Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water, water everywhere...some are tears...snapping out of it I hope!

Torrential downpour here...gutters working overtime, spluttering, gurgling...and I am hunkered down inside with my cozy PJ's on and a warm beverage in hand.
I drove through some very deep puddles, small ponds rather, in the car on the way home from work tonight. Hydroplane averted thanks to DSTC on Volvo.
Worried about flooding...nothing serious compared to Haiti how devastating, Reality Check...self talk..."stop whimpering and buck up."
Met at the door by a very hungry cat, meowing at a very high decibal level....ouch, food in bowl before removing new lovely coat, recent purchase, and still in love! Cat still ill, high blood pressure meds once in the morning, mixed in cream cheese smeared on cat lips while bleary eyed owner stumbles around kitchen, oblesse the coffee ready yet?
Cat eating 2 cans of food a day after dodging the "bullet" which might have been a few days before meeting, tears and all home excused from work, dire health of cat...who rallied and thrived with all the attention, sorry I am mistaken...bad cat mommy!
I wonder how much longer sick cat has to live...9 lives, how many are left? of cat, weird I know but A&C bungalow, so it cannot jump up on sofa or queen size bed of owners anymore, beds of choice, now sleeping under Limbert oak quarter sawn rocker...too much info I know...abbreviate, note to self...almost 17 years of purring, shedding, love and not depart please can you not live forever?
Golden retriever, Rufus, lived to 13...still we mourn...we are a very sappy animal loving family. Will get another when I retire.

On another topic, mother still suffering from a bad cold...several visits bearing lunch and dinners later...she is looking better, get well soon PLEASE! Ordered more Anne Morrow Lindbergh books online as requested....and yes your RIFFs have come due so spend without guilt. Sister still in Rancho Mirage supervising contractor paint and redecorate new townhouse, her partner golfing 24/7...come home soon please, you are too young to be a SNOWBIRD!
Low moment LPC says at Privilege
Ferris wheel should be on the upswing about now....this is not characteristic of me, complaining is bad form...must be all this rain, must go to bed and emerge from the bed chamber re-invented, re-energized, restored, revitalized, renewed, reminted, restyled, rewired, refreshed from zzzz's...the bed is calling my name!
Pardon me for venting....a shameful post I acknowledge that, forgiveness requested if you please.
The Hostess


  1. It's going around. We all, as you point out, have our days...

  2. It is challenging to be upbeat in the grey and wet. Looking for some energy in the studio, I've installed some extra daylight bulbs and will play some lively music.