Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rainy Sunday morning and which Hermes should I wear to the grocers?

I read Wild Mary late last night in bed, it was close to midnight before I turned out the light and this morning when I got up I realized that I slept in my pearls!
I have a busy day ahead as I am cooking a Traditional Sunday Roast Beef dinner.
Here in the Humble Bungalow that translates to Yorkshire Pudding, Prime Rib of Beef Roast, Potatoes; usually scalloped, Peas, Carrots, and gravy of course. There are two condiments necessary, Colman's hot mustard and Woodman's Extra Hot Horseradish.
I need to go to the grocers to pick up some fresh vegs and buy more potatoes and it is raining out. I will wear jeans, a long sleeved T shirt and add a bit of color via my Hermes scarf. Today I will toss on my "Lumieres de Paris". I purchased this one to wear with denim mostly but it looks very nice with grey, and beige as well.

I am opting for this scarf as it suggests light and will illuminate and elevate the grey skies and raindrops.
I love grey in clothing as in sweaters, scarves, and tops.
I do not LOVE grey skies!
I have vivid red gloves for these days.
I have a bounce in my step when I consider adding that swish of color.
When the skies are grey do you dress in a mindful way? Do you add color or have a favorite outfit or garment that you put on?
I see lots of yellow slickers, yellow boots and yellow brollies.

The power of color does affect my mood, does it affect yours?


  1. That is one beautiful scarf. It sure would make me happy to wear it, no matter the weather! Have a beautiful dinner tonight.


  2. Better than sleeping in mascara, right?:)

  3. Janet- thank you, Hermes do wonderful scarves. I am finished prepping and have got all inorder and waiting for the family to arrive.

    LPC-I agree, mascara is awful when you sleep in it, upon waking one feels like an old raccoon!

  4. Beautiful scarf Leslie, you'll have to help me pick one out someday. Congrats on finding a name for Jamie's cat, Mr Pickles, and on winning a copy of her book! That'll make 2 copies autographed for you, I have one for you also! Bises, C

  5. Bonjour Cheryl! I will help you shop at Hermes!! Name the day and I'll be there!