Wednesday, January 13, 2010

French chic page at a time, read, digest and adapt.

French Style
How to Think, Shop and Dress Like a French Woman
by Veronique Vienne

Fashion, style, do's and don'ts...what is French chic...what to to tie a scarf...and much more it's a crash course in French Dressing.

I found this book online and was curious, and it did not disappoint.

...more French books.....

Alas I am not French, nor will I ever be.
I am, after all, simply a hostess in a humble bungalow.
My lifestyle does not involve red carpet events. It revolves around work, dinner parties, lunches with the ladies, lectures, theatre, boating, domestics, gardening and Yoga.
My style is a mixture of regional dressing and fashion, dictated largely by climate, necessity, purpose and  what my heart and pocketbook can agree on.
I dabble in quality not quantity.
I purchase clothing in neutral colors black, white, taupe, cream, grey.
Accessories are what give my wardrobe a more "fashion foreward edge" and I do not "stand out in a crowd" nor do I desire the attention.
Scarves, belts, pearls, diamonds, silver bangles, and some faux brooches are the "workhorses" that I employ.

Check this out.

Parlez vous francais?


I am wearing grey Lululemon pants, a tee and my grey and white Lulu hoodie, I am off to the studio for an hour to practice Yoga.

My mantra; dress appropriately for the activity or event.


  1. I also recommend Suzanne Somers book, "French Chic" and "French Women Don't Sleep Alone" and Anne Barrone's other books.

  2. LPC- OM....!

    Belette Rouge- Thank you, I am getting French Women Don't Sleep Alone from my friend Cheryl, when she comes to stay, she had Jamie Cat Callan autograph a copy for me when they were in Auvilar!
    I didn't know Suzanne Somers wrote a book on French Chic, Merci Beaucoup!