill Sauvignon Blanc
Lobster bisque
Whole Dungeness Crab drawn butter
Caesar Salad with artisan bread

Frozen Lemon Mousse with blueberry coulis

This morning I awoke to rain pitter pattering on the roof and by the time I got out of bed to put on the coffee there was a beautiful rainbow!
The hummingbirds and the bush tits are jockeying for position at the hummingbird feeder and the house sparrows are chattering noisily on the arbor. The suet feeder is getting attacked by the starlings and there is quite the roar outside. No sign of the resident Great Blue Heron, he comes and goes and I am never sure when I'll catch a glimpse of him.

I am snug and cozy in my bungalow kitchen wrapped in my robe, coffee in hand, slowly starting to greet the day. I plan to de-decorate the Christmas tree and put away the festive bits and bobs. I am thinking of taking a walk later and making time to read my new book Wild Mary, the biography of Mary Wesley's life.
 Mon Avis, Mes Amis. wrote about Mary Wesley on her blog and it sparked my interest.
What are you reading? Any book recommendations?

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  1. What a wonderful dinner party you had!

    I'm currently reading Answered Prayers by Truman Capote. A controversial novel that includes private conversations he had with friends, Babe Paley and Slim Keith. It's raunchy and fascinating at the same time. I'm enjoying it.