Friday, January 22, 2010

Red shoe diary...there's no place like home...

Salad anyone?.....or rather, Harumi Ota meet Mee Too...I feel like clicking my heels together...there's no place like home...there's no place like home, Judy Garland at her freshest.
I love orchids and I have some young paphiopedilum orchids... aka Lady Slippers, in the background.
(I only grow orchids that are able to survive in my kitchen environment)

Mee Too...Tyler Red Patent Leather shoes with Kitten Heels!
Not even looking...they popped up into my radar...on sale, comfy, and will be wearing them with dark denim jeans, crisp white shirt, masses of pearls, circulating books at school.

A cause for a celebration and some bubbly...I have been looking to replace my worn out BCBG red flats for quite sometime now...Mr. L said to daughter "Your Mom really likes red shoes!"
I do!  I do! I do!

Who doesn't?


  1. I like, and I also like your proposed matching. I have been known to wear my reddish shoes with trouser jeans, white t-shirt, and a short trench jacket:)

  2. I have a pair of black quilted black flats by Me Too. I love them. They are so comfortable for work. I also love the proposed pairing of your red shoes. That's a favorite combo of mine too!

  3. Gardeners cottage-Ooh...I'd like black quilted flats too! My shoes were great at work happy feet!

  4. Love these and very much like the sound of your outfit you have already thought of to go with them... gorgeous...
    S-E xx